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Voiceover Workflow
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Hi Folks
As a new owner of AudioDirector I'm dipping my toe into the world of audio processing.
I'm recording audio via a Boya BY M1 Lav mic onto a Tascam Dr 05X. As per YT advice I'm recording between 9-12dB.
I've been scouring YouTube for a workflow to take the raw audio (Wav 24 bit 48K) and process it via some logical, simple steps to get the best voiceover sound for my videos.
There seems to be loads of advice for other software, multiple plug ins and vast amounts of buzzwords and jargon which baffle me. Some of these plug-ins seem to automate the process completely, taking the raw audio and converting it to a wonderful, rich, noise free warm vocal.
I can't however find such advice for AD.
So far, I've managed to identify some sort of process:

  1. Remove background noise (Restore/Noise reduction)

  2. Apply EQ, although my attempts are very much trial and error with no consistency

  3. Compression, and like 2 above seems like a black art.

I think I keep making things worse by guessing (credit: Gene Kranz Apollo 13).

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