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No, I'm still using Win 10. Don't know of any other software that I can burn CD/DVDs.

I'd try two things before another burn! First download & install the latest cyberlink patch for P2G. Restart the computer & get a converter for your dvd. It may need to be converted to the .Mp4 format again due to corruption or something else. 4K video should do fine.
Not sure if this is your problem or not but if your using P2G on a windows 11 computer, it is not compatible. I cannot burn any disc from the dvd creator on my windows 11 laptop. P2G 13 Platinum specs are not supported in win 11. Now they have recently put out a patch that might work now and I'm reinstalling the program to see if it works! Cyberlink is not a good company to deal with because i bought the product twice for different computers & it didn't work on win 11 but they say i had it too long to get a refund.
Be careful buying from them!
Quote Hello,

You actually need to contact CyberLink Customer Service directly about this. They will provide you with the download, and it is a good idea to back it up incase this ever happens again:

Power2Go Moderator

If your buying a new computer it will come with a windows 11 operating system. Power2go 13 platinum 64bit is not yet compatible with the new O/S. I know this because i have it installed also on my win 10 system & it works fine. Win 11 won't allow certain features to run!
Why are they still selling it, if it is "NOT COMPATIBLE" with windows 11 64bit systems????
Quote I don't think there is a 64-bit version of Power2Go. Mine is also using 32-bit.

So how or when can the 64bit version be gotten for windows 11 ????
Quote Hi,

Yes, uninstall Power2Go 13 trial first. It will actually uinstall ISO viewer and the gadget. For the other two, it is ok to leave them installed. When you install 13 Ultra, it will ask you if you want to uninstall them anyway.

You installed 1_CyberLink_Power2Go13_Platinum_P2G190705-01.exe first, and then you can install both content packs. I guess they gave you an extra one, so it's a bonus.


I'm right on the verge of buying P2Go 13 but i need to be sure i can "TURN OFF" menus before burning any disks??
Example = I want to burn an .mp4 movie on a disk to play in a dvd player just by inserting & pushing play button??
I don't want to have to tap on any menu or menus to play the disk??
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