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Quote High 5 to you Optodata, some good if safe text there. Do you use any thing such as a random Fox title to check that every thing is up to date? Mainly because my experience is that Fox seem to update their content protection first and or most often.

Now that Fox has been absorbed by the House of Mouse (Disney), I hope that you won't have to deal with those issues anymore.
There is also a decent price for PowerDVD 18 Ultra, which is one version behind the latest version (as of 7-27-2019)
Sometimes, it is an unintentional error. When I first purchased PowerDVD (It was 14 Ultra,) I was told via e-mail to install the paid version, and then paste the keycode in the keycode line. I did that, and had no issues. Since the trial version I had used wasn't as useful as the paid version, I deleted it, and I didn't have any issues with the newly bought paid version.

I admit that PowerDVD Ultra can be a bit weird with certain Blu-rays/DVDs, but usually an update fixed the issue. Right now, I have an 6 year old PC that started with Windows 7 Ultimate, got upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, then onto Windows 8.1 Pro, and is now at Windows 10 Professional. Along with the upgrades to my machine, I have bought via Amazon and Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Ultra, and PowerDVD 12-17 Ultra on my PC, and they are running smoothly, despite version 10 out of date, for example, but useful for other playback of older DVDs and Blu-rays that I own.

Meanwhile, I purchased PowerDVD Ultra versions 10, 15 and 16 for my Windows 7 Home laptop, and have bought 3 versions of PowerDVD Ultra for my Windows 10 Pro laptop (10, 16 & 17.) All are running without issue, outside of when it is time for an update.

Hopefully, ews1613 will get his/her issues sorted out.
Cinavia is an non-issue. Just play legit copies of your movie, or just use AnyDVD like the others have said on here, and that solves the issue.
Thank you for the update patch for PowerDVD.

It's working fine on my Windows 8.1 16 GB RAM PC.

I'm hoping that when I upgrade to Windows 10 at the end of the month, that there won't be any issues.
Quote: Hi I'm thinking of upgrading from V13 to V15 and was wondering if you solved the WMC issue. I'm running W7 but will not upgrade unless V15 does support WMC


Created a work ticket with Support.

I had to re-install Windows 8.1, because there was some other, unknown conflicts on my PC that prevented me from using most Windows Installers from any program.

I finally got PowerDVD 15 Ultra to integrate into Windows Media Center though.
Quote: Try this, assuming you can find these options. If you can't then it really seems like it's not installing into WMC properly.

1) Settings ---> Start Menu and Extras ---> Extras Library and tick the "Play Blu-rays Disc" option.

2) Close Windows MC.

3) Open Windows MC.

4) Settings ---> Start Menu and Extras ---> Start Menu and tick the "Cyberlink PowerDVD 15" option.

I tried what you suggested--no dice.

I've already got in touch with Tech Support, and have given them all the info that they requested from me. When they fix this--and they will; I'll post there online what the exact steps were to fix my issue.
No dice.

I did all of that, and nothing happened at all.

I might have to call Cyberlink tomorrow morning to see what they can do about this.
Quote: Maybe try uninstalling and installing PowerDVD 15 again and make sure that Windows MCE is not running and even recording at the time.


Going to do that right now.

I'll un-install PowerDVD 15, and make sure that Windows Media Center isn't running when I re-install PowerDVD 15. I might have to reboot my PC in the process though.
Quote: I don't understand, it integrated for me. I know because as soon as I saw it I turned it OFF

It did not work at all for me.

This is odd, because Windows Media Center integrated with PowerDVD 12 Ultra, PowerDVD 13 Ultra, and PowerDVD 14 Ultra. It even integrated with the last Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre (TMT6) and WinDVD 11.7 as well.

I contacted Microsoft, they said it was a third party issue, i.e. Cyberlink's.

Is there a plug-in I could use to get PowerDVD 15 Ultra to work?
Hi. I've just purchased PowerDVD 15 Ultra yesterday, and I'm liking what I've seen of the program so far. Pleased with the new additions to the program.

However, I have one issue that I think that Cyberlink will need to take care of: could you please integrate PowerDVD 15 into Windows Media Center?

I have Windows 8.1 with Windows Media Center, and I have purchased PowerDVD 12/13/14/ 15 (all Ultra), and Windows Media Cinter integrates beautifully with the earlier PowerDVD programs.

However, for the newest version it does not. Could you please address this?

Thank you.
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