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Thanks PIX and optodata for confirming this isn't a personal problem. laughing

Hopefully the fix is a quick one as I hate to think of all the unedited RAWs I'll have queued up by then.
Here's a sample S1H RW2 if anyone would like to try it.
Thanks again for all the support, but we seem to have transitioned to the infamous double "hmmm".

Your RW2 files load fine. None of my RW2s load in PhD10 on this desktop PC or on my laptop.

Particularly curious is the fact that your GH5 RW2 loads fine. I'm using the GH5's big brother - the S1H.

Have tried numerous camera settings - style, aspect ratio, etc. Nada. Tried a different SD card. Nada tambien.

As mentioned, when loading multiple S1H RW2s PhD10's import preview window shows them fine. Even at maximum preview size. Then upon IMPORT the pics display properly for a second or 2 then change to pink noise. All JPEGs work fine.

I still wonder if the image size is part of the problem. Your GH5 RW2 is 5184 x 3888. Mine are 6024 x 4016. Maybe it's a full frame RW2 handling issue within PhD10?

Dunno. Have pinged Tech support. Stay tuned, more news at 11.
Appreciate the quick reply.

Am using PhD version 10.0.2509.0. Windows 10 is current. I can see the sample RW2 file similar the one in your post but can't view my RW2s.

Saw earlier references to the problem but didn't see any solutions. Importing RW2 files results in images of nothing but pink noise. The pics display fine in the import preview window, and display temporarily in the apps browser bar. But when the pic finally loads it and the browser image turn to pink noise. (See attached)

Imported a sample RW2 file from the Forum and it loaded fine (displayed in attached).

Converting the RW2 to DNG via Adobe DNG Converter then importing the DNGs works fine.

Only difference I see is the sample image size is 5472 x 3648 whereas the issue files are 6024 x 4016.

Windows 10 (current)

Quote The best answer is probably obtained if you share a clip(s) on how you exactly record and maybe a few PD16, 17, 18 users can try. No audio format or bit depth specified which can be a trip as well.

One thing for sure, PD16, 17, 18 won't create a MOV file if that's your intent, you'd have to save as H.264 and/or H.265 in a MP4, MKV, or M2TS container in 4:2:0 vs 4:2:2.

The two sample 6K S1H files here do load in PD16 fine, they hit part of your specs, 6K, HEVC, MOV, 4:2:0, 10bit, 23.976fps, PCM audio


Thanks for the reply Jeff. No video examples available from me since this is research to gauge the total-cost-of-ownership of a camera buy decision. Would love to stay with PD if possible but it needs to be able to accommodate the superb Pan S1H format/record quality capabilities.

I tried in PD16 the sample S1H clips you pointed me to. Only the 6k MOV HEVC clips were viewable. The reamining 4K clips generated an error (just the video, audio is fine). They're MOV AVC yet must be 10 bit and/or 422 that's causing the incompatibility.

So question now is what can PD18 handle relative to combinations of MOV AVC 420/422/8 bit/10 bit? The PD18 specs would suggest PD18 cannot accommodate MOV AVC 422 8 or 10 bit combinations.


My apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but searches are delivering false results. The specs in the manual would suggest the answer is "no" but for the sake assuming nothing...

You Panasonic S1H owners will recognize this.

Specically want to know if PD16 or higher will support the following combination of format, codec and record quality:

Format - MOV
Codec - HEVC (H2.65)
Record Quality - [6K/24p/420/10-L] and [4K/60p/420/10-L]

Format - MOV
Codec - AVC (H.264)
Record Quality - [4K/30p/422/10-I]


Quote I don't have any idea of what's going on, but it may have something to do with the specific edits you've made in your project or because you may have used Render Preview for a section of your project. Try manually deleting the temporary files and see if that helps. See this thread for more details.

If the problem persists and you're comfortable sharing your project media, please go to File > Pack Project Materials... and save the contents to a cloud folder on OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc and paste the link to them here. That way we can test your project on other systems and see if any of your edits might be causing the issue.

Optodata - looks like that guess of yours was a good one (educated guess I'm sure). Deleted the 26G of temp files, made numerous complex edits across the piece and the problem hasn't returned. Would have within a playback or 2 before. So I've reduced AUTO DELETE TEMP FILES EVERY: from the default of 30 to 7.

Fingers crossed. Thanks again for the tip.
PD16: Problem is songs added to complement video segments randomly become contaminated with this terrible echoing. Completely corrupts the music track. Sometimes I can work for hours on a video without the issue. Sometimes it appears minutes into a creation.

  • The contamination appears to coincide with a video segment that has an effect applied to it. No effect in particular. Could be any change from the original video. Titles will trigger it as well.

  • It can occur with video segments that contain their own audio track, having the video audio muted for that track, or video segments with no audio track.

  • [/ulist]
  • It can occur with a single track video, or multitrack layered video.

  • [/ulist]
  • When it occurs, the anomaly only impacts the single song on the music track. Other songs on the same track are not affected. Nor are overlapping music tracks affected. And not all of the track is affected. Usually commences where the cursor meets a violating video segment, but then contaminates the remainder of the song.

  • [/ulist]
  • This condition occurs whether the music is added to PD16's dedicated music track or any audio track.

  • [/ulist]
  • It transcends to any PRODUCED video as well.

  • [/ulist]
  • It does not seem to matter what else is running on the computer. Only having PD16 open can experience the same issue.

  • [/ulist]
    To resolve the issue sometimes simply re-saving the project fixes it. Most often the affected song needs to be replaced, or the song has to be replaced and PD16 relaunched. Other times replacing the suspicious video segment does the trick. Even with that there are no guarantees the issue won't resurface.

    Computer config is:
    Win 10
    PD16 V 3424.0
    Dell XPS 8930
    32G RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GT1070

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