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Not clear what you mean exactly - are you talking about deleting duplicate titles outside of PDR or from within the title room?

Could you clarify with more detail?

PowerDirector Moderator

When editing a movie and enter Particle room
there are several choices available, and some selections are repeated.
Same with titles.
The available options appear more than once in the list of items.
Recently editing titles,
and found some titles repeated in the directory.
What is the safest/quickest way to delete the repeats?
Quote Hello,

Take a look at the "Out Animation" effects in the Title Designer. Something like the Drop Up animation might work, especially if you slow it down.

PowerDirector Moderator

I played around with it a bit, and it seems the effect happens at the last 3 seconds.
Not exactly wax melting or bood dripping,
but fairly closse
Quote Hello,

Take a look at the "Out Animation" effects in the Title Designer. Something like the Drop Up animation might work, especially if you slow it down.

PowerDirector Moderator

Thanks. Will check it out
In an opening sequence,
I would like to have the title
melt away as if dripping blood
and/or wax disintegrating.
Curious to learn how this could be accomplished.

Thanks in advance for any assistance
Quote Use task manager to kill PD then reboot and see if PD behaves. Try opening a different project too.


Stopped the annoyance by going into Device Manager

Found 3 instances of mouse drivers

Uninstalled all, restarted pc, and problem is gone.

Still have 3 mouse drivers, but the irritation has vaniished

So far...
Quote Use task manager to kill PD then reboot and see if PD behaves. Try opening a different project too.

Oh my

Now it is happening in Twitter and elsewhere.
Otimized all drives, ran virus scan, malware, spybot...
Gotta be my pc
Opening and working with PD19 s no biggie, but...
Once I start editing, every function is disabled,
with a spiniing cursor (circle) on top of all selectable actions.

Any help appreciated.
Putting together a video.
Have the text/script ready and all of the transitional slides...
Once it's all combined,
is it possible to add special effects to the narrator's cameo,
or should I do those first and then put them in?
Quote Since this is a forum of users, and Cyberlink function decision makers don't read all this (so they claim), I suggest to put your suggestion forward using the "Rate us & Provide suggestions option in the File menu.

With the (little) knowledge I have of the structure PD uses for templates and downloaded files, and looking at the structure where I see folders of a long series of older versions, I think that MANUALLY introducing some sort of time-line would be possible, maybe do so experimenting? Would be a lot of extra work though and no single file.
However, note that PD has to go through all those folders collecting the new and the older files before making them available in the various media and effects rooms, I would assume that it will take much time for PD after startup to make it all readily available for usage. I think that even now this extra load time is already barely acceptable.
Question of course is: what would be the benefit of such line up in one file per month?

The benefit?
Saving users the time of cllicking 30 times to download all files.
Archiving would be great as well
Is there any possibility that titles, effects and other downloadables
will ever be put together in a single file?
For example, every month, the entire lineup of the month's new ones
being available to download in one file?
I dread having to re-download hundreds of these files just to
go from desktop to laptop
Is there a simple way to copy all the stuff downloaded to pc
onto my laptop?
Full version of PD19 on both machines,
just not all the downloaded transitions, effects, etc.

Any assist appreciated.
[quotePostId=353706]I don't believe you can just copy the program files from one computer to another. That won't fully install the program.

In fact, since your version 19 was an upgrade, you'll likely need to install version 17 first and then install the upgrade. Assuming you kep the installation files for both versions.[/quotePostId]

Yes, I have installed 17 and then the version 19 upgrade
What I'm referring to are the downloaded templates and effects. They number in the dozens if not hundreds.
Any assist appreciated.

Since in another post it appeared you downloaded the CAM tool for PD365, it's probably best to detail what you really bought, provide a pic of the downloaded files if perpetual license base PD19, and install actions you took. A pic or screen capture during PD19 product launch may also help.

Maybe with that someone can provide some insight.


Yeah, Purchased PD 17 Ultimate
Later bought upgrade to PD 19 Ultimate
Found by starting the program in Administrator mode
the ads never showed.
All is well in the kingdom now
Hoping to transfer PD files from desktop to PC
Is it even possible?
I purchased PD 17 Ultimate, then the package that upgraded to 19 Ultimate
Instead of re-installing and re-downloading all the extra stuff
accumllate over the years,
I thought perhaps jut copying to a single usb (128 gb) and copyng would be easier

Anyone know where the defaut direcory is that PD sends all those to?
Started up PD19 today and got ads. Bypassed the ads and there's no PD
Click on the ads, skip all the free BS and still back to regulat desktop
What the heck???
Quote PD17 and PD19 aren't subscription products so neither one will show up in the App Manager.

You need the App Manager to install PD365 but there's no reason to have it installed at all if you only bought the individual license versions.

Thank you...
Jusy installed PD 19 Ultimate on my laptop.
Application manger does not see it
or the previous (17 Ultimaate) version
On my laptop, Power 2 Go 13 Pltinum starts and shuts down at first display
showing a message about resolution problems.
I'm at 1680x1050
I do not look forward to changing resolution every time I run the program
Any possibiity of an update/patch for this?
Looked at a few content packs
$50 for 20.
No thanks.
Most content packs have good stuff but not exactly what I was asking in general though.
Mainly I am looking for a quick one click way to download many and
one click to install all.
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