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Hi Everyone,

I am using PD-15 and wondered if it were possible to create a video consisting of four different clips playing simultaneously in triangular form on the screen?

I've attached an image of what I mean.

Thank you.

Hi tomasc

Well, coincidence or what ??

Less than twenty minutes after communicating with you, Cyberlink reply to my Ticket informing me they have reactivated the software. You are obviously the "Golden Touch" of the video world -- thank you.
Hi optdata,

Sorry to contradict your reply but, according to Cyberlink, the licence states - "Can be used on ONE machine at a time." - NOT tied to one physical machine.

I have no interest in going for the 365 version. I prefer to purchase rather than rent.

Cyberlink have informed the activation has been reset now, so no requirement to purchase a further licence. I wouldn't have anyway - I would simply have moved to an alternative software.
Hi tomasc,

No they are waiting for nothing.

As I have such little faith in them I always retain a screenshot of Q&A's.

I have attached a screenshot of my reply. (Dated 13th April)
I submitted my first ticket concerning a failed activation of PD15 on the 9th April.

Apart from an interim enquiry from them, seeking clarification of product use, it is now 20th April and the situation remains unresolved.

Cyberlink have never been noted for speedy response to problems, but I think unresolved after ELEVEN days is ridiculous.

Is anyone else experiencing similar delays??
I've had a look at my tickets and they are still marked "open".

I've never been overly impressed with Cyberlink, but they are going down rapidly in my estimation.

Thanks for getting in touch.
Just wondered if anyone else was suffering from a virtually non-existent Customer Support Service??? (Over one week now)

I had a system crash and, when I tried to reinstall PD 15 I got a message telling me it had been activated too many times and I would have to purchase another key.

I queried this as I was unaware at the time of purchase the product was restricted in this way. Had I known about limited activation I would have gone and purchased from a more tolerant company.

I've submitted two tickets now (the second as a chaser for the first) but still no response from CyberLink.

Anyone got any ideas please ??
Hi Tomasc,

Thanks for the Audio Director recommendation -- I have installed it and am in the throes of experimentation.

Kind regards,

Hi Everyone,

I recently used a CamCorder to video a speech, using only the "built-in mike".

The image quality is good, the speech quality is acceptable, but there is a persistent background "hiss" running through the whole event.

Are there any methods whereby the "hiss" can be reduced (or better still eliminated) without degrading speech quality.

I have seen many sites offering "Audio Modification", but they are all "online", a function I will not use.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Just thought I'd let you know I've sorted out the screen misalignment problem and am pleased to say --- your suggestion of VLC is perfect.

I am grateful to you for your help.

Thank you,



I shall play around with this for a while as I am currently getting one screen seriously misaligned with the other (not as you have managed in the download) then I think I shall be in a position to proceed.

Very many thanks to you for all your efforts.


Thanks for the links.

This is beginning to look good, although if it comes down to having two instances of VLC playing, the problem of getting both videos to start at precisely the same time will be an issue.

Thanks anyway.

I'll let you know what the Forum have to say.

Hi PD Moderator,

I am using the most recent version of VLC (3.0.11) but can't see any way to achieve what you say.

I have asked a question on the VLC Forum, so will wait for advice.

I would prefer to use VLC as it is a brilliant piece of software in many respects.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi optodata,

I didn't leave details as I do not like submitting info about untested/untried software.

As it happens I have discovered a second programme but, programme 1 has a synchronisation problem and 2 an output resolution problem.

I have submitted questions to the relevant Tech Supports and, if the problems can be resolved, will let you and others have details accordingly.

Hi optodata,

Thanks for y our constructive and logical solution.

However, as y ou will see from an earlier post, I am now experimenting with a piece of software which appears to solve the problem without too much fuss.

Thanks again,

Hi Tomasc,

Sorry but that just doesn't provide the clarity required.

However, I have discovered a piece of software which allows the simultaneous playing of two videos side-by-side.

If I can get it to achieve a synchronised start, I shall run the programme and capture it using PD Screen Recorder after which, hopefully, I should able to edit it as a full screen-size video.

Best regards,

Hi Tomasc,

Thanks for coming to my rescue - yet again.

It may be I am trying to achieve the unachievable, for neither of your suggestions provide a solution.

Your first leaves me with correctly proportioned videos, but occupying only two quarters of the screen.

The second gives me two (squashed/stretched) out of proportion videos, although admiitedly occupying the full screen width.

Any ideas for the perfectly viewable first suggestion with the screen occupation of the second idea? --- Or just tell me I'm crazy and I'll go away.


I'm certain I have seen a PD15 tutorial for this - I just can't find it now though.

I am trying to display two different videos (16:9) on the screen at the same time with nothing cropped from either.

Can someone put me out of my misery and remind me how it's done please?

Thank you,


yes. whenever you remove the unwanted portions of the videos that contain any transitions, it will be lost.
you must select by right click on the clip you want to remove: Remove and Leave Gap/Remove and Move Clips on the Same Track/Remove and Move All Timeline Clips After Removed Clip.

or you have either Remove/Remove and Leave Gap.

you must place the 'FADE' transition in the middle of two video clips. if you place at the very beginning then it'll fade black to normal image or in the end, it will fade the image to black. also it depends on the duration you've set in the preference.

hopefully you're doing this when you haven't applied any titles. if you have then move the titles out of the way of the transitions. after you've joined two clips then move back the titles to the clip. if not then the title durations will be shortened accordingly...

if this does not answer your problems then take screen shots and post where a picture is more than a thousand words... ^^

happy happy joy joy

'garbage in garbage out'

Hi PepsiMan,

My thanks for this.

I was obviously being sloppy in placing the "fade-transition" to one side instead of dead centre -- which is why sometimes it would work and other times I'd get blacked out.

Anyway, thanks to you -- problem solved and video well on the way to complation.

Best regards,

Hi Everyone,

I just created a lengthy video in which there are standard Cross-Fade Transitions between many clips.

Realising the video was too long I decided to reduce the duration of some clips by chopping out the middle of each clip.

(a) - When I 'spilt and cut' each clip I lose the transition and, even selecting the entire video and trying to overlap to create a new transition, I lose all the remaing transitions.

(b) - If I insert the 'fade transition' from the transition library, it seems to initially blacken the clip before ending abruptly with almost no 'fade' at all.

Can anyone suggest how I might get proper transitions inserted please ?

Thank you.

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