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I edited my iphone 11 pro's screen recorded game footages.
It is a an 11minute video.

first I exported in HEVC H265 (4k).. i left the computer producing as I slept.
in the morning the file was there. it was 1.5GB, no problems with that. but the file cannot be opened
by winows media player or even VLC. I play h265 vids with my vlc up to 8k footages.

so i tried producing in 1080p. h265.. PD crashes a few mins after starting to produce.

i tried h264, same thing.
i tried the windows media format, same thing.

i tried in low 480p on h264,265, and windows media format, same thing.

i tried restarting my computer after every attempt.

they all play well in preview but just couldnt get produced.

what am i missing?

my PC is Ryzen 5 2600, GTX1070Ti, 16GB 3200mhz RAM.
I edit 4-8k files with it many times before using davinci and PP
so i think my pc is not the issue.
I want to use my cloud space for video submissions from the public who want their footages
featured in my final edit.

Is that possible?
Quote Hi Stephen -

Even though sorting background music by mood, or even BPM, would be very useful (arguably the most useful), it's not an option.

Cheers - Tony

Oh, that's just sad.. i hope Cyberlink adds that feature. I think they should really add that feature.
Is there a way to sort the free background music by mood?
Hi y'all,

Does anyone know if PD can utilize a 16-core AMD CPU?

My R5 2600 can't bear it anymore.
Im working on 5.7k and 8k 360 videos with
multiple cropped clips in the same frame (cloning).
I cant crop my footage on one side only. I can only crop it proportionally on all sides.
Is there another way to clone yourself in this software?


the speed adjustment tool doesnt have an optical flow option. Is there a way to interpolate frames in PowerDirector?
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