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HI there,

I've searched far and wide for the best free luts and I'm happy to send them to people in a zip file or something. I'd like some transitions and possibly more luts as well.

You guys into sharing. ALL are 100% free... I'm happy to upload them to site so you guys can download them... I think we should all share out best luts etc.

Color Match was a PD16 new feature.


ok thanks... might wait for a sale to updage then lol

Color Director Presets created by users are shared in the DirectorZone. They work in PD17. LUTs can be used also. See this video for a good explanation of LUTs: . You can buy them if you want. Free one are available.

Thanks for your answer... May I ask if you have any information on color match? I would have thought PD14 has it somewhere but I can't find any informatio on it.
Quote Brendanmrbman123, PIX provided links to several LUTS here:

and Tony here:

Just keep in mind, using LUTS on large time selections of 4K footage will have a very significant production impact, often 3-10X increase not uncommon experience in production times. However, when you need it, you need it.


Thanks Jeff,

Just upgraded my computer for more 4k computer work so it should be able to handle it.
Going from 14 to 17 I see 2 valuable things (though one I'm uncertain of how it works because I don't have any quality.

Number 1. Color Match (great for me when filming on two different cameras in simailar light.

Number 2. Luts...though I think I'd be relying on people sharing their best ones as I am having trouble finding ones that work in the PD 17 trial.

I film in 4k and really the only thing that's stopping me from pulling the trigger is wondering if it's worth it if I can't get the flim quality luts to work lol.

Do people share around here? I'd be happy to if I had quality free luts. hmmm


Sounds like you might be looking to use a Color Look-Up Table. See this post from a few hours ago for more info.

I do have a question... Where do you get all the luts (the good ones that work). I currently have a trial of PD17 and own PD14. I'd upgrade but I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it. I mean if anyone has a zip file of luts I'll take it to try out for sure.

Sounds like you might be looking to use a Color Look-Up Table. See this post from a few hours ago for more info.

Just figured out I could get a teal and orange video and colour match it and it worked perfect. lol
I'm sure this is pretty simple but how do I get the teal and orange colour grading? I've looked in the forums and can't find anything. Also did a google search for powerdirector and nothing came up.

Probably something like the attached pic.


Thanks heaps Jeff... Found them. Can't find the ultimate suite but perhaps I didn't purchase that. hmmm
I want to transfer it to my new pc but have no idea what the file name is called when it was downloaded. Does anyone have any idea?

Hi there,

Was trying to figure out what hardware I need. I'm trying to contact Cyberlink with no luck. I film 3 cameras at 4k (different angles) and I'm using Powerdirector 14.

Can anyone be of assistance... Possibly someone from Cyberlink?
I hope I can explain properly. So I'll put it in points of what I've done.

  1. Shot basic footage with tripod of myself talking and used microphone sitting on desk placed next to me (for superior audio)

  2. After shooting removed micrphone from shot

  3. Took screenshot within powerdirector of the footage without the micrphone placed on the deesk

  4. Got screenshot of microphone not on desk cropped the area where the microphone would be sitting throughout the video

  5. (this is where it got really figity. I put cropped image (where mic was) over the footage of me talking.

The problem with this was I couldn't quite the get screenshot that I cropped to sit exactly in postition. The movements were not subtle enough so on close inspection you could see something was editied.

I hope I explained this well enough. I was hoping there was an option within Powerdirecter 12 to just crop the screenshot with the mic out of screen and it would be the exact right size and just slot into place. Is there?

I really hope I haven't confused anyone lol.
Thanks heaps... worked it out with your help!
Hey Guys,

I really want to add a picture to my video like in this at 1:23 and be able to pause the video add my audio commentary. Is there anyway to do this? I've searched high and low on this topic.

I would really appreciate your help.

Hey there,

My videos are recorded at full hd... I basically record then add the audio (which is recorded separately) try and use SVRT (which usually works and keep the super high quality format but when then loading that video up and adding my green screen image I pic a for the background I try to use SVRT so I don't lose quality and I end up losing quite bit. These are large files that go from about 20gig to 2gig when adding the background through keying.

Considering I need to keep editing and adding titles etc this quality loss is quite substantial.

Should this be happening?
Hey there,

I've made my first two videos using powerdirector 12 and I love the program.

My first video is here

My second here

The second (which is still being edited) when rendered with the exact same settings and both were done with the same camera and in the same format but the second isn't the same quality when rendered. It's like it's missing frames per second or something.

I'm not sure if I've knocked some setting but it all appears the same to me.

Can someone help me with this?
Hey Guys,

I'd like to know how to do a fast forward effect in parts of my video that are (boring)... So basically I want the video to run at normal speed then speed up in some parts then slow down again to normal speed in the final production.

Any help would be great.
Thanks you have been very helpful and I have noticed no difference in quality!
Thanks heaps Carl,

Do you mean the intelligent svrt? I just click on that right then produce the movie?
Thanks for the reply,

But I'm still stuck with the same problem... If that range is produced and then I need to keep editing and then produce it again I'm going to lose quality. Is there any way around this at all?

I was thinking that there should be something in powerdirector 12 that you can highlight and link all the multi-trim parts so they are recognized as one just when you're editing.

This is going to be a problem when syncing my separate audio file to the voice as well I imagine which would happen before the trims. I'd have to produce it into a movie so that would mean less quality again.

If this can't be done powerdirector isn't going to work for me and I just purchased it a fortnight ago :/
Hey Borgus,

No it's not quite what I mean... That's what I do, however the trimmed files are individual files meaning if I then wanted to edit the files further e.g. change the lighting or contrast I have to do each individual trimmed file at once rather than having the option to link all the trimmed files up then adjust the lighting or contrast.

That's why I'm finding I have to produce the movie (render it) and load it up again and each time you do this you lose quality.
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