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Quote I don't know either why, but the manual says how to download items from the various effects and transition rooms.
Have a look at this:
Now, i some cases for downloading PD refers to the CAM, and for a number CAM refers to the rooms.

Oh okay thanks. It was easier when you could just download the packs instead
The application manager worked fine. Why'd you have to change it?
Quote Good question. Seems like there have been some problems getting the new functionality to work as was discussed here. Make sure you have the latest 365 version (20.6.3001) to see if that changes anything.

I'm up to date. Not sure why they had to go and mess with it
The Cyberlink manager is now telling me that I have to download new stuff directly in PD but where do I do that?

PD is showing a few inconsistencies,
1) In the timeline the pic is 24 frames long and you have timeline set at 24fps Film.
2) In the keyframe settings area, the clip thumbnail in the upper left corner indicates the pic is 00:00:01:00, or 24 frames, ok.
3) However, in the keyframe timecode, the same pic extends past 00:01:15, or something longer than 39 frames.

How was the length of this DSC_0006.JPG clip established? The timeline, timeline timecode, and the keyframe setting area timecode all do agree that you have the timeline scrubber currently at frame 21. However, it appears they differ on how long the clip is, did you by chance change pic length with some method while keyframe editing?

Appears PD is confused on clip length which probably plays a role in the keyframe issue. You might try changing clip length and verify everything is consistent prior to messing with keyframe placements.


The image I just it on the timeline and increased the length by dragging the right side of the image in the timeline. I didn't mean for it to be 24 frames I just happened to stop there. It's not just this jpeg It does it for everything else
Quote This issue has been here for the past several PD versions. I was very busy with projects several years ago and wasn't able to find a reliable way to reproduce the error so I didn't ever submit a support ticket.

If I remember correctly, the problem can be addressed by undoing a step or two before the problem keyframe appeared and trying again; or by clicking on the reset button for that particular keyframe control and starting over. The horizontal zoom scale of the Keyframe tool may play a role, and sometimes closing PD and restarting it would help. Other times, deleting the incorrectly placed keyframe and manually adding it where you want it might work.

Also please double check PDM's suggestion to see if the Enlarge timeline scale for audio track option is checked. Unchecking that while working with keyframes may help.

Thanks for the reply, it's not checked.


I think a bit more info will help members. Screencap of timeline perhaps, details of your workflow, etc.

Do you have Preferences>Enlarge timeline scale checked, by any chance, which would visually give you 1/10th frame intervals for audio keyframes but not for video.

PowerDirector Moderator

Sorry for late response. I posted an example, if you look up at the keyframe settings up top. The location of the playhead is where I added the second keyframe but the keyframe marker shows up way to the right of it. Any idea why it's doing that?
Say I'm doing some keyframes. I set a key at the beginning then I move 6 frames to set another but the diamond icon won't appear at the 6th frame, it'll be way down. Way past where I placed it and I don't know why it's doing it.
Quote If you don't have any older lifetime licensed versions installed on your system, you won't have any NBFX at all.

If you have an older version, like PD17, you can install it and get all the NBFX content that came with that product. You may need to uninstall PD20 then install and run the older version to make sure the NBFX licenses are activated, then reinstall PD20.

Whose decision was it to get rid of them?
Quote Today I fired up the new 365 update (from 09/16/2021) and the NewBlue Video Essentials Flash Remover shows a Watermark on the videos.

Checking in the Effect tab, I see an Activation button now highlighted. Clicking on it brings up a form to fill out to activate the app.

I did not know it was a Trial Version ??? !!!!!. I thought it was a scaled back version of the app and I never had to activate it before.

What is going on???? Any help or ideas ??!!!

I don't have any newblue at all

If you downloaded and reinstalled it, it's likely the latest version which is 20 .

Yeah I have 20. Did they remove the newblue effects? I don't have them

Can you please make a screen recording that shows what happens? Upload it to YouTube and psate a link here or use the Attachments button below the forum's text box to upload it directly. It may take a long time to finish uploading, though.

It only does it sometimes, if it does it again I'll do what you suggested.

PD20 is what has the issue and like I said..some issues from version 18 are still present.

I'm not sure if I have PD365 19 or 20

You are possibly experiencing the same issue I am. Especially if the videos are in h265 format. A temporary workaround was discussed in my thread on this topic:

but the reality is...CL is using paying customers like us to alpha test this program. It hasn't been right since about version 17. You either get rampant crashes, features removed, or other annoying quirky issues that probably will never be fixed as there are still some issues from version 18 that aren't fixed.

Thanks, I hope the PD20 will fix the issue
When I built my new PC and reinstalled PD I can no longer click and drag clips onto the timeline, I have to click add to timeline and sometimes when I add to timeline the program crashes.
Quote That's not a bug, it's a safety feature.

Well they should at least give you the option to enable it. If they removed the feature then Im guessing they'll be removing the button all together then.
It's no longer allowing me to overwrite files. It used to but now the option is greyed out and I can't click it. How do I fix this?

I think it actually makes sense, because the "animation" is a fixed length so PD places as many in a row as are needed to exactly cover the clip's duration.

I think that's smart and really user friendly - especially when compared to how much of a pain it was to deal with animated titles before now where you could make them longer but the animation and text intro kept looping. In PD19, many animated titles now act like this, which is a major improvement! 👍

Ah makes sense
Quote That's good. I've found that the first time you add a blending FX it always gets added as new content directly below the clip, but after that it switches at some point and you can apply it directly on the clip like normal FX. I don't know why the switch happens, but it seems to require at least one previous blending effect on the timeline. Undoing them all resets the mode from "directly applied" to "add content on lower track"

If the clip is over a certain length the blending effect gets split which is weird
Quote Did you try disabling OpenCL like the linked post mentioned? It actually works with that on or off on my desktop, but it might have an impact on your system.

Do you get new content added to a lower track when dragging and dropping the FX directly onto the clip, like this?


Okay I think it's working now.
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