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Quote Since this is a forum of users, and Cyberlink function decision makers don't read all this (so they claim), I suggest to put your suggestion forward using the "Rate us & Provide suggestions option in the File menu.

With the (little) knowledge I have of the structure PD uses for templates and downloaded files, and looking at the structure where I see folders of a long series of older versions, I think that MANUALLY introducing some sort of time-line would be possible, maybe do so experimenting? Would be a lot of extra work though and no single file.
However, note that PD has to go through all those folders collecting the new and the older files before making them available in the various media and effects rooms, I would assume that it will take much time for PD after startup to make it all readily available for usage. I think that even now this extra load time is already barely acceptable.
Question of course is: what would be the benefit of such line up in one file per month?

The benefit?
Saving users the time of cllicking 30 times to download all files.
Archiving would be great as well
Is there any possibility that titles, effects and other downloadables
will ever be put together in a single file?
For example, every month, the entire lineup of the month's new ones
being available to download in one file?
I dread having to re-download hundreds of these files just to
go from desktop to laptop
Is there a simple way to copy all the stuff downloaded to pc
onto my laptop?
Full version of PD19 on both machines,
just not all the downloaded transitions, effects, etc.

Any assist appreciated.
[quotePostId=353706]I don't believe you can just copy the program files from one computer to another. That won't fully install the program.

In fact, since your version 19 was an upgrade, you'll likely need to install version 17 first and then install the upgrade. Assuming you kep the installation files for both versions.[/quotePostId]

Yes, I have installed 17 and then the version 19 upgrade
What I'm referring to are the downloaded templates and effects. They number in the dozens if not hundreds.
Any assist appreciated.

Since in another post it appeared you downloaded the CAM tool for PD365, it's probably best to detail what you really bought, provide a pic of the downloaded files if perpetual license base PD19, and install actions you took. A pic or screen capture during PD19 product launch may also help.

Maybe with that someone can provide some insight.


Yeah, Purchased PD 17 Ultimate
Later bought upgrade to PD 19 Ultimate
Found by starting the program in Administrator mode
the ads never showed.
All is well in the kingdom now
Hoping to transfer PD files from desktop to PC
Is it even possible?
I purchased PD 17 Ultimate, then the package that upgraded to 19 Ultimate
Instead of re-installing and re-downloading all the extra stuff
accumllate over the years,
I thought perhaps jut copying to a single usb (128 gb) and copyng would be easier

Anyone know where the defaut direcory is that PD sends all those to?
Started up PD19 today and got ads. Bypassed the ads and there's no PD
Click on the ads, skip all the free BS and still back to regulat desktop
What the heck???
Quote PD17 and PD19 aren't subscription products so neither one will show up in the App Manager.

You need the App Manager to install PD365 but there's no reason to have it installed at all if you only bought the individual license versions.

Thank you...
Jusy installed PD 19 Ultimate on my laptop.
Application manger does not see it
or the previous (17 Ultimaate) version
On my laptop, Power 2 Go 13 Pltinum starts and shuts down at first display
showing a message about resolution problems.
I'm at 1680x1050
I do not look forward to changing resolution every time I run the program
Any possibiity of an update/patch for this?
Looked at a few content packs
$50 for 20.
No thanks.
Most content packs have good stuff but not exactly what I was asking in general though.
Mainly I am looking for a quick one click way to download many and
one click to install all.
Not sure I comprehend
So I used Google translate...
It reported:
(Most transitions come in several PowerDirector Content Pack ...
Other recent transitions, Seamless Transitions Pack
Only Alpha, we can create, modify, upload or download to or from DierctorZone)

So Content Packs...Got it.
Only in Alpha can we create?
I love 'em. And the folks who design them.
Kudos to you all.
Couple of questions...
Has any program or application been evised that allows
users of PD19 to download all of them in one click?

Also, is there any quick way to install dozens of them with
as few clicks?

Lastly, are there any tutorials on how to create transitions?

Thanks in advance.
Quote Here's a 5 year old post with the answer

Many thanks
At startup there are a few image tiles automatically shown
I'd like to start each time with an empty plate
Is this possible?
After messing around a bit with the audio effects
it was a question I came up with:
Is it possible to save a preset/custom equalizer setting?
Quote If I got it right, Title (F7) room Credits / Scroll, Scroll left or Scroll Right

Thank you
Is there a limit to how many words can be put into one scroll?
I wish to do something similar to closed captioning...
(Although I don't know how to do that either)
Hoping to scroll a lengthy narration horizontally
along the lower portion of the sceen.
Quote Are you saying you're using webcam video and video recorded with OBS software for your key shot?

That's not very high quality video. And, as I said earlier, lower quality and more highly compressed video won't give you crisp edges. You might be able to shave off some of that fringing -- but if you want a good key shot, you really should use at the very least a good AVCHD camcorder with good lighting.

You may find my tutorial helpful, even if it was made a few years ago on an older version of the program.

Thank you
Using Razer Kiyo camera
Found out most of my problems were solved by adding 2 more lights to the green screen and putting the screen a little further behind me.
Not quite as sharp as your video yet but I am learning slowly that i am a slow learner
Quote Can you post a screen capture of what you're seeing?

Also, let us know what device created your video and what format and resolution it is. Some highly compressed video formats aren't able to give your colors crisp edges.

I have steamed the screen
Repositioned it
Put one more light on the screen
Below is what I am looking at for a test run

<video controls="controls" width="300" height="150">
<source src="" />
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