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Quote There are two ways I deal with this. The quickest is usually to double-click on the timeline clip I want to change and make the edits in the PiP/Title Designer. Usually all the other content is visible and I can make the changes while seeing all the other items on the screen.

The other way is to lock the tracks of all content below the item you want to edit which prevents them from being selected in the preview window:

Thanks optodata.

The locking of the tracks is pretty smart, didn't think of it! smile (although not very practical if you have to edit several tracks all the time).
Making the edits from the pip/title designer is, I guess, the way to go. I just avoid it most of the time because it takes a few seconds to load. It's weird because sometimes I end up selecting the right track from the preview window, but I don't know how I do it, it's like "it just happens after you try several times".

I wonder if Cyberlink addressed this "issue" in versions 18, 19 or 365?
You know how some times you need to edit items from the preview window to make minor adjustments, such as moving a pic or some text up and down, etc? well, how do you select it if there are several tracks and items which coincide at that particular spot? I'm finding it incredibly difficult and counter-intuitive.
Quote Is this the first year of a missing Black Friday option for the lifetime licence of a Power Director? This completly sucks ....

100% agree.
I'll never EVER choose a subscription for power director.
Cyberlink is beginning to treat loyal customers like second class citizens and we're not liking it.
The good news is:

A) PD 17 works pretty well and I don't need any of the extra stuff introduced in PD 18, to be honest.
B) Once you understand the technique used to do something with a video editor, it's pretty much the same with other video editors, so making the switch is not too difficult.
C) There are plenty of very cheap alternatives out there... I was recently offered Corel's video studio ultimate and an upgrade to paintshop 2020 for an incredibly low 40$ fee (20 bucks each). I didn't buy it because I don't need it, but if Cyberlink keeps treating me like this, I might consider it one of these days... (I don't use any of Cyberlink's other products. I don't need a sound editor, I have Audacity which is amazing and free. I don't need a photo-editor, I use paintshop which is really cheap and been using it for more than a decade.).
D) Cyberlik is made in Taiwan. They're pragmatic, they know that a loyal customer who upgrades for a reasonable fee is better than a customer who buys another product...


Is it just me or do other people think that a lot of Cyberlink's extra content is made for the female population? Weddings, birthdays, flowers everywhere... etc. We're men, we like special effects, explosions, and new cool features!
Nice job Optodata! Thanks for testing it out and even producing a video.

I've just sent the bug report. CS002000283

additional images.
We don't normally use shadows in videos, but recently I decided to try it.
Unfortunately, the whole shadow feature seems completely messed up... but not for any shape, it seems it only affect rectangular shapes!

Try this:

1. Create a new project.
2. Click on the media content button and choose color boards.
3. Drag a white color board to your project to use it as background (make sure you widen your time line to see it better. Make it 5 seconds long, or whatever, just long enough).
4. Choose another color board. Yelow or whatever color.
5. Drag and drop it below the track where you put the White colorboard
6. Resize it to 20% or whatever you please, just large enough to be able to see the shadow well.
7. Give that object a shadow using pip designer. Try something like:
Distance 4
Blur 8
Opacity 52%
8.Before you click ok, click on the magnifier to make sure it looks the way you want.
9. Click on the shadow direction also.
10. Click ok, and watch the results.

It looks nothing like it's supposed to! it looks nothing like it did in the preview! it even adds shadows above the shape, and it looks really bad!

I've tried this in both PD17 and PD18: same results.

The odd thing is, I've tried adding shadow to a circle and it works just fine, but not with rectangles or squares for some reason.

Here's some evidence.
Quote Hello,

No worries about the perpetual version of PowerDirector 17, of course users will get all the latest patches and updates. The moderator mentioned the first patch was coming already here and here.


Thanks David.
Regarding your answer to question 2, you're either wrong or their comparison table is wrong then! :
A couple of questions:

If I upgrade from PD16 ultimate to Power Director 365, after 365 days I can no longer use PD365 unless I renew, right?

If I simply upgrade to PD17 ultimate (or ultra) I never get any patches and product updates? (if you take a look at the comparison table, one of the cells says "Always up-to-date with the latest features and updates", which is kind of worrying).
Have you noticed?
When you have a lot of different audio + video tracks and then you try to synch 2 tracks PD has this really annoying habit of 1) synching well...(whichis great!) but... 2)sending the tracks anywhere it wants, like if you have 10 tracks, it sends them bellow the 10 tracks for some reason. Any way to avoid that? is it a bug?
Since I upgraded to PowerDirector 16, the audio track does not display the wave line most of the time. This is crucial to my editing, and I have had to revert to PD 15 to get any work done.

Also the ability to change the volume with the little dots no longer works; you have to go to the audio room.

What do you mean? I have PD16 and I still use it!
You just need to press the control key when adding a dot, that's all.
Quote I want to make a picture semi transparent with a title/description on top. I have Power Director 16 and have been unable to figure it out. Thanks for your help and input.

Yes, this is a standard feature.

Put the picture on your timeline.

Click on it to highlight it.

Go to Designer, pip designer.

Choose object settings, then modify opacity.

Good luck!
I have to agree with Pekr.

My wish for PD17 is that the programmers in charge simply read and implement some of the requests for PD16 and even and the ones for PD15 and 14.

No chance of upgrading for me either, I couldn't care less about 360 video or some mild colour improvement. I think PD is really falling behind other editors now...
You know when you do a "copy keyframe attributes", why can't we have a "copy keyframe attributes and include transitions as well"? If you work with your own templates, you'll find yourself wasting time doing this once and again.
Quote X Y Z (3D) rotation. Pinnacle Studio, Corel VideoStudio and Magix Movie Edit Pro have had this feature for several versions. Please!!!

Why can't you mute a segment inside of a track? at present, it's either the whole track or nothing. yell

You can mute clips by selecting the clip right clicking and select "mute clip" and you can alter the volume level of the segment in the timeline by adjusting the levels on the wave form and adding nodes and adjust each node...

Thanks Nighthawk, I stand corrected on this one! (in fact, I've used this feature fairly often, I don't know what I was thinking!) embarassed
Developing 3D and 360 video features is nice, but to the average user, there are some current limitations which, really, should have been addressed in earlier versions of the program:

  • Why can't you lock a segment inside of a track? at present, it's either the whole track or nothing. yell

  • Why can't you mute a segment inside of a track? at present, it's either the whole track or nothing. yell

  • Copying bits and pieces from one project to another is a bit of a nightmare. Please add tab management.

  • Add feature: right click on a track and "jump to next segment of the track". Why? imagine adding an 0.5 seconds sound file to a track, and then try to find it in a 120 mins project file. it could take you for ever to find it!

Quote How do you do it? from the title room? you reckon adding a simple line of text (without any of the ornaments) from there is easy?

Yes I think so. Click on the icon to add a new template, type in your text, name the template, drag it to the title timeline and it's done. Of course it can be far more complicated than that if you want it to be but that's it at it's most basic.

p.s. - apologies for taking the thread off topic.

That's got nothing to do with a text box. It's a title box, you can only add one line of text at a time, no more than that, text doesn't scroll to the next line, etc.

That's why we have to resort to other programs.
Quote It's ridiculously hard to add simple text in a box. I actually have to use an external program to do this

I'm surprised that you say this, I can't imagine how much easier it could get to "add simple plain text" than what's already there.

How do you do it? from the title room? you reckon adding a simple line of text (without any of the ornaments) from there is easy?
Oh, and Wil_s mentioned this:

I would like an easier way to add fancy balloons or stuff ...Just adding text and in that dialogue box have a time for how long you want it to be displayed for when you insert it So I type a 60 word description of something and I want to insert it for 15 seconds...I just want a simple box for this

I completely agree with him. It's ridiculously hard to add simple text in a box. I actually have to use an external program to do this, and we're talking about PD version 15! yell
My number 1 request is project management using tabs.

Sometimes I need to go back to an older project, maybe because I forgot how I did something, or because I can't remember how something looked like or whatever. At present, I have to close the project I'm working on, open that older project, close it and open again the one I'm working on, and so on... it's really time consuming.

I use other programs, like Anime Studio (currently known as moho), and it's pleasure to hop from one project to another by simply clicking on its tab (you can have several projects open). I can even move objects and tracks from one to another.


Something that I also find really annoying is that when you're on a project, and you're using several tracks, if you do a symch by audio, the 2 tracks involved get sent to the "depths of the sea" (say they're tracks 3 and 4, they're sent to tracks 10 and 11, even if tracks 6 and 7 are empty.

I don't know why the program does this. If you only have 2 tracks, it's fine, it doesn't do it, but if you have a few of them, it does send them to the depths.


Add the option to "unsplit" a track mark. Please!


When you split a track, says in 2 parts, part a and b, I should be able to right click on one, say b, and silence it or hide it without having to move it to another track number in the timeline (at present you can only silence or hide full tracks). So, yeah, add the ability to manage split tracks in a more friendly way rather than having to move tracks in the timeline.


sometimes sound tracks can be really short (less than a second long) so if you change the timeline view, they can be incredibly hard to find. There should be an option such as "do not shrink soundtrack icons in the time line even if they're less than a second long" in the settings somewhere.

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