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4K FDR AX100 video edited with PD12
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This is a 4K YouTube upload of a 30 min segment of a trip to China including night scenes. Edited in 4K with PD12. The entire video is 90 min, edited in 3 sections then combined. Please note that I have a nearly 4 year old computer, PD works remarkable well, if enough time is allowed for the shadow files to generate. Once the three videos were assembled, subtitles, music, transitions etc added things did slow down some what and I had a couple freezes. Non of that with the 30 min segments.

Towards the end is a ride on the Shanghai MAGLEV, two trains passing at a combined speed of 600 KM/hr.


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Wonderful video, the AX100 and PD12 work well together. Looks like you put a lot of work and talent into your video.

There is currently a lot of interest in 4k cameras and editors over at the DPReview video forum

You should post this over there.

It was interesting to see the "rolling shutter" effect when the trains passed at 600Kph. I didn't notice it anywhere else.

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