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Is there a way to sample the many new Shutterstock music backgrounds without having to download them to your library first? I have not been able to figure it out.
Quote You're actually asking two questions - how to place a(nother) downloaded sound clip on the timeline and where are downloaded sound clips stored.

Once a clip is downloaded there's no reason to download it again. Simply drag the clip from the Sound Clip library to the timeline, just as you would any other clip. PD edits don't change the source clip, so all clips in the media libraries are the original versions.

As for the actual file location, the default folder for sound clips and background music is C:\Users\Public\CyberLink\Downloaded Audio.

Unfortunately, each clip is stored in a folder named something like BKM_1534991358005 with a single MP3 file inside with the same numerical section of the folder name. PD doesn't store the "friendly" name of the clip there because it's meant to be hidden, but the library will always show the familar name so you can find it again.

If the clip is no longer needed or was unintentionally downloaded, you can right-click on it in the library and choose Delete from Disk.

Thanks. I got it now. I am coming from Premiere that shows any downloaded music or sound clips in your working project media library.
When you download a sound clip or music track where does the file go? I did some audio adjustment on a clip and now want to go back to the original file but can't find it. When I go back to the sound clips library it just shows downloaded and cannot do it again. I have to assume downloaded sound clips and music tracks are being stored somewhere for future use but where?
I have been trying all morning to post a response on PhotoDirector room with and without attachments. I keep getting 504 Gateway Timeout and it crashes. Any ideas?

No, it was my error as you posted in the correct forum while I jumped straight in to PowerDirector mode. After seeing your post I started looking at doing something like what PIX's video showed - but now that it's here you already have the answer.

Thanks PIX

I still could not get what I was looking for as I probably described it wrong. I was really looking for a "crop to shape" tool or process. I found a free online tool that got me what I was looking for but still wondering if PhotoDirector can do the same? I am trying to attach the images before and after but the forum website keeps timing out and crashing on me this morning.
May be just my old eyes but I find the forum text quite difficult to read. For me, the contrast of light text against the white background is not enough contrast and washes out. It would be great if there was a dark mode or much deeper and darker text. Just sayin...
I am having a difficult time easily seeing my Title track in the timeline. It has shifted all the way down to Track 4 and I want it included in Track 1 or 2 with my video, audio and fx tracks. I have tried using "add tracks" but there is no option for add or move the Title track (just video, audio and special effects). How can I move the "T" track up on the timeline? Actually same applies to the Mucic track as well. Thanks.
Thanks for the quick reply. However, I made a mistake in that I was referencing this ability to do in PHOTODirector 11. I am running Cyberlink 365 and yes I do see what you recommended in my PowerDirector 18. Thanks.

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Does PD 11 have a crop or other option to cut out the center of the pic and make it into a circle shape as opposed to rectangular? I would think there is a template for this but have not been able to find it.
Quote I have ProDAD Adorage and Vitascene.

What I did not realise is that both of these come as either a filter or transition depending where you access them from.

Under fx they are a filter under Transition Room they are a transition.

So make sure you use the right one as either a filter or a transition.

So for transition drop over 2 clips, that is the simple bit.

Put a still image in timeline then drop the A filter on top. Then click EFFECT. Then click Stand-alone Effect.

This then gives access to the effects.


OK, thanks. This worked for the transition but only see a "dissolve" but haven't really researched it much. However as a filter it does not give me the same option to click EFFECT and I see no difference on the image clip.
Quote Have you got the proDAD effects installed?


I also find the motion graphics and animated titles to be quite "lame". When I go to the ProDad room in the fx section there are only 2 items. One says download ProDad effects which only takes me back to the available Plug-ins (I have 365 version) with no reference to any ProDad options. The other is Adorage Filter which appears to do nothing when inserted on the timeline. So how do you get the ProDad effects and how do you find out what they do?
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