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Quote: Hi Craig

The simple answer is no.

PD 'needs' all the associated files MPEGS JPEGS transistions titles etc to 'call upon' when you open your saved project. By deleting the raw files you are left with 'gaps' in your project.

You can do a 'burn to file' instead of a 'burn to disc' and this will preserve your entire project which you can burn later with all the chapters. menus etc. I use Nero for this.

Hey there, thanks for the answer. When I said create a DVD folder I actually meant 'burn to file' so I was right and you were right, so everyone's happy :
The one that seems to work for everyone didn't work for me but what I ended up doing was un-ticking and re-ticking the "Enable the text highlight" under "Set button highlight style".
OK, so I've finished editing my DVD. I've done my chapters and menus etc in PD. I want to keep the project as a whole but I don't want to keep all the base video files any more as they are taking up too much space. Can I create a DVD folder and it will in effect hold my entire project in that folder with menus, chapters, background music the lot and then when I need another copy of that project I can use Power Producer and burn the DVD folder to disc and it will all be there as was?

I realise this will still be quite large but it will take up less space than leaving all the unedited files on my PC.

Hi Again,

I'm using templates downloaded from the Director Zone but they aren't working as expecting. Everything looks fine in the preview mode but when I burn the disc the none of the buttons "highlight" when they are navigated to so I have no idea which button is currently active. Anyone else had this problem?
Do I need to follow the above route or can I go straight from Edit to Create Disc. I always followed the Edit, Produce, Create route but I've just noticed that I can make changes to my project in the Edit part of PD, go to Create Disc and that change (say a new chapter) is present in the final disc.

I always thought you had to produce the MPEG file first before creating the disc.
Quote: Craig,

In Windows, right mouse click on the drive that you are trying to write the produced file to and select properties. In the General tab, what does the "File system:" say. Sounds like you might have a FAT32 formated drive?


I do unfortunately have a FAT32 drive but the limit for FAT32 is just over 4GB (4,294,967,296 bytes to be precise) and my final project when the 2 files are added together is 3945 MB which is under that limit.

The movie is split at the 1hr 40 second point in the project, that why I was thinking it was the 60 minute limit.
If my movie is over 60 minutes long then when Power Director renders the MPEG2 file using the standard DVD HQ template it splits the output over 2 files. The final MPEG is only 3.9 GB and could easily fit onto a single DVD yet PD deems it necessary to split the file. Is there any way to bypass this behaviour?
Quote: Craig

There is a compromise which may suit your needs. If you don’t need chapters within your separate video titles, you can get multiple titles onto a DVD with PD7 by treating each video title as a “chapter” .

However, remember the anomalous behavior of menus in PD7 and PD8.

In PD7 there is no “Return to Menu” capability, i.e. once you select a “chapter” from your menu, that chapter will play and then all the remaining chapters will also play until the end of your disc.

In PD8 you can get a “Return to Menu” after you select a title, but you cannot then use the “Play All” feature – only the first title will play. If you set it up so that “Play All” will work, then the “Return to Menu” will not. Cyberlink is aware of this problem and their research and development department is supposed to be attempting to correct it. (I haven’t checked the latest patches – maybe it has been fixed by now!)

Power Producer 5 also has the same problem as PD8 with its menus.




Thanks for that.

The play all thing in PD5 doesn't really bother me but do I need to download specific multi-title menus as all the ones I've seem look like they are made only for one title.
cheers for that.

Given that Power Producer allows editing of a completed disc could I "Produce" a disc in PD7 and have that saved as a DVD folder (as opposed to writing it to disc), then create another title with PD7 again saving it as a DVD folder and then use PP 5 to write both titles onto one DVD disc.

Also, if I am using more than one title do I need to use special DVD menus that support multiple titles?
Quote: Craig -

The only way I know of having multiple "Titles" appear on the screen at once is by making graphics out of the words, adding transparency, saving them as .png files and placing them in PIP tracks.

The opening of this shows where I've done just that.

Cheers - Tony

Cheers Tony. I don't mean have multiple titles on screen at one time, I just mean having more than one dvd title (as opposed to chapters) on the actual disc.
Can you have multiple titles in your final disc with PD v7. I can't see how to add a new title.

I also have Power Producer 5 which I know I can add multiple titles with but i prefer to work out of PD as the preview functionality works better.
thanks both you, i'll give it a go.
Hi There,

I'm not sure if this is two questions or one but what I want to do is fade from black at the very beginning of my timeline into the first clip. Sometimes I want to just fade immediately from black right at the beginning of the timeline but sometimes I want quite a few seconds of black before the fade starts so I can fit in some titles. How do I do this?
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