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Running short of HD space
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I have PD18 installed on my PC and alls well except (not necessarily due to PD) I am running short of HD space and need to prune things.

Q. what are Cyberlink Powerdirector Content packs (Essential, 1,2,3,4,5)?

I assume they arrived by way of the installation process, but are they necessary any more?

If I were to delete them (saving many gigabytes) would PD stop running?

My PC in general has plenty of HD space and these files will be backed up somewhere, but showing as part of installed programs on my C: drive is a problem.

There is over 6.5GB taken by packs from Essential through 1-5

Thanks for any guidance.
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Uninstalling them will have no affect on running PowerDirector, however, you'll be missing many effects, title templates, etc.

You can find a list of what will be removed from PowerDirector by going to the pack page via this resource:

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