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I dropped them a line and heres their response:
Thanks for your email.Unfortunately, Audiodirector is not even listed among our supported DAWs.Our plugins are compatible with all the major and common known DAWs.In this case, I would recommend you to contact support of Cyberlink for more information.
But in general, I would recommend you to use any different DAW (e.g. the Reaper - tiny and completely free DAW).
Have a great day and if I can be of any further assistance, let me know.



Ive tried quite a few of these EQ plug ins with limited success. It looks like AD is on the fringe of these DAWs in this respect.

Shame. I rather liked the look and functionality of these parametric EQs. Maybe something to feed into CL for a 'nice to have'?
I'll check that out and report back.
Thanks for the tip.
As part of my quest to get the perfect audio for my YT voiceovers I'm experimenting with some VST plug ins. I've recently downloaded and successfully installed the Mequaliser EQ plug in for Audiodirector.
When I click on the menu item under 'Effects' it fires up and I can tweak the controls.
The problem is it doesnt have any effect on the audio. Im wondering if there's something in the settings in AD I need to switch on.
No-one on YT seems to have an answer to this, so I'm turning to the fountain of knowledge, the venerable PD Forum ...
Hi Folks
As a new owner of AudioDirector I'm dipping my toe into the world of audio processing.
I'm recording audio via a Boya BY M1 Lav mic onto a Tascam Dr 05X. As per YT advice I'm recording between 9-12dB.
I've been scouring YouTube for a workflow to take the raw audio (Wav 24 bit 48K) and process it via some logical, simple steps to get the best voiceover sound for my videos.
There seems to be loads of advice for other software, multiple plug ins and vast amounts of buzzwords and jargon which baffle me. Some of these plug-ins seem to automate the process completely, taking the raw audio and converting it to a wonderful, rich, noise free warm vocal.
I can't however find such advice for AD.
So far, I've managed to identify some sort of process:

  1. Remove background noise (Restore/Noise reduction)

  2. Apply EQ, although my attempts are very much trial and error with no consistency

  3. Compression, and like 2 above seems like a black art.

I think I keep making things worse by guessing (credit: Gene Kranz Apollo 13).
You guys have been busy while I've been sleeping here in the UK! Im blown over by your expertise and willingness to help. Grateful to all of you.
You mention it might be my system. A few years old now:

  • AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12 cores 3.5GHz

  • 12GB RAM

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

It took about 20 mins to render the film.
I should mention Ive never had this problem before and have uploaded over 100 videos to YT.
Thats really kind of you.
Yes please!
Maybe give me some advice on my riding too 😏
The YT link is for the AAC upload where the soundtack was audible.
I've attached the audio data (how do you paste directly?!)
When I had uploaded the file to YT I tried to play it. The video was perfect, but no sound. I did check YT's preferred audio frmats and it didn't mention LPCM, so that's why I suspected it might be the problem.
I'm hoping there is a solution as the LPCM approach solves the audio distortion.
As we discussed in the previous post, I used 1536 Kbps LPCM.
When I re'produced' the video in PD365 (latest version) using AAC and 256Kbps it worked fine on YT.
Here's the film -
As always, your help is very much appreciated cool
Hi All
I posted recently about audio distortion on PD365, resolved by selecting the LPCM audio setting on the 'Produce' page.
I uploaded the video this afernoon onto YouTube, but for some reason there was no audio on the uploaded YT film. The audio on the file I uploaded was fine.
I suspected the issue might be the LPCM setting, so I re-producedthe file with AAC. Uploaded to YT and the sound was present.
Any thoughts folks?
That's a fascinating article. I train people in risk management, and the following would seem a helpful mitigation strategy:
I have been hydrating, but need to up my game here:

  1. 2 hours before the session AND every 15 lines

  2. A tip from the comments section, to keep mouth slightly open between breaks

  3. Mic positioned slightly further away (a lav mic pinned about 3 buttons down currently). Every little helps ...

Looking at all the advice above, I've tried the click removal tool (Audacity too), plosive tool, all to minimal effect.
In my case, the 'smack' is always bracketed with silence before and after, so quite a distinctive wavform to search for.
(see attached image)
I reckon it wouldn't be hard for CL to design a search and replace tool. You would copy a typical 'smack' and replace with silence of similar length. Press a button and the software jumps to the next similar 'smack' etc
In these days of face recognition software, and CIA looking for voice patterns over the airwaves, the tech must exist somewhere IMHO.

Your thoughts very much appreciated - thanks
Thanks for the link. I still can't help thinking there could be some way of automating a 'search and replace' type function, for the kind of clicks I make. Very much mindful as to how this works in MS Word - search - find next - replace?
It needs someone much smarter than me to create this though cool
Thanks for the input. I'll certainly try that out. Being a process junkie I was hoping there was some way of automating the click removal, as the 'clicks', as you say, are well defined.
I'm raising my game now having just received a Tascam Dr05X which I'll plug my Boya lav mic into. It'll probably record the clicks even more clearly surprised
We live and learn.
Hi Jeff
How about this?
Thanks once again for your interest.
Ha! I hoped there might have a been a magic button to press ; Oh well ...
I've been working on this project for a couple of weeks (re my other posting on clipping) so to re-record isn't an option.
I was thinking somehow AD could 'copy and correct' one of these clicks, save this as a rule, and that this could then be applied to search the whole project and correct for similar.
Thanks for the response.
I'm using a lav mic so that's not an option unfortunately! Also, the 'click' is quite loud, distinctive, so I dont think this would work.
I'm new to AudioDirector and have recently subscribed to PD365.
I have recently recorded a 15 min voiceover. Listening back, it's full of mouth smacks, loud clicks made by lips or tongue.
Is there a simple method to use AD to silence these? As a newbie I've gone through the whole file, using the yellow timeline sliders to select the clicks, then right clicked, and used the menu to 'silence' that piece. Time consuming!
My hope is there's an automated work-around or plug-in that can be applied.
OptoData and JL
Bingo. Problem solved.
For the benefit of amateurs like myself who are new to this, the steps are as follows:

  1. Open the 'Produce' page.

  2. Create a new 'custom' profile type, name it.

  3. In the 'quality profile'set up' box, go into the 'audio' tab, select LPCM and a rate of 1536Kbps.

  4. Click OK

The audio now shows none of the clipping/distortion that had been present.
I've been using PD for a 3 years now but am a novice when it comes to audio, so no idea why this works, it just does.
I hope someone from CL picks up this issue and patches it. Adding 44KHz CD quality sound from a lav mic/digital sound recorder shouldn't be a problem for the software, and it's clearly a repeat of the PD13 distortion issue.
Big thanks to OptoData and JL for your advice, support and expertise. laughing
Hi OptoData
Thanks for the heads up on this. I presume this is what you mean:
As workaround, you may consider selecting consistent sample 44100 Hz (1411 kbps) profile to produce the project (that contains the MP3 audio file only) into WAV audio format, and then check if the corresponding sample rate profile can ease/decrease additional distortion in the waveform after the audio format is converted. It could be a possible solution.
I'm puzzled though, as this seems to address an audio only production, whereas I want to make video? I'm very much a newbie on sound editing editing so please forgive the dumb questions cool
I went into the 'custom' profile type, where. It allows me to tweak compression method, audio channel and compression rate. The max rate is 384, so I can't choose 1411.
Whatever I do, it needs to be YouTube friendly/compatible. Very frustrating this doesn't work as it should.
BTW It's great to hear from California. I'm in rural England, where we've had a succession of spring hail showers today.
Your attention is much appreciated from across the pond in furthering US/UK relations ...

If you're comfortable sharing that specific clip, upload it to One Drive or Google Drive and paste a publicly-shareable link to it here so other users can check it. See this FAQ for more details.

Thanks for the offer.
Here are the files:

  1. Original MP3 at 44KHz File

  2. The audio cut from my video. I produced it at 48KHz (after seeing a tip on this forum that upping it from 44KHz might help) but it still distorts. Distorted File


you can check your output audio's sample rate.

if its not same as oringinal one, it might have some distortion.

Thanks for the tip, I'll check that out.

After trawling every source I could find yesterday on distortion, I tried dropping the gain. I've run 'Produce' again, and after initially thinking it had solved the problem, I reckon it's just as bad as before. Makes me sound like I've got a sore throat, classic clipping.
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