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Quote The callouts are in the PiP room (F5), have you looked there?


@PhilWild Yes the pack is in the PIP/
Thank you,
As a powerdirector 18 subscriber, I received a mail about 160 callout titles effects to be downloaded, wich I did though the app manager. I looked in the title chamber, fx chamber... I do not see these effects. Can anyone be kind to tell me how to use them ?
Quote Hello,

Please see this post:


Work great.
Thank you,
I try to access directorzone (and sepcifically titles from PowerDirector 16). I have always the same error message :

This site cannot be reached terminated the connection unexpectedly.

I check my antivirus (bitdefender) and this site is not a forbidden site. The very weird thing is that it is working fine using Edge.

As Chrome is my default browser, I would like to solve this issue.

Any idea,

Quote That is easy to do. Choose avchd/memory stick or burn the blu-ray to a folder and copy it to a usb stick.

Hi Tomasc,

This is exactly what I did, but as I mention, there is no "usable" file in the folder. I will however try to copy the folder to a USB key and see what happens.

Thank you,

Have a nice day,

Quote BD content with menus on a usb drive works well. There is no 4k BD consumer authoring software made today.

Thank you so much,

But I am still lost with how to do this famous folder either on computer or USB Key. If this is not feasabl, tehn I will wait and see

Thanks for your input

Should be able to burn to a folder and then copy that folder to a USB drive. Whether or not you see the menu would be up to the software you use to view it. I've used this method many times with DVD to make sure the menus works correctly. See no reason why it wouldn't work with Bluray.

Thanks a lot,

I used PD15 to make the file/folder with all the files.

I am using PowerDVD to read it but this does not work. As I said there is no "master" file to direct to so the soft can read the files.

I would be more than happy to learn from you and try a tep by step from the burn step from PD15 to the readable USB key on the TV . Let me know if you want me to send you sreen captures of my different steps.

Thank you so much for your support and help.

Kind Regards,

Quote As I have not found PC UHD burner,Bruno
There are several 4K UHD burners - Pioneer, Phillips and LG (BDXL triple/Quad layer). However, only a few will read the odd 66GB of commercial 4K Bluray discs. Recently purchased 4k TV so will be in the market for 4K burner in the future.

Hi GGRussell, Thank you for this information.

It seems that these new burners requires strong systems. I change my PC for a new KAby Lake i7 with a new ASUS card and 16go memory.

For the main topic, it does not seem possible to do editing with real menus without burning a physical disc.

I will continue to investigate.

Have a nice Sunday,

Hi Forum,

Iam editing my personal videos using PD15 (of course otherwise, I would have nothing to do here). When done, I am producing Blu-Ray disc, with menus, music....

I am going to buy a 4K UHD camera. As I have not found PC UHD burner, I will have to find another solution. One could be to use a USB key.

My question is : Can I do a complete project like I would do for a BD and then target the USB key instead the BD burner and then have a 4K UHD film readable on my UHD TV.

Thank you in advance,

Good morning,

I just moved from PD14 to PD15.

I am using more the keyboard than the mouse. I have arranged the keyboard shortcuts but I am looking for a short that allows me to cut the timeline where I want to edit the movie, then select and Alt+Del to move all remaining clips.

But apparently Cyberlink has not included this shortcut (or I have not found it). I would like to create this shortcut, can I do it and if yes, how ?

Thank you in advance for your help,


Yes it is.
Thanks to all
OK thanks. I'll try again later when it will be night US time.
I have an issue pending that support is answering to. I got a new answer today, but I am totally unable to access my question, my ticket and even my account. Has anyone experienced that today ? Is there an issue with support web site ?
Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot. Stevek, yes and I clean my PC and my disk is a 2TO, only devoted to editing, so I have plenty of space.
Phil, I updated my Nvidia driver recently, so that might be the cause.
Please find attached the DXDiag.
Have a nice day,
Very weird,
I have not changed any hardware nor install new update of PD12. I have been worki,g on huge projects without any problem. And suddenly, blackout. When I launch the project, it takes time to load all the thumbnails. And then when I try to do do any editing action, it takes ages to perform, when it performs.
I try to leave a message to technical support but their Tech support seems to be down.
Anyone experienced that before ?
Thank you James. I knew that but it gives me the properties of the clip/image but I want to know the project settings.

I think you will all laugh and I must be the only one to have that problem as I search all over the web and did not find the answer.
Where can I check my project Video/audio settings. I have imported two different clips format (1920*1080 & 1440*1080 with different fps). PD12 told me that I must change the project settings to fit my images. I guess (that was the case with Premiere elements) that it is based on the first clip I drag on my timeline.
After adding several clips, I want to check the overall projects settings, which is to say which size and fps has the project retained. In project setting, I do not have the information neither in the global parameters. Where can I find this information ?
And more technical : When I work with two different formats like this project, which size should I retain : the lowest one (in my case 1440*1080) or should I choose the highest one (1920*1080). I am burning Blu-Ray Discs.
Thank you for your help.
I will definitively stick to the Forum as I will need you, thanks.
And maybe one day I will be able to help others.
Thanks for my English, that's kind of you

A great thanks to all, although Barry my level in English does not allow me to exactly understand the meaning ( or the underlined meaning) of your post.
I have decided to go PowerDirector, but having used Premiere and Vegas for years, I still have reflex that I need to change. Carl, I will use all the methods you and Borgus suggest and try to find mine. I guess an mix between the mouse and second by second step could be a good choice.
Thanks for helping . I will continue to look at all the great tutos I can find on the web.
Have a nice day
A great thank Borgus1,
My problem is the following : I am shooting family films. There is a lot to be edited and I am moving froward and backwards every time to find the best cut/split point. If I am not able to simply backward as I am doing forward; this is nonsense. All the programs I have tried allows you to move in your film anyway you want. When I look at the screen shot you, I must admit I am very concerned as the double arrows moving right (fast forward has no identical icon for reverse. Again, I must admit I do not understand the concept of not being able to one action in one direction and not the same action in the other direction. What would users say if you could only slow down your clip and accelerate it.
I am sure you have the answer, so please help ma. I cannot use the software as it.
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