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High 5 All,

As per the subject line, does powerdvd 16 have dependencies that rely on Adobe flash player being installed?
For some strange reason it appears that microsoft edge browser is a requirement, like...hello...the lights are on is any one at home?

Thank you
High 5 to you Optodata, some good if safe text there. Do you use any thing such as a random Fox title to check that every thing is up to date? Mainly because my experience is that Fox seem to update their content protection first and or most often.
Very easy, polite and straight forward; Powewrdvd 16 has not had an update in nearly 2 years, yet more recent versions have.
Any reliable reasons beyond cash grabbing?
<span class="post_name">Johnbruce in my experience cyberlink cs staff should not be paid more than legal min.

<span class="post_name">On several occasions I have to make formal complaints because the support staff clearly do not read my question properly. For example with the question; I include the receipt number & date of purchase, but they ask me which version and suggest that my PC dosen't meet the hardware requirements, when the receipt is dated a month ago. Also with the question, I include the diacnostics file, but in their reply they ask me for the diacnostic file</span>
There are some vc1 samples at this link, do they play?

My experience with the same problem, keep all of the windows updates, nvidia latest drivers.

What corrected things for me was to update the audio drivers from the device site, i.e. raeltek

All is now good
Stevek I am casually interested too. What is the barrier to a Cyberlink app to play Blu-ray on a mac as is? It is common knowledge that Apple use pc technology now
pph you need to contact support, the forum here can't help you. What you want to do is an accepted practice, it just takes 1 to 2 weeks in my experience
do the honest decent thing
instead of fooling about at acount set up, when entering our date of birth admit that only internet explorer is suitable.
When vista's successor comes a long explorer will be an option, so why not clean up your act now!!!!!
No not at all--Have you contacted technical support?
In less than a week Tracy & colleagues had my popular problem sorted

In Short, you need to replace powerdvd11, with one that is known to work, which Technical support help you with
myangeldust ---While I can't answer your main question-Macgo has a windows version-It is a newer application, so lacks fancyness
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