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Quote I have had the same experience...

My feeling is that the problem you have, trying to open one of the effect rooms, might have to do with what looks like an inventory system, that should make opening and switching between rooms faster. It does that in my system. CL apparently introduced this inventory approach over the last few months and 365 versions. But this inventory needs to be build from a stable position. So, I would guess that this does not always goes will.
When I recently moved to another laptop, I had to rebuild windows (11) and installed the CL software, while I was doing that. PD did not work properly, whatever I tried. I think this was (also) because I tried to remove OneDrive, which during the PD installation was used as the default documents folder to store some PD files. So both running PD and removing OneDrive did not work for me. It was very clear that working with the various effect rooms, was not possible.
So, I uninstalled all CL software, made sure that none of the custom settings were kept (it is an option during the uninstall) and also made sure that I had a copy put aside for all the custom titles and other stuff I have made in all previous versions. After checking windows installation (updates etc.), drivers and so on, all the things you have already done. I first moved all the custom files (titles etc.) to the proper places in c:\users\%username%\documents\cyberlink\powerdirector\nn.n (that is the version number). If you have items from previous versions put them in place before the installation, but make sure that there are no PD 21 folders.
After that I installed PD with the Application Manager and tried to open rooms. It worked better. The first time a bit slower, because apparently PD was building an inventory (I am still guessing that is what they use).
So, PD 365 works for me now. But I also still get the accessional crash (which are sent to CL, so they should be in the know). They should still have some home work to do….

I agree that it has something to do with the inventory system, which is very poor and Cyberlink needs to fix it. When you choose those same effects or others in stand alone PD versions, there are no problems. Only in PD365

Do others also notice that PD 365 renders video slower ? I may have to do an exact test with PD 18 but it seems the 365 is slower and I have 3090Ti Graphics Card
I contacted Cyberlink and their response was laughable

they wrote:

With reference to your query, we may suggest following the steps below that may help you to resolve your concern.
1. Check whether the installed drive has enough space on it.
2. Run the software while no other applications are running.
3. Temporarily disable Antivirus and/or Firewall.
4. Update graphics card driver to the latest. You can download the latest driver by visiting the link below:
Version 526.98

I already have the latest version of PD365 and the latest version of Nvidia Driver and I have plenty o hard drive space and I sent them my dxdiag as well

also, I have the same softwares open; not being used and have never had any problems at all. I think also that the previous build of PD 365 did NOT have these crashes. I know I updated the PD 365 not too long ago and noticed the crashing after

I hope someone has a better way of getting this working. I have a feeling it will be an updated version of PD 365 that might fix these problems people are complaining about regarding the crashes

If you are a gamer who needs immediate launch support for the latest games, choose Game Ready Drivers. If you are a content creator who needs more thoroughly tested drivers for certain applications that work with graphics/video/photo/livestream, choose Studio Drivers. I'm not aware of any true tailoring and PD is not even in the test suite of real-world workflows for Studio Drivers, so basically no unique advantage concerning PD.


I updated to the Studio Driver for my Nvidia 3090Ti but when I went to PD 365 and started clicking effects and other things on the left, the Software Crashes

this is ridiculous and unacceptable

by now Cyberlink should have released an update or new build, etc

Your brand new video card is obviously in good shape but I'd try updating to the latest nVidia Studio Driver (526.98) as you're currently at 522.25,

I can't tell you why the 2 versions of PD don't run equally well on your system, but you might want to try the same command line tools I linked to in my previous replay.

FWIW I have two Win11 machines with PD17 and PD365 installed and I haven't seen any crashes when working with them. I don't know what the issues might be, so I'm trying to provide some guidance for eliminating the most typical causes.

Continuing to report these issues to CL through the official channel is the only way to get them to figure out what's happening on the affected systems.

thanks for the info. Is the Studio Driver different than the regular 3090Ti graphics driver ?
did anyone look at my dxdiag ?
here is my dxdiag info

take a look and let me know why my PD 365 Crashes and PD 18 never crashes
Quote Repeated crashes are not normal and they are almost always a sign of incompatible/outdated drivers or system stability issues.

It's probably best to start a new thread and follow the instructions in the Read Me before Posting guide, and be sure to include the DxDiag test results as they will contain critical details about your system. You can also contact CL tech support as they do not monitor posts here on the user-to-user forum

Many people have been complaining about crashes on PD 365 so there is something there. I also saw someone on Facebook complaning

I also get crashes on PD 365 when you start clicking on effects , other things,

NO EXCUSE for this. My Power Director 18 NEVER crashes so there is nothing wrong with my system and everyone else has a different system and many are getting crashes

It is THIS version of PD 365 that is the problem. They need to UPDATE the software

my PD 18 has never crashed from clicking around on the many different areas of the software
I have the PD 18 that I purchased and I have PD365 and it seems like the PD 18 is faster at rendering even though I did optimize process

I have the Nvidia 3090 Ti which is one of the highest end graphics cards out there as well

have others noticed PD365 being slower ?

Yes I agree 100%. This was never happening before and after the most recent update, many people are seeing it

I told Cyberlink and they sent me message asking for the dxdiag, version number, etc but I think this recent update is the problem

I also just saw a Facebook Post where someone was also complaining about random crashes, etc

It is for sure this latest version of PD365 with the problem. It is NOT everyone else's computer, graphics card, memory, etc

It is this version of PD 365
Quote Happens on my system a lot since the update to v21.0.2214.0
Nothing else has changed on my system.
I think it's a buggy release

Yes I agree 100%. This was never happening before and after the most recent update, many people are seeing it

I told Cyberlink and they sent me message asking for the dxdiag, version number, etc but I think this recent update is the problem
Quote I just noticed this today but Power Director 365 is crashing often even with no files imported

just going thru the effects, video intros, etc, It will crash shortly after

have others seen this ?

are others noticing that power director 365 is crashing a lot just from clicking effects and the other choices on the far left it has been crashing recently and I see a couple other posts about crashing as well
I just noticed this today but Power Director 365 is crashing often even with no files imported

just going thru the effects, video intros, etc, It will crash shortly after

have others seen this ?
also, if I do remove the backgrounds on 50 images for example, can I change to the new background as batch and do all at the same time and export ?
thanks for the info. Yes removing the whole background can be good but time consuming if you have over 50 pics; that is the problem
I agree that if it is only a few, it could be worth doing

If I used flash, there would have been zero shadows but my equipment fell and the flash and a lens broker earlier that night
I had taken some flash pics much earlier that turned out nice and no shadows in the same spot with the same circular light there. It seems like there is no way around the shadows in this scenario without using a flash to take the pics

Quote I'm sure if PIX were still here he'd have some quick and helpful advice, but what I can suggest is to use the Guided | Background Removal tool and get rid of the entire background like this:

You'll need to take the tool out of Intelligent mode and zoom in to maybe 300% to deal with difficult areas, like the white jacket near the shoulder of the person on the right and the dark area around the right hand of the person on the left, but it only took me a couple minutes to do the above work.

The best possible solution would be if you happened to have a full pic of the empty background as you could then simply add that in as a background layer and be done. I've attached the pic as well so you can work with it directly.

There are plenty of tutorials here on the forum and on YouTube if you need help on the finer details of the background removal tool or working with layers. I hope what I've posted here will get you started down the right path!
here is a downsized sample where you can see the shadows

people were taking phone pics and they all got shadows too
I took pics of people standing in front of banner that had a lot of white in it in darker room and there was the circular light on a stand providing good lighting in that area but all pics show shadows. There were people taking phone pics who got those shadows as well

What is the best way to remove or reduce those shadows using photo director ?
I have Photo 365 and I tried to batch auto convert a folder of 3 photos after selecting all I did the auto correct but only 1 photo got that correction

How do I apply that auto correct or any other tweak to all the photos at once ?
I have Photo 365 and want to be able to add a batch of photos and put my logo on each and then export all at once

please let me know how to do this
yes the re converting of the files can take a long time and it is a waste of time

they should have already added this support since many cameras can record these kinds of files
Adobe did an update to support GH6 RAW quite some time ago
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