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Quote That's not a bug, it's a safety feature.

Well they should at least give you the option to enable it. If they removed the feature then Im guessing they'll be removing the button all together then.
It's no longer allowing me to overwrite files. It used to but now the option is greyed out and I can't click it. How do I fix this?

I think it actually makes sense, because the "animation" is a fixed length so PD places as many in a row as are needed to exactly cover the clip's duration.

I think that's smart and really user friendly - especially when compared to how much of a pain it was to deal with animated titles before now where you could make them longer but the animation and text intro kept looping. In PD19, many animated titles now act like this, which is a major improvement! 👍

Ah makes sense
Quote That's good. I've found that the first time you add a blending FX it always gets added as new content directly below the clip, but after that it switches at some point and you can apply it directly on the clip like normal FX. I don't know why the switch happens, but it seems to require at least one previous blending effect on the timeline. Undoing them all resets the mode from "directly applied" to "add content on lower track"

If the clip is over a certain length the blending effect gets split which is weird
Quote Did you try disabling OpenCL like the linked post mentioned? It actually works with that on or off on my desktop, but it might have an impact on your system.

Do you get new content added to a lower track when dragging and dropping the FX directly onto the clip, like this?


Okay I think it's working now.
Quote That seems like a bug to me. The good news is that the blending FX work as expected once you drag them over a timeline clip, so only the preview is affected.

Enabling/disabling OpenCL doesn't have any affect on my 2 systems, unlike this other issue where OpenCL is the cause.

Even on the timeline they're not working right for me. It's just an overlay, no movement or anything. Is there something wrong with my settings?
It's a good thing that they added the ability to do instant green screen should make masking much easier for me.

I just wish they would have added the ability to zoon and pan with the mouse and keyboard
They moved the blending effects over to the FX panel. I remember them being animated but now they are just images. Image here

Did they change it or is this a mistake?
So if you download them from the zone where do they go? Over to the Fix and Enhance or to FX?
Quote If it was your video, with your CC, you would still have the CC file to add it.
This sofware is to be used only for personal videos, not illegaly downloaded movies.

That response didn't help me at all. Anyway I don't need any help, I figured it out
I have a video that has a subtitle track that you can hide but the file is really big over 7 gb. I rendered it again in PD and made the file size smaller but now the subtitle track is disabled. How do I make sure it stays put?
Quote Here is a way to remove something. Have a look at this tutorial: .

thank you
Say you had an eye lash on your cheek while making a video but you don't won't to reshoot it? Can you edit it out?
Works now Sweet. I got it to work I think I might have moved the location of the phd project folder so the program wasn't able to find it. Anyway I deleted it and the program made me a new one

Ok. If you had mentioned that in your OP, you would have saved both of us time and I would have focused on the 2nd part of my response.

If you don't have anything critical in your editing history (or wouldn't mind simply starting over), then locate and delete the .PHD file and PhotoDirector will create a new one when you lunch it.

If you don't want to lose your previous work, you'll need to find and restore an older .phd version.

Ok I'll try that.
Quote No problems here. You've been on the forums long enough to know the drill if any CL app doesn't even open: uninstall it using Windows' uninstaller and then reinstall it with the App Manager (assuming you're running the 365 version).

You can also search the PhD forum for threads with .phd to see how to recover/restore your most recent project database file

I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice and it didn't do anything. here is a video demonstrating what happens.
The program does not work anymore. When I open it it's just a blank screen and I can't click on anything. Some help would be nice
Here The screenshot is all I see. I can't click or do anything. I restarted my PC and nothing. What is going on? I have the latest update
Quote This was the latest reply from them after i told them that Chroma key on black doesn't work:

Thank you for the prompt reply.
With reference to your query, the Chroma Key feature of PowerDirector, supports keying the black or white color into transparent, however it would take whole video area into the keying processing. It is the current feature's design and limitation of the Chroma Key feature.
We understood that the result might not be identical to the editing after you applied the color replacement tool on the video using ColorDirector previous versions.
As earlier mention, the ColorDirector new version 8 updates the algorithm of Color Replacement tool to enhance the color replacing smoothness, and the keyframe feature support for dynamic color replacing and changing effect.
That is why the replaced result change in the new version.
Our engineering team keeps enhancing the Color Replacement feature between ColorDirector versions, and this case has been escalated for the team as feature improvement reference.
Thank you for your feeback and report.
Please feel free to contact us back for further clarification or assistance related to CyberLink Products. Use the link below to get back to us:
Thanks and Regards,

CyberLink Technical Support

I don't like that they did that. It would be much quicker to just change the color in ColorDirector rather than using chroma key and PowerDirector and throwing a green background over the part you keyed out.
Quote I have Color Director V8.0.2320 and I am having the exact same problem. The color replacement only works if my original color is NOT Black.

Still the same for me. The update didn't fix anything. I think CyberLink thinks that it's not a problem and it must be my system causing it to happen but it's not. Something is wrong with the software
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