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Yes, you can import the video file into Audacity, it will automatically extract the video tracks. Then you do your filtering, normalization, denoising, whatever, and export the audio tracks. Open Power Director, import your video. Then you have to import the new track into Power Director, align it to the start, and mute the original soundtrack associated with the video.

I hope this makes sense.
I record concerts in a venue with lots of low frequency noise. I use a Zoom H4N up close for the audio, but there's still a lot of rumble and hum. The first thing I do in my workflow is import the audio into Audacity. I use the high pass filter to cut out anything below the fundamentals of the musical instruments.

Hum is 60Hz in the US (50Hz in Europe). But you may have harmonics at 120, 180, 240. Audacity has a nice spectrum analyzer that will show you where your hum is. If your hum is only 60Hz, you may want to high pass filter at 100Hz and 24dB per octave. You can play with the filter and spectrum analyzer until you get what you need. If you have significant 120Hz, you may need to filter at 150Hz or so. Anything higher, and you may be getting into the male vocal range.
I've thought several times when I got interrupted in the middle of a long multicam edit that it would be prudent to save the state of the editor so I wouldn't have to worry about crashing while I was away from the computer for a couple of hours. But, alas, there presently is no such function.
Quote: "This means that there is a bug in PD's handling of applying transitions as overlap." Oops, it's NOT a bug --

I see now that I simply did not understand what "overlap" meant in a transition. By right-clicking on an existing transition, PD shows clearly that applying it as an overlap will always screw up the sync, even if I have ungrouped and then linked the video and audio tracks. Thus, although it's not a bug, I can't figure why anyone would ever use the overlap method - or why it is the default setting after installing PD.

Thanks, Craig. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

I will give this a try.

Wonderful video, the AX100 and PD12 work well together. Looks like you put a lot of work and talent into your video.

There is currently a lot of interest in 4k cameras and editors over at the DPReview video forum

You should post this over there.

It was interesting to see the "rolling shutter" effect when the trains passed at 600Kph. I didn't notice it anywhere else.

I am having a similar problem with multi-cam. I use two cameras and an H4N audio source. I sync them all up in multi-cam and record, switching between cameras to get different views. It all works OK. Then I exit to editor and things are fine, all video clips are on one timeline, and the audio on its own. Sync is good. Then I try to apply fades to the transitions between clips. Each faded transition takes a little bite out of the video timeline, and the subsequent video gets a little ahead of the sound.

Is this a basic fault of the system? (a "feature") Am I expecting too much?

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