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Recently purchased a larger external hard drive to store my family's recordings
Kept the old drive for other storage after moving those recordings from old to new
All is going well, except when booting up, Power2go still searches for every file on that old drive.
At times this can take several minutes of clicking RETRY before being able to proceed
I set the preferences to seek data from the newer drive, but Power2go continually refers back to the old one.



okay, thank you :

Yes, I am glad to have stumbled across this answer
Bought at about midnight. Installed early this morning.
Have spent hours and wasted countless DVD's trying to
burn some Xmas videos from years gone by that are saved to my HD

The most progress I reach is 20% when everything halts.
I have let the program idle for at most an hour at that position.

No other programs running.
System is Windows 10 with 8 gb ram, i tb space at present on hd

Beginning to believe this is close to hopeless.
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