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Quote There a several threads here already that discuss this topic. Take a look at this one which explains two methods that should work for your project.

Yeah, I had a look at that thread, and the second method could be of use in future projects. It's not the complete answer, though, and I might have to do a bit more digging. Google was about as unhelpful as it could be, but I'll try again.
Hi there.

I am currently working on a project that involves hundreds of individual pictures and video clips. The trouble is, these were from multiple sources with varying aspect ratios. As such, I found the best approach was to have a background with a frame around it, and place the objects within this frame. This looks much better when there is a border around the objects concerned.

But this brings up the problem: so far I have found no way of applying borders (and other PiP settings such as shadows) to multiple objects. This means that I have to open each object in PiP designer and apply the border settings individually. It goes without saying that this becomes a real chore! For example, a similar project that I worked on last year had well over a thousand individual pictures and video clips in it - and EACH ONE had to be opened up in PiP designer and have border settings applied. It goes without saying that that was a total pain in the arse!

Does anyone know of some way of applying border settings across multiple clips? If not, how does one make a Feature Request for future editions to Cyberlink? I haven't found any way of doing this, either.

I'm currently using PowerDirector 15 Ultra

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
Is anyone else having the same issues I'm having?

I have all but given up uploading transitions to DirectorZone because it is now just so much hassle. I am still creating transitions - hundreds of them - but I'm just not uploading them any more because it's too much hassle. Reason: Either uploads fail repeatedly, or even if they succeed, pressing the "View your creation on DirectorZone" button only brings up an error page bleating "We're Sorry But Your Request Cannot Be Processed At This Time", even after I have received confirmation e-mails stating that the upload was successful. This can last for minutes, hours or even days, until the template concerned finally shows up.

Is anyone else having these issues or is it just me? Personally, I'm convinced that DirectorZone is one of the slowest, most hopeless sites on the net.
Quote In edit mode you'll see a drop down box which by deafault will show "Media Content", "Color Boards" is the second item down in the list.

I know that. I selected "Color Boards", and there was nothing there! So where do I go to get some?
I was watching a tutorial video on how to create title bars using colour boards. I decided to give this a go. However, when I went to select one in the Color Boards section of PowerDirector, there were none.

So, how to get some?

There were a few backgrounds in the Backgrounds section immediately underneath, but not many, or particularly useful. Where does one go for more of these?

I can't find either of these in DirectorZone.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks. Very interesting.

These could certainly do some of what I'd like to do. However, all three seem like an awful lot of work just for a one-off transition. What I'd really like to do is make transitions that have flips/rotations/shatters that I can save as an actual Transition and use time and time again. After all, someone must have made the stock transitions that come with PowerDirector. What I'd really like to find out is - how? Is there some program out there for making them?

Anyway, thanks for the info. I'm sure I will use it at some stage in a project.


Quote Craig,

Here is an example of a different kind of transition using keyframes and not the Transition Designer. And here is another approach. And here is a tutorial on the Adorage add-in for PowerDirector. There are other tutorials available about Adorage or other techniques at Sharper Turtle as well. These may help you add variety to your transitions.
I have made literally thousands of transitions using Transition Designer in PowerDirector 15.

The trouble is, Transition Designer can really only do Wipes and Dissolves. The pictures themselves remain static, and therefore things like Flips, Rotations and Shatters are not possible.

So what I was wondering, does anyone know of a way of building transitions for PowerDirector 15 other than Transition Designer, that can do these things? Any info would be appreciated.

Quote Hello again Craig,

Yes, it's definitely an ongoing and recurring issue. I found your previous DZ video but there's no sign of your most recent one on DZ.

Interesting music & what a collection of instruments you have! I detected shades of Pachelbel's Canon in there.


Thanks for watching and listening. I definitely was not thinking even remotely of Pachelbel's Canon when I wrote it, and I don't quite see the connection, but if you enjoyed it, who cares!? Thanks again, and belated Happy New Year.
I uploaded a new video to YouTube yesterday, using PowerDirector 15. The last time I did this, DirectorZone immediately confirmed that I had 1 uploaded video in my profile. This time it didn't - it still stubbornly (and wrongly) declares that there is only one. This isn't the first time I have had problems with the Uploaded Videos page, as a glance down the Forum Subjects will confirm. Instead I will point out here that I have a new video uploaded, made with PowerDirector 15. The transitions in it were my own ones. The music was written and performed by myself as well. So if anyone is interested, here is the link:

Quote Hello Craig,

You're not alone. Another user has reported the same issue -


The long-lost video concerned has reappeared in my statistics. Yeay!

(Mind you, to find this out, I had to do battle with the DirectorZone site for about ten or so minutes. It is lending new meaning to Slow at this time.)


Quote Hello Craig,

I've found, as I'm sure others have, that the "stats" are not altogether accurate on DZ.

What happens when you click on your user name (top right on DZ) & go the the "Videos" dropdown? Are all your videos listed?


No. It says "No Videos Uploaded". Which is complete rubbish, as I DID upload one. It is still there on YouTube ( but has somehow vanished from my DirectorZone stats. Crazy!
About three weeks ago, I uploaded a video I had produced in PowerDirector 15 to YouTube. My DirectorZone page duly told me that I had 1 uploaded video. Then two days ago, it started telling me I had 0 uploaded videos. That can't be right - the video concerned is still on YouTube - but it has vanished from my statistics. Does anyone know why that could be?
Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with DirectorZone's speed (or lack thereof)?

It always was pretty slow, but just lately it has been so slow as to be unuseable!!! "Waiting for Cyberlink.Directorzone . . . "

"Waiting for Available Socket . . . " - ALWAYS "WAITING" for something!!!!! Never DOING anything, just waiting. I am sick to death of having uploads and pages Time Out because DirectorZone has the speed of a snail with Arthritis!

Cyberlink, WHY is this site so slow? WHY is nothing being done about it?
These are YOUR CUSTOMERS whose time is being wasted!
Quote I have uploaded a video, demonstrating my original transitions for PowerDirector, to YouTube. The URL is .

This video only demonstrates a selection of transitions I created at 16:9 ratio. If I get sufficient interest, I will make another, using 4:3 ratio transitions.

Well no one is going to see that video. See the screenshot. Transitions in the DZ have no aspect ratio. I always wonder if a circle transition created in 16:9 will become an oval transition in 4:3. Can you answer this question for us all. Thanxs.

Yes, I just received notification from YouTube that it had been removed because of "Inappropriate Content". As far as I know, there's nothing inappropriate in it, everything's my own, down to the music and the transitions. I have appealed, so it may go back. If not, I'll post it on DirectorZone instead. Stay tuned.

In my experience, a circle in a 16:9 transition does become an oval in 4:3, which is why I've always been careful to state the ratio when I've uploaded transitions.
I have uploaded a video, demonstrating my original transitions for PowerDirector, to YouTube. The URL is .

This video only demonstrates a selection of transitions I created at 16:9 ratio. If I get sufficient interest, I will make another, using 4:3 ratio transitions.

Pictures are all mine, from my travels around the South Island of New Zealand (where I live). Music is composed and performed by me.

All transitions are available for download on DirectorZone.


Craig Rodmell
It seems that most of the things I moaned about in my two previous posts have been sorted out. I can now view all my uploads. When looking at everyone else's, it now shows them in the order they were uploaded. Kinda restores my faith in it. I had been keeping my more complex creations to myself, as nobody was seeing them (or downloading or benefitting from them). So now I'll be uploading more of them. Thanks to Pix, and others who assisted.

Quote Craig,

Since posting earlier, I've tested a number of different browsers with their functionality (not speed) on the DirectorZone site. I think, now, my stab in the dark was off the mark.

I tested the current versions of Waterfox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer & Opera. Each passed the basic functionality tests and yielded similar results. There were some response time differences, but I didn't measure anything.

Possibly clearing your browser cache, or some related setting, might help with the problem.

Have you been able to resolve the issue with DirectorZone?


Partly. I accessed the site with MS Edge, and the page counter showed up on this. (It doesn't in Chrome, my default browser). So I can at least access all my uploads. However, viewing the most recent of everybody else's is STILL cumbersome. There STILL should be a Search By Most Recent option, and this being omitted was a very bad piece of design by whoever designed the "updated" site. (My Views and Downloads figures since the change say that this is the case.) I'm afraid it was still a step backwards, and it was considerably better before. It STILL needs to go back to the way it was before. And accessing it STILL brings on stacks of "Waiting for" messages. Anyway, thanks for your help, Pix. Cheers!
Quote Hello Craig,

This is possibly a "stab in the dark", but using a different browser may help. There have been times where members have had different DZ experience depending on the browser they're using.

Generally I use Waterfox (the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox) & don't have the issues you've described. It may be worth trying a few different browser to se if there's any difference for you.

About your question posted on DZ regarding how the Chiron transitions were made. I've been teaching my grandson how to use different software to make graphics and videos. The original image used in that transition was one he downloaded. Next (under instruction) he:

  1. made the background transparent and saved it as .png, using Paint.NET

  2. created a number of different versions of the image (from very light to very dark) - adjusting only contrast & brightness

  3. overlaid these as layers on a new canvas

  4. inverted the colours

Thanks, Pix!

Then each of the images was imported into PDR's transition designer & saved as the two transitions posted on DZ.

I have to admit that he's learning faster than I'm teaching! laughing

Quote Using Internet Explorer I have no problems navigating the DZ as pix has done. See the two screenshot attachments. You have 15 pages of uploaded templates. The first page on the top left show that your most recent one is Offset Grid… uploaded on April 29, 2015. The last page 15 show that the first uploaded one is Wave Stripe… uploaded on March 25, 2017. There is a total of 230 templates uploaded.

Thanks. I'll give it a shot. I was using Google Chrome. Previously there was no problem, but now, obviously, there is.
Quote Hello Craig,

It's quite true that the DirectorZone site sometimes has issues as you've described. I don't necessarily understand how these things work, but the site appears to have trouble "refreshing itself" to show current data. That often means that templates seem to have vanished, view counts are innacurate & other similar issues.

All is not lost, however, so please don't abandon the idea of sharing templates. It may take time for things to settle, but eventually they do.

I just uploaded two transitions based on a image of the new Bugatti Chiron (I made them with my grandson for a car video he's compiling) Chiron1 & Chiron2

If you have trouble locating templates you've uploaded, click on your avatar (top) & select Templates. That will bring up your Profile/Templates page, with the most recent uploads shown first.


Yes, I can certainly do that. However, even that ONLY brings up one page of my most recent uploads, and absolutely nothing else. No way to see any of the slightly older ones, no nothing. I STILL can't see anyone else's most recent posts, and going by my Views and Downloads figures, neither can anyone else see my most recent ones either. DirectorZone always was a reasonably useless site, but now it is TOTALLY HOPELESS.

Thanks for including the links to two of your transitions. I'll have a look at these.
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