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I did the following:

  1. Created an auio file, length 30 seconds, doen't matter as to file format .wma or .mp4 & etc.

  2. Also created a video with same music.

  3. Playback of music or video is 30 seconds long.

  4. In Menu Designer, creating new or using existing Menu, selected the 30 second music file as the Background music.

  5. While in Preview, music plays for 13-14 seconds only, not 30 seconds.

  6. So does this mean the background music can be no longer that 13-14 seconds long?

  7. But as long as the music is attached to a video and use the video as part of the Menu, then it does play for 30 seconds, music and video.

  8. However, one cannot have the music as the background music; one has to select “No Background Music” in order for the Menu to last 30 seconds. This is because, if one uses another audio as the background along with the audio within the video - it will play as well, starting after 13-14 seconds of the of the video playing

Am I missing something here as to how to get one is suppose to get more than 13-14 of background music into a Menu within the Menu Desiner????
Quote Did you recall what archive software you used just a few days ago on Jan 24, 2017. Those look like an archiver backups of the dvd vob or music files you created earlier.

The files happen to be from hockey games that I video and then make DVD's from them for the parenrs and coaches to use. That is why the files are so large.

Like I said earlier, the only archive software I use is the one called, "Me, Myself or I" in other words I connect an external hard-drive and move myself, manually the selected which files and folders needing to be backed up. So for no, I do not have or use a backup software. That's not to say in the futre I won't have one but for right now I don't. But thanks for research , suggestions and ideas.

I will check in the morning, as the wife is asleep now and one doesn't want to wake her up after she has gone to sleep if you know what I mean by that statement. She really upset. On her laptop she has Windows O.S. laptop and also has PD-9 on it so then I will check it's folders to see what may contain. I'm having to use it temporarily due to the a connecting firewire cable from my Canon XL-2 video camera, old but still great - 2004, and connect to the back of the iMac got misplaced during our move recently. Tried getting another cable from Best Buy but they don't carry that particular cable. Oh well...

But again thanks.
Quote You may have installed this genie backup software and tried an automatic backup: . Those archived files have those exact file extensions. See this: .[/quotePstId]

Thanks for the time you spent in chasing down the possibity that it was done from a backup software prggroam.

The only backup software I use is the one called, "Me, Myself or I" in other words, I connect an external hard-drive and move myself, manually the selected which files and folders needing to be backed up. So for no, I do not have or use a backup software. That's not to say in the futre I won't have one but for right now I don't. But thanks for research , suggestions and ideas.
I have over 24 gigs of bytes, as shown below as *.C** files on my hard drive. They're location on the Heading for each folder.

My question is this, "Do I really need these to stay there or can they all be deleted?

Path= C:\Libraries\Documents\Cyberlink\PowerDirector\12.0\

This '12.0 Folder' Contains these files:

File Name File Size

2016_09_10_08_400.C00 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_10_08_400.C01 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_10_08_400.C02 339,200 KB

2017_01_21_13_400.C00 610,816 KB

2017_01_21_13_400.C00 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_21_13_400.C01 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_21_13_400.C02 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_21_13_400.C03 306,336 KB

2017_01_23_16_480.C03 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_23_16_480.C01 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_23_16_480.C02 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_23_16_480.C03 9,056 KB

Path= C:\Libraries\Documents\Cyberlink\PowerDirector\14.0\

This '14.0 Folder' Contains these files:

File Name File Size

2016_09_09_15_440.C00 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_09_15_440.C01 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_09_15_440.C02 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_09_15_440.C03 185, 472 KB

2016_09_11_10_210.C00 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_11_10_210.C01 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_11_10_210.C02 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_11_10_210.C03 900,832 KB

2016_09_11_22_310.C00 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_11_22_310.C01 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_11_22_310.C02 230, 720 KB

2016_09_11_22_570.C00 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_11_22_570.C01 1,048,576 KB

2016_09_11_22_570.C02 223,104 KB

Path= C:Libraries\Documents\Cyberlink\PowerDirector\15.0\

This '15.0' Folder Contains these files:

File Name File Size

2017_01_24_17_420.C00 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_24_17_420.C01 1,048,576 KB

2017_01_24_17_420.C02 1.,048,576KB

2017_01_24_17_420.C03 533,248 KB

I just noticed that some the files have the same amount in size, is this some sort of cutoff point and then it starts again?


How does one follow a subject, with an oblong type of mask and have a black and white background but the oblong circle maintains the color portion in the video?
Not for sure, but try placing the image on the track where the text is located and move the text to the track where the image was. Just a thought.
I will step in and add some information as to the thumbnail issue.

When I go to your YouTube channel I do see a thumbnail for the particular video you show in the image you uploaded here.

In your uploaded image ( PD12 ScrnSht 2.jpg), it shows the "Customized thumbnail" option and it appears to be highlighted, as if you you are wanting to upload a custom image. This is where you need to make a customized image that you wish to be displayed.
Sometimes it will show three options, but then when it doesn't try using this option.

Here's how to change a thumbnail at any time:

To upload a custom thumbnail for an existing video:

Go to your channel Video Manager.
Locate a video and click the Edit button.
Click the Custom thumbnail button and upload a thumbnail.
Once the thumbnail is uploaded, don't forget to click the "Save Changes" button.

Custom thumbnail Size

Your custom thumbnail image should be as large as possible, as the image will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player. We recommend your custom thumbnails:

Have a resolution of 1280x720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels).
Be uploaded in image formats such as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.
Remain under the 2MB limit.
Try to use a 16:9 aspect ratio as it's the most used in YouTube players and previews.

This is what I do and not had any issues. Hope this helps.
Well folks, I had to go out of town to video hockey games starting last Friday. After returning today and unpacking everything, I fired up the old iMac computer switched to the Windows side and started PD12. I was really curious about Tony's comment on the "Collection:" space.

I went and selected the Title template I wanted to upload and guess what? There was the the "Collection" space. And there highlighted was "Next" icon, waiting for me to continue on. Filled out everything and clicked on "Next" and and then the next screen displayed, finished the paperwork and away the Title template went to DirectorZone.

In case your are wondering, the template's name is "Just Entering Plain Text"

So I guess I just needed to do a restart on the computer, who would have thought that???

Thanks everyone for your support and inputs.
I did install the update and had the same results.
I tried what you suggested, but it has no effect. The problem is in the Comment section. It does not open up to allow more than 35 characters. Look at at your comment area and compare that to the image I uploaded, think you will see a big difference there.

One cannot get an error if one cannot click on the NEXT icon to go further. Let me know when does your NEXT icon as well as the CANCEL icon become eligible to be click on and used, please.
I created a Title template and was wanting to share it to the Director Zone.
Steps took:
1. Clicked on icon to "Share the selected title template with others by uploading it to Director Zone."
2. a new screen pops up named "Upload to DirectorZone
Step 1. Describe this title template
Upload to: "DirectorZone"
Title: just enter the name of title here
Style: "Select from drop down list"
Tag; "enter tags for your template here"
Comment: "enter comments about your template here" This is where I first noticed an issue, I could not type more than 35 spaces of information, it would just would just making a ping sound when typing past that point.

The NEXT icon was never in a highlight option, only the CANCEL icon.

Oh, I was logged in as a member, PD12 automatically signs me in. So no issue there.
I am using PD 12 Ultra 12.0.2509.0

I don't use ColorDirector 2, however, within PD-12, click on the clip you want to make changes to, then go to Fix/Enhance > Color Adjustment and make the changes, then select Apply to All.

This will apply the color changes to all video clips on that timeline, but will not apply changes to other timelines.

For the video clips on the same time that you did not want to to be changed, simply go the that clip and select Fix/Enhance > Color Adjustment and un-check Color Adjustment.

Just a thought.

SRT Merger können Sie Untertitel-Dateien zusammenführen, egal, welche Sprache sind die Untertitel codiert in. Das Ergebnis dieser Zusammenführung wird ein neues Untertiteldatei, die Untertitel von jedem angezeigt werden zusammen gleichzeitig jedes Mal ein Satz, gesprochen einzureichen.
Here is a screen shot showing options within the Sub Title area, did you happen to see these?
I did not realize that I had open a question in the DE area of the forum. I was just looking at the recent issues when I spotted yours. I do apologize for the mistake.

I have never used Sub-Titles. I watched a tutorial on them today. that it is neat, but I will probably stick with the Titles.

Would you like for me to possibly be of some help in translating some of the audio for you? If so, can you post the video somewhere I could easily have access and download it? I do not mine helping friends.

Have you tried using Photoshop, or Gimp to write your text in on a black background, then white lettering's? Then save it as a JPEG file. One does not have to the colors I mentioned. Any font and effect will work as well.

This way you can import the JPEG file on to any video track. Can also use it as PiP track depending on how you want to use it.

Just a thought.
I went into PD-12 and experimented a little concerning "Tags/Folders", here are the results:
1. Created a new project
2. Added Tags
3. Placed files inside each of the newly created Tags.
5. Saved project as Test-02.pds.
(see attached image named "New Project with Tags added.png"

6. While still in Test-02.pds project went to File > New Workspace
7. this created a new project, but kept the existing Tags and files
(see attached image named "New Workspace with Tags remaining.png"

8. While in this newly created workspace, went to File > New Project
9. This time, all of the Tags and files were gone.
(see attached file named "New-Project.png"

10. Close down PD-12 and reopened it.
11. Went to File > Open Project, went to folder in computer containing that project and clicked on it.
12. All Tags and files were there.
13. Then went to Files . New Project
14. It created a new project, but did contained the Tags or files from the other project.

Tags are great if one understands that these newly created TAGS with Files within are not available in a completely "New Project". These Tags-Files are not stored like Folders & Files are on your computer once created there - they are available until deleted. Those created Tags-Files are only available in their own created project, not unless put into another project by making a "New Workspace" or by going to File > Insert Project or by Packing the Project and then reopen the project.

When needing to a produce a video that will not fit onto a DVD, I first produce a video file (MPEG), then use a converter to convert from MPEG to WMV. I have had a lot of success doing it this way. I use a program named iWisoft Free Video Converter to do my conversions.

Then using the WMV file, I make a final DVD production with the menus.

I recently shot 7 hockey games, each period has an official 20 minutes time - but with penalties, fights, goal scoring and injuries the 20 minutes can then extend to up to 30 minutes for that period, thus making the game video longer than 60 minutes.

The video w/ menu and trying to put it onto a DVD failed, it was bigger than a regular DVD could take. This was the case for all 7 games. So I took these converted videos of a WMV file, brought the WMV file back in and finished making a DVD with menus as well. Quality of the video, to me, was not lost.

Hope this makes sense. It did while I was typing it, but who knows now after the typing has been done.

Just a thought.
Just In My Humble Old Age Opinion, I don't see how TAGS can be of any more of a help other than for filtering the media types.

If one does this and then Opens a New or Existing Project, the program will ask if you want to merge this Media Library into the New Project. If answered yes, then those TAGS contents are shown only in the Media Content area, not in the TAG area. Right, wrong, maybe??

I just don't see where TAGS can be of any benefit if they cannot be readily available in another projects as well.

Please, help me to understand what I am missing out on. Can someone make a short tutorial video and post it somewhere so one can get a grasp on TAGS?
What format all you Producing the video in?
H.264 AVC

Then at what Profile name/Quality?

This will be of help to us.
Here is the English translation from mleisie post

I would like to translate a few English passages into German as switchable subtitles. Now the subtitles (. SRT) in my MKV output difficult to read because of a restless, bright background. My question is whether there is, for example, as the output medium are also graphical subtitles in DVD. Then I could render the video 2 times, once for video and one for the graphical subtitle, and then mux the subtitles into the first graphical video. Does that make sense?

Can someone be of help here to him as I don't use sub-titles that much?
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