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you can check your output audio's sample rate.

if its not same as oringinal one, it might have some distortion.

Thanks for the tip, I'll check that out.

After trawling every source I could find yesterday on distortion, I tried dropping the gain. I've run 'Produce' again, and after initially thinking it had solved the problem, I reckon it's just as bad as before. Makes me sound like I've got a sore throat, classic clipping.
Hi Folks
I've recently upgraded to 365 from PD18.
On a recent video the final rendering has distorted the audio (my voice), as if it had been recorded on a cheap mic, sounds like it's clipping. There is a clear, noticable difference between the original audio (recorded with a lav mic into a Sony Digital recorder) and the outputted .MP4 file. My original audio source file shows none of this distortion. Also, there is no distortion on sound in the PD 'edit' mode when I play it. The sound file waveform is statndard with no yellow peaks to indicate any overloading.
The audio 'set up' on the 'Produce' page dialogue box is set to the standard of AAC, Stereo, 384 Kbps.
I checked the Forum and it seems this happened a few years ago (PD13/14?) and PD issued a patch to cure it. Some folk seem to have exported the Mp4 into another app to rectify the issue.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Quote Hello Neil,

Welcome to the ColorDirector forum laughing

Jeff's advice is correct. The downloadable User Guide in PDF format is easy to navigate and find the answers you seek. In fact, the structure of the UG & online Help File for CDR9 are very similar, and much of the content is the same.

I'm not sure what's happened to the batch of CDR tutorials at the CL Learning Centre. I just went there to check the link & drew a blank! surprised Perhaps there's been some housekeeping done.

These CDR9 tutorials should help you get started.


Hi and thanks for this steer. Like you, I tried the Learning Centre and came to the same blank page - not much use!
I've usually rely on Maliek's adfice for PD18, but he doesn't seem to have a 'Janet & John Go to School' Guide for ColorDirector, which isn't as intuitive as PD.
Always great to hear from the US of A ;
very best regards

I assume perhaps that means that you didn't have ColorDirector as part of PD18. A good starting place might be the user guide. They stopped making them for PD19, but the PD18/CD8 user guide will get you started perhaps. select ColorDirector and version 8, at the top there is a blue "Download User Guide" tab that may be of help. Much better than the online manuals for just thumbing.


Hi Jeff
Yes, that's correct. I'm reasonably au fait with PD18 but no idea where to start on ColorDirector, so thanks for the heads-up from England ;
very best regards
Hi Folks
I'm brand new to ColorDirector 9 (just upgraded from PD18 to the full 365 package) and am looking for a set of tutorials that will take me from scratch to a reasonable level of proficiency.
Does anyone know if this exists?
best regards
Quote Generally speaking, PD can work with 360 files but in some cases, they have to be processed by the camera's native app in some way. 360° clips almost always require stitching, which may be difficult/impossible to do cleanly in PD even if the raw format was supported.

Have you searched for other ways to export your clips? This article seems to have a way.

Thanks for your response, and interesting article.

I've since put a little emore work into the subject:

  • spoken to GoPro and found my tablet's processor is too slow for 360 processing with their app.

  • loaded the Gopro Max Exporter app on my Windows 10 PC (involved a major Win 10 update by the way!)

The Exporter app allows you to convert Gorpro .360 files into 360 MP4 files. If these are imported into PD15, then dragged onto the timeline. A pop up dialgue offers you 2 options, edit as a 360 VR type film or 'flatten' it into a 2D 16:9 format. Am playing with this and it seems to work quite well.
I've bought a GoPro Max to use as a 360 cam on my motorcycle vlog.

The aim was to shoot in 360 then reframe at the desktop to show an undistorted (ie 360 no fish eye effect) standard 16:9 view (say pointing ahead of me up the road, then turning back to show me on the bike).

Problem is I have a Windows 10 PC and Gopro haven't published their desktop software yet so I can't get the footage into PowerDirector for editing. The GoPro app on my new Samsung S5e freezes when I attempt to open 360 media.

Is anyone aware if PowerDirector (I currently use PD 15) has any facility to import 360 footage so it can be reframed as a standard 16:9 aspect? Something idiot proof would be really helpful!

best regards to all.
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