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Question about video quality after rendering.
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MrPadded [Avatar]
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Hey there,

I've made my first two videos using powerdirector 12 and I love the program.

My first video is here

My second here

The second (which is still being edited) when rendered with the exact same settings and both were done with the same camera and in the same format but the second isn't the same quality when rendered. It's like it's missing frames per second or something.

I'm not sure if I've knocked some setting but it all appears the same to me.

Can someone help me with this?
Jimbo223 [Avatar]
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Nice vids.

Check your original footage from the camera against each other just to make sure they have the same specifications (frame size and frame rate). Did you download/install anything between the making of the two?

Some PD users have had issues running PD and editing on a single drive.
It's best to have a separate drive for editing and one for where all your Windows applications run.

Check your PC for malware or system updates running in the background when you least expect them to.
Also, its usually best not to have your anti-virus running while editing as it can interfere.
This also means disconnecting from the internet.
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Sorry, I don't see a whole lot of difference in the videos on you tube. The first one automatically selected high definition while the second started playing at 360 definition. When I changed the first one to 360, it looked more like the second. When I selected the second one to play at HD, they looked the same.

In neither case did I see any artifacts in the title slide pages.

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