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Quote Make sure that all cables are securely connected to your TV and your source device (set-top box, Blu-ray Disc player, home theater system, etc.) Play a different video source to determine if the issue occurs with other devices. On your TV, set the Game Mode setting accordingly. Not all TVs have this setting

This issue is with MP4 files from cameras, no cables involved, I'm on the latest 365 version, with a Ryzen 5800, 48Gb RAM and windows 10. Playback during editing, you can get the audio playing faster than the video can catch up......annoying when you're trying to sync things. I've had to change settings on the cameras to not use HEVC, especially the 265, as this makes it worse.

We'd need a lot more details to assist you. Start with the specific clip you're using and either share the MediaInfo text file or upload the clip to the forum directly using the Attachments button so other people can work with it. To use the MediaInfo online tool, drag your clip there then click on the Download MediaInfo report button and attach it to your reply.

Handbrake will render to any dimensions and format you want, but you'll have to tweak the settings beyond the few suppled default profiles.

Poor previewing performance can be addressed by taking one or more steps in FAQ #7.

Please follow the instructions in the Read Me Before Posting guide and supply the DxDiag results so we can see the technical details of your computer. You may also want to use the Profile Analyzer on the Produce page to find a more suitable output format.

I think I solved it, using Handbrake I converted the video to MKV 264 and it worked. There's a real problem with HEVC and 265 codecs, even if you use PD to render in 265.
I have many similar issues, 13 crashes in one morning! I thought it was a codec problem but videos rendered by PD cause more problems so started using Handbrake to fast render them but that only works on 1080 vids. I attempted to do a 45second clip and it was going to take 51 hours to render....

I can't preview anything for longer than a couple of seconds, then pause and restart for the next few seconds and sometimes it works. Just did a render over night and came back to 46 seconds done and 151 hours to go. Looks like the couple of hours I put into making the video is wasted, tried to give the program high priority in task amanger but nade no difference at all. The CPU usage goes upto 80% or whatever then after 10 seconds drops to 0.2% and that's when the program just does not work.

I've tried with the sample clips that come with the app and they work ok but everything dies if you have HEVC or 4K stuff.

Quote Running PD365 latest version 20.3.2714.0 on Windows 11.

I have edited short projects on PD365 in the past. Editing a 1.5 hour 1080p30 precut video is very unstable. I get scrubber crash if I move the scrubber forward and backward to locate a specific point, especially on a split. The cpu utilization goes up as the pc cpu fan spins up and the timeline is no longer responsive. Popup Messages give the choice to close or wait. There is a spinning circle even if the cpu utilization is down. Must close to continue. Must restart PD365 each time. Must save after each split before moving the cursor for the nest split as a scrubber crash will happen if the cursor is moved a few times and the cpu utilization starts to go up again.

Found that Tab does not switch between the Storybook and Timeline view. The Storybook mode is grayed out in View. Page up and Page Down do not switch between the Clip and Movie mode. Closed PD365. Started PD17 with a similar project. Able to switch between the Timeline and Storyboard view. Able to switch between Clip and Movie mode. Closed PD17.

Reopen PD365 with the same project. Able to switch between Storybook and Timeline mode now. Able to switch between Clip and Movie mode now with Page Up and Page Down keys. It looks like having PD17 open, use of the keys, closing it added something to PD365 to make those functions work.

PD365 does not work with Panasonic AVCHD1080p60 5.1 28 Mbps video clips properly with SVRT. There is a color bleed across the beginning of clips for several seconds. CPU or GPU encoding is needed in order for the colors to be okay. All this worked using SVRT in my previous versions of PowerDirector versions 17 and below.

It looks like PD365 is not really good on my pc with the latest Intel and latest Nvidia drivers. Anyone else having unstable problems. Looks like loading an earlier version of PD first is necessary to get PD365 working better.


It's the same engine, there are some business oriented addons like Ad Designer and more access to stock footage, but basically the same.

PowerDirector Moderator

Ah, thought so, I don't do ads, mainly products and "how to" videos, have a look @ Zytronic on YouTube and for my own stuff it's at I mainly do very basic stuff


Same version (other than the Business version), same thing happens. Color Adj, Split toning and HDR Effect all suffer the same distortion. The greater the angle of rotation the greater the issue.

Please contact CS and raise a ticket to get it in the system. I'll also follow it up.

PowerDirector Moderator

Is the Business version any better than the "standard" version? I had a look at what you get different and could only really see the added Shutterstock stuff all the other stuff seemed minor. I was hoping it was faster and more stable or something....


Same version (other than the Business version), same thing happens. Color Adj, Split toning and HDR Effect all suffer the same distortion. The greater the angle of rotation the greater the issue.

Please contact CS and raise a ticket to get it in the system. I'll also follow it up.

PowerDirector Moderator

Cheers, I've done that, although I've logged this same thing before and they basically said update drivers etc. which I always do anyway. So will we see how it pans out......laughing
Quote I have done the same steps from your video, and everything works fine in my system.

Yeah, definately something weird with my PC. No idea what tho!
I use the crop and zoom and then go to colour adjust to brighten and the whole video skews. I use this it at work and only just got around to trying the "fixes" they recommended, although everything has latest drivers etc.

So I've made a video with the sample video and it still happens, check the link below.

I also have a lot of hangs as the program "thinks" about things and quite a few crashes and some of them do not have the helpful recover project bit at restart!

Interested if anyone else as the same problem or are willing to give it a go and see what happens?

Since you have a completely different problem than the OP (his wouldn't start at all while yours does but crashes), it would be better if you started a new thread and provided all the requested details there.

Also, the DxDiag report isn't a test that you run to determine if everything is working; it's more of a detailed list of important hardware components and installed drivers that an experienced person can dig though and possibly find clues as to what's causing your crashes. That's why the Read Me Before Posting guide asks you to run it and attach it to your post.

OK Cheers
I have lots intermittent crashes with the new update. seems mainly with PD produced MP4s but if I use Handbrake to convert them to MKV they work!

Event Viewer has numerous sources failing mainly the PDR.exe but also Richvideo64, PDhanumanSvr, etc. Even had the blue screen of death whilst using PD19. IT guys thought it was because I was using an external USB driver but that was ruled out.

DXDiag says no problems. I'm using an old GTX 980 which I'm unsure is good enough for the fast encoding but should be fine for everything else I would imagine. Ryzen 5 2600 and 12Gb Ram on Win10 Pro 64bit build 19042.

Hope there's a new update soon to fix this. Or if everyone has any ideas?? great.
I've had similar problems for a while, sound before video to the point the video stops and the sound continues so I have to pause the restart often! The preview at lower rate helped but looks aweful!

The problem I have now is that the program crashes unexpectedly but only when using MP4 that were made on PD but if I use Handbrake to convert to MKV they seem to work....extra work tho!
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