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This is a good question and I would be interested too, as I am also interested in an RX5700 (XT).

Not only H.265 hardware GPU support, but also H.264 of course. wink

If anyone has this graphics card already, and uses PowerDirector 17, it would be nice if he could write here.
I think now it's Windows 1903,too. VLC Media Player now has same issues. Only MPC BE or MPC HC Media Player that don't use Windows Interface Direct 3D (like different MadVR Codec) didn't had this issue.

All Media Players that use Direct 3D from Windows have now issues. With the integrated Intel GPU same Stuttering.
The created home videos are BDMV discs. They were all created with Power Director 16 + 17 as BD discs and BDMV folders, in 1080 60p.

The source material is AVCHD from a Sony camera, filmed in 1080 60p. Each of my players (hardware and software) plays the movies properly, as well as PowerDVD 17 + 18.

But PowerDVD 19 just not, there jerky and stuttering every 30 seconds. And then it continues smoothly. Until the next stutter.

It makes no difference whether the GPU hardware video encoding is enabled or not. It does not matter if you use the Home Theater settings or not.
There was no problem at all to play the films. Until I switched to PowerDVD 19 now.

Since MPC-HC, MPC-BE, VLC Media Player, PowerDVD17 + 18 play the movies properly, it can only be on PowerDVD 19 for me. Everything else makes no sense.

I just wanted to post my experience here if someone else has same problems. I have enough alternatives.
Hello together. An Information from me: PowerDVD 19 with or without newest Patch brings Stuttering, if you install newest GeForce Hotfix Driver 431.18. Playback of BDMV or Bluray Discs with H. 264 60p stutters every 30 to 60 sec. VGA is GTX1060.

If anyone had this issue, too, go back to previous geforce driver like 430.97 Hotfix.

Edit: Testing longer With 430.97, and there are the same issues...

It mainly occurs with 1080 60p BDMV and BD discs.
Thank you very much for the Info, opdata.

Then once a clean install is out of the question. The upgrade to the 1903 runs so far without any major problems, and PD17 crashes not synonymous. I hope that will be fixed soon.
Thank you for the Info. I think RTX Cards very new, they need to optimizie the Software.

Does it work on PD16 without the patch? If PD16 is stable, there will not be any big updates for it anyway, and they're focusing on PD17.

Maybe it works with today's 416.64 driver?!?
If not, then I would install the last patch over it, and test again.

I will not buy any RTX anyway, if that's right here ...

But this is OT.

Good Luck.
I think Nvidia has not supported GPU HW Encoding to Interlaced for a long time.

Was not that changed when switching from CUDA to NVENC technology?

It may be that I am wrong. Then please correct me.

Otherwise, the patch works very well for me. All produced videos in Progressive are accelerated by the GPU again. Even with the new hotfix 416.64 of today works the whole.

At least in terms of H.264 and HEVC.

CORRECTION (because i'm wrong): Encoding from HEVC/H.264 to H.264 1920x1080 16MBit/s (and 24MBit/s, too) Interlaced supports GPU Acceleration, HEVC not possible.

GTX1060 with Driver 416.64 and PD16 with this Patch.
Runs very good.

All tests Producing (H264 & H265 Import) from 4K 60p/1080 60p to Export 4K 60p H265/H264 and 1080p60 MKV and MP4 runs very smooth and fast, and picture Quality is well.

All tests with GTX1060 and Geforce Driver 416.34.

And now - in my opinion - the Creating of 1080i BD Disc had a very better Picture Quality.

Creating Interlaced BD Discs with Geforce Videocards Hardware (even if you could not enable GPU support when creating the BD disc) was always very bad. Now it looks much better. I do not know if it's the new patch, or the newer Geforce driver. I always had to make the BD Disc Progressive to solve the bad quality, now everything looks much better.Could anyone compare this ?!

Thank you very much for fast Patch. smile
Thanks for the info, but as a longtime PD user I know that, of course. wink

It's just that a dedicated Geforce as the GTX1070 in hardware GPU encoding is several times faster than an iGPU such as the Intel UHD 630. I have compared several times. The iGPU also brings an improvement, but is not synonymous with a dedicated Geforce, there are "worlds" between the GPU's. In particular, when it comes to 4K 60p material is a significant improvement.

I did not buy the Geforce to play, but only for movie encoding and video editing, and not just for PowerDirector only. This brings tangible benefits everywhere, and there are no disadvantages -in my eyes- in terms of image quality at all. At least not for my areas. Otherwise I would not have invested so much money. And that was a lot of money for me.

So I hope the problem will be fixed soon.
The German CL support wrote me back. The problem is known, and they are already working on a solution. However, you can not say how long it will take.
The German support wrote me back. The problem is known, and they are already working on a solution. However, you can not say how long it will take.

I hope, there are more other users have contacted the Cyberlink Support about this issue.

If nobody writes, nothing happens. The forum is not technical support.
Don't know. But it's important to contact Cyberlink Support. If much more users give Feedback, it's possible to get a faster solution or patch.
Look at this...

I looks like the new Geforce Drivers since 416.16 didn't work corectly with PowerDirector 16 and 17 together.

In the Production Area it isn't possible to activate Hardware Encoding, the fields are "greyed" out.

I have written to german support, hopefully, that i'm not the only one. undecided
With newest GeForce Drivers 416.34 there is still no more Hardware Encoding possible. Options are greed out in the Production Table.
With the latest geforce driver 416.34 there is still no hardware GPU encoding possible in the production section. GTX 1060.

PD16 is the same...Up to Geforce 411.70 all is okay, but with Geforce Driver 416.16 there is no more Hardware Encoding with Pascal GPU's anymore. Don't know with other Geforce GPU's.
Thanks all.

Only CPU Usage is not enough for me. Even rendering a short video takes far too long if the GPU is not used. In any case, I do not see any disadvantages in quality when rendering with GPU. And for that, the Nvidia GTX was finally bought, just to accelerate the GPU encoding in PD significantly. Otherwise, it would have done any integrated GPU.
We know, how to roll back to previous driver. wink

This is only a question, if someone else have the same experience with the new 416.16 GeForce Drivers and PD16 or the new PD17.
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