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I have PD18 installed on my PC and alls well except (not necessarily due to PD) I am running short of HD space and need to prune things.

Q. what are Cyberlink Powerdirector Content packs (Essential, 1,2,3,4,5)?

I assume they arrived by way of the installation process, but are they necessary any more?

If I were to delete them (saving many gigabytes) would PD stop running?

My PC in general has plenty of HD space and these files will be backed up somewhere, but showing as part of installed programs on my C: drive is a problem.

There is over 6.5GB taken by packs from Essential through 1-5

Thanks for any guidance.
Quote Hello philwizzer123,

On occasions, I've had that same alert when, like you, I was quite sure I'd taken all the right steps & even more certain that "the specified path was valid".

That alert has left me bewildered because repeating the same actions doesn't always trigger it surprised

My usual export preferences are: Keep in same location - Keep original resolution - JPEG 100% - File Name/sequence - Use unique names without warning. Note that these are NOT global PhD preferences. They apply only to a particular PhD project.

I'll raise this with the team at CL.


Was this ever resolved?
Quote Hi Guys,

Just a reminder that the forum is hosted by CyberLink, so let's not allow the focus of the topic to become about competitors' software and merits etc. and thus fall foul of any guidelines.

PM's are useful if more info is required about anything discussed, rather than a wider discussion of specific competing software.

PowerDirector Moderator

Point taken.

The discussion has mentioned others, but there seems no point in further words, other than by PM if even necessary.

Your post not entirely unexpected, but hey, we all know there's competitors in almost every field.

Enough said.
Quote A "rental model" is always more lucrative for the landlord because there is continuous income and the price is regularly adjusted ...
As for the video editor - are you talking about DaVinci? Unfortunately, I have a problem with my graphics card and constantly presents GPU errors.

Yes I totally agree with you, ever seen a poor landlord?

Funny you should mention DaVinci, I tried Resolve a couple of years ago and was especially impressed by the smooth dragging on the timeline, something Movavi (my first NLE) and PD were never succesful at.

My trial of Davinci Resolve never progressed too well as I began to find many features that did not work as expected. Chatting on their forum quickly identified why, its written for Windows 10!! My trial ceased at that point as I run Windows 7. Maybe your GPU errors (I assume thrown up when running Davinci?) may be for the same reason, if you are not running W10?

My current trial is with NCH VideoPad. Its smooth, does nearly everything I need, and free. It misses a few PD favs like colour matching, video in reverse is very slow, and of course its not PD so a learning curve has to be overcome, but hey, it works smoothly which makes for a very pleasant workflow. I don't mind many processes (like rendering and chache file building) taking longer, as these are not workflow regulars, and I just go off and do something else while these infrequent functions compute.

Sadly PD18 does not provide a smooth workflow at all. I could upgrade hardware and software on my PC and this would no doubt improve workability as others have said, but video processing is juist a hobby, and at this moment in time its looks as though I can achieve a pleasant workflow by means other than spending money and time.
Quote Interesting that this is also noticed by other users ... I bought a NEW PD 18 Ultimate 2 months ago (I switched from Magix Video Delux because there were often freezes) and was negatively surprised that the preview in HD was so bad jerked when you move the marker in the timeline to position yourself in the video.
I was told that the PD always accesses the original file stored on the hard drive and that if the data rate were not high enough, it would just stutter.
Then I bought an M.2 NVRAM PCIe SSD and only use it for the Windows swap files, TEMP files and all VIDEO files. In fact, I noticed a significant acceleration! However, there were still very strong stutters up to complete dropouts with some videos being edited (e.g. video speed changed) ...
I then continued to update to PD 365 - because of the additional packages and access to music, etc. - all of a sudden the processing is much smoother! I was told that this could be because there were various "interim updates" for PD 365 that are not available for the Ultimate Version ...
NOW (with PD365) working is fun - I mostly work with 4K60fps files - but also mixed (rarely but up to a total of 7 video tracks) with 4k30FPS, 2k7 60FPS, FullHD 50FPS.
Often there are "only" 2 video tracks in 4k60 which are played synchronously.

I've been around for a few years - some say I'm a bit cynical at times - but why do I think CL have sort of left PD18 in the slow lane while they focus most of their energies on promoting and developing 365 as the trendy way forward?? I cannot recall just how many times I have seen "Exclusive to 365"!!!

I used to rent my TV in the old days - great should the device prove unlreliable (which many did) - but nowdays the way forward is to own and I still firmly believe this to be the case. At least if I fell on hard times I can still continue to watch TV, live rent free, and use software to my hearts content whatever my financial position. Maybe for business use renting is more attractive, but my business days are long gone.

As I said earlier I will keep PD18 installed, and watch for any useful "interim updates" CL may care to release, but for now I am trialing what looks to be a far better (maybe less well endowed with fancy bells) video editor that provides a very fluid interface, is free (for non-commercial work), and well established.

You'd need to post your full computer specs in order for the techies here to assist you. I have an i7 CPU and a GTX 1060 GPU and PD18 runs very smoothly on my projects. That said, I work with HD not 4K, and my projects are pretty straight forward.

I agree with what you say - maybe my system is not the latest spec, but it handled PD16 adequately. PD18 in contrast to PD16 is so much slower I can no longer achieve any sort of "flow", I'm constantly waiting for it to catch up, and playback is jerky too much of the time. I have cleared out all cache files I can find as I know these can clog things up.

I feel PD has become bloatware with all the bells and whistles that have been added over the few years I have known it. And when I critically look at it - most are unused. Yes, PD18 has lots more tweaks and features (and some are very nice additions) but to render (no pun intended) the software almost unuseable is a sad development.

Someone once said on this forum, have a serious look at some professional videos and you will be surprised if you see anything more fancy than cuts and fades, yet PD18 has an enormous collection of transitions which most professionals will never use. Content is way more valuable than fancy features that serve only to distract from the content.

I like PD and have used it successfully for many years in a non commercial environment, but my continued use of PD is now seriously in doubt, not by choice but by sheer lack of useability. Which is a shame.

I am not so much seeking a solution to these issues, as I am sure there are things that could be updated (at cost), but just recording my disappointment that PD18 has reached this disappoiinting position.

For the moment though - there are some interesting alternatives available, that quite impressively provide the useability I desire on my existing hardware.

I will probably keep PD18 installed for the smaller pieces I do, but I have little appetite to struggle, when I don't have to.
I have recently installed the upgrade from PD16 to PD18 and am now getting into omy latest project (196 video clips and 170 jpegs) am finding PD18 is getting really hard to work with.

I found the performance of PD16 acceptable, but PD18 is really really slow, and shows signs of catching up and screen pauses that are simply disruptive to any sort of workflow.

I have cleared out all the old cache and temporary files as I know they can over time cause problems.

It seems to me that CL have added all sorts of extra bells and whistles (some I admit are really nice touches) but my PC that used to make a acceptable job of running PD16 is really showing its age (if this is where the problem lies) and struggling with PD18.

My system is CoreI7 based with 16G of memory, SSD for drive C and Terrabytes of dedicated HD for video storage, exactly the same hardware that ran PD16.

Working with any sort of fluency is nigh on impossible, to the extent that I am now trialing a different editor, that seriously provides a very fluent environment, and so far has no disadvantages that make a change challenging.

Thoughts from other members???


More than likely the AVCHD(.mts) clips that you are working with on the timeline have Dolby Digital audio(ac3). DD 5.1 is no longer supported in Produce or Create Disc for the audio. DD 2 channel is supported in Produce if you are using Windows 10.

See this FAQ for more information: . You may want to check to see if your camera can record video with a different audio format like pcm to be compatible with PD18. You can convert the audio in your video clips using a converter like HandBrake. You can extract the audio on the video clips in the library and save them as .wav files and then to unlink the same videos in the timeline. Remove the original audio and replace it with the newly extracted wav files.

Thank you Tomasc for your prompt reply.

Your 1st assumption is correct. The issue appears triggered by me using WIndows 7 with PD18. Windows 7 with PD16 was never an issue. I guess CL decided W7 was a bit historic and chose to use the OS support which only exists in W10

Yes I will have a look at cameras as I believe I will be able to change video clip format.

I have also converted files - see below.

I cannot extract the audio from the clips in the library as PD18 already deleted audio from the clip during the import phase.
Ooops - slight correction - I CAN extract audio from library clip - but its silent

Faced with 3 choices
A) upgrade my systems to W10 - not the most attractive for the trouble involved when PD18 is the only reason.
B) convert all videos before loading to PD18
C) go for money back and uninstall PD18 back to PD16 - also not attractive

So I have opted for B - where I convert all clips to mp4 using Prism, then (for current project only) manually rename .mp4 back to .mts - this enables PD18 to reload the original project/clips. I will use this for the time being (the extension change being unnecessary for new projects) as well as looking into making cameras use a different format.

Thanks for clarifying the issue.

Worth asking CL if they would consider replacing the code they deleted in moving from PD16 to PD18?
Whats up? Just upgraded from PD16 to PD18 and the project I was working on yesterday will not load today, loads of complaints about incompatability and can only edit the image but not tthe sound.

As all my clips are .mts this effectively means PD18 is not longer of any use.

Have I done something wrong?

Have CL got a problem? All the data I can see says .mts is still a compatible format for video clips.

The project I am halfway through is now unworkable.

I had hoped (assumed) upgrading to PD18 would offer some useful benefits, but right now it does not work at all.

Help appreciated.

Thanks Opto - that all seems to make sense - and at the same time provides that window of opportunity to revert back to the previous version should issues with the upgraded version exist.

Being unable to edit new projects (those made by PD18 ) using PD16 is quite usual with most software, but then by the same token, why would you want to go back if PD18 created a successful project for you?

Your input was helpful - thank you.
This is still sort of similar to what I am trying to clarify.

Some say because its cheaper (an upgrade) you will update PD16 to PD18 and be unable (physically or legally) to run PD16 any more.

I assume the price is cheaper because you already bought the full version (PD16) once and therefore you are offerred an attractive price when you decide to upgrade to a later version. Most companies follow this policy.

I have to say from the images you uploaded it looks very much like you got a full instal of PD18 and I cannot see any reason why (physically) you would ever lose the ability to run PD16.

Cautious users would always want to retain the option to go back to the earlier release if the new software presents problems and I cannot see CL restricting that freedom. I have asked CL for their ruling on whether an upgrade in any way restricts the user from running an earlier version.
Further thought after re-reading posts above -

When I upgrade from PD16 to PD18 do I still have both versions installed - or has PD18 overwritten PD16?

Therre seems some confusion.
Ok so when you undock, PD18 remembers where you last had it positioned. Seems good.

Same when exiting ColorMatch, it just makes restoration quicker.

The update policy seems a bit harsh. Would appear that when an update is purchased, should there be a serious bug that affects your work flow that you can do nothing except put up with it until CL corrects it.

That would surely put off most users contemplating buying an upgrade, knowing that if there were any new bugs you were prevented from restoring a previous version until such time as the new bug was resolved.

Any other comments???
Hi Jeff - thanks for your reply...

As regards the preview window I normally have this open on a second monitor and thus gain the area in the main window for usually the library, but when I do a Color Match which works well, and close the operation, my preview window is closed and reverts to being part of the main window again. Annoying as now I have to detach and reposition and resize the preview window back onto the second monitor.

If PD18 does not remember screen settings, what does "Auto-save Dual-screen settings" mean? Its listed in the version comparison table for PD18 Ultimate.

I understand what you say about the trial version, I'm not necessarily going to see exactly what I want. Thanks.

Interesting point you highlight with regard to the "update" to PD18 as opposed to the outright purchase. Am I right in understanding that an "upgrade" at a cheaper price is just going to replace bits of PD16 to provide all the new features - but at the expense of now not being able to revert to the previous version?

Surely while I retain the original download files for PD16, I always retain the ability to comletely uninstal PD18 and reinstal PD16? I would not be pleased if this adventure into PD18 were a one-way path.

Thanks again Jeff your input is interesting and helpful

I also am on the brink of purchasing PD18 Ultimate as there are a few irritating issues with PD16, and I mean just irritating, and in going for PD18 I hope they will have been cured, but if not, or there are other issues with PD18 its nice to know I can revert back to PD16. Nothing in PD18 will be so good as to be worth ditching PD16 for.

For example, does PD18 leave the preview window as was when you just done Color Match? PD16 closes preview window which is really annoying.

Does PD18 remember where windows are placed (second monitor and general layout)? PD16 has to be manually set each time you run the program.

Also I did consider downloading the trial of PD18 but for some reason I get the impression its a cut down version (called essential??) and not the full PD18 with a time limit? Can anyone expand on that?

PD16 is solid enough for me, but I'm curious about newer bells and whistles and am happy to pay for them, but do not want it to turn out being a waste of money if disappointing or big problems, hence thinking about trial version (see above).

Thanks for any helpful feedback.
As a PD16 user I am interested in PD18 but aware of some of the issues people are having, do not want to invest until I have had a chance to try it out.

I have found the 30 day trials that are available and see that PD18 is only available in the Essential version which I assume is a well stripped down and a poor demo of what PD18 Ultimate could do.

Am I right or is PD18 Essential as featured as PD18 Ultimate? In which case why call it Essential?

If not good - then I see nothing in PD18 features list that would justify £69.99

Quote Are there sny paid options to save this?

Err - save what?

If you mean save modified transitions - the answer is no - AFAIK
Quote What you see in the Transition Designer is all you can custom make in terms of transitions in PowerDirector. You can't edit any of the non-alpha transitions in PowerDirector unfortunately.


Oh thats disappointing but thanks for your reply anyway


It was option d), but that didn't seem to change anything. You said you'd deleted the offending instances earlier and you saw the transitions behaving normally in a new project. What happens when you add them to the previously affected points in your main project?

As for the question about deleting items in the Cyberlink areas of appdata\, I think that overall it's safe to do but I wouldn't purge everything there unnecessarily. You may want to check the \PowerDirector\16.0\Cache\DSPCache\Transition folder to see if anything there is from today's escapes and delete them.

Another option would be to rename the ProjectCache.xml file in the main 16.0\Cache folder since that seems to hold all the mapping info for the cached files. If you get any serious errors, close PD and restore the original file name (note that you may have to delete a new version before you can restore the original file name).

Oh dear - I think I just (no - I know I just) realised whats going on and I owe you an apology.

This is what I am playing with.

2 video clips adjacent on the timeline (same track) touching but no transition.
On a higher track there is a jpg sitting right over the joint of the videos
I do this often as it makes a neat way of adding a still photo to the project whilst maintaining the appropriate soundtrack.
Downside is its a bit brutal just to the see the instant switch from vid to still and still to vid as we get to the end of the jpg so I fade or whatever the ends of the jpg and it looks nicer I think.

When I tried the new project suggestion I quickly used 2 clips which I dumped a Shove over their join and reported all was good. What I failed to notice was that I did not replicate the original design - perfectly. So erroneously assumed it was a good result.

But what I have now realised is that whilst a fade on the ends of the jpg works as it first gently obscures the video and then gently reveals the underlying 2nd video, something like a shove needs to interract with both items its transitioning with to get the expected result.

I can tell you're beginning to see whats coming. smile

But of course the jpg has no knowledge of the video its overlaying so the Shove transition performs unexpectedly.

Looking back through the project, all the other instances of Shove have been between adjacent items (vids or pics) on the same track and have thus interracted with each other in the way Shove was meant to. I think I was thrown off the scent because this is not an issue with Fade or Ripple or some of the many other Alpha transitions I have designed but is clearly limited to transitions that manipulate both objects as they transit from one to the next.

So do what I inadvertently did - namely to use a two piece transition when there was no adjacent item to transit with - and you get strange results.

The rule is - if the transition will react with both items its transitioning between - then they are no good for what I was trying to do. Fades Ripples and a lot of other transitions are just fine when they only play with one item and just allow the other item to sit still while its happening.

I do apologise for misleading both you and I into thinking we had a problem when clearly I just learnt something I never know I didn't realise. embarassed

However I now realise what happended and why, and thank you for your help and suggestions that Shoved me (sorry for the pun) in the right direction to stumble over what was happening.

So - great result - PD is brilliant - and I am getting brillianter - and after all I have only been using PD16 since December 2017 so probably still classed as a newbie smile

Thanks again - maybe someone else might also learn from this story.



Do you mean that the behavior is normal elsewhere in the same project, as in any location where you haven't done any transition work; or is the behavior normal only in other, previously existing projects?

Either way, try deleting all "corrupted" transitions and manually delete the cache files for that project. You may need to close PD and open a new or different project to clear the cached files. Then reopen the affected project and try placing the transitions again.

If you're still seeing normal behavior at all in any project, then the collection would not seem to have been damaged.

Hi thanks for your reply

To clarify - this is a large project that has used Shove transitions many times earlier in the timeline and they all continue to work perfect.

Now some good news. Tried your first suggestion NewProject fresh start import 2 clips, drop on a Shove at their join - perfect!!

Now comes your next suggestion - delete cache files.

So not being sure exactly which cache files you were referring to - I
a) deleted all autosave files - no improvement
b) nothing in Preview Cache folder
c) found and cleared out MediaCache folder - no improvement
d) manually deleted all temp files (Manual Derlete button in preferences) - no improvement.

I add that before I started this I deleted the two offending instances of Shove transitions on the timeline and saved the project.

Just found another cache folder in ....appdata/roaming/cyberlink/powerdirector/16/cache/loads of folders and stuff in here but this looks a bit serious - is this the cache folder that might do some good?

Am I right in thinking its safe to delete any cache like folders in Cyberlink areas with the only downside being slow start up when resuming editing?

Thanks for your help - it's getting promising.
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