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Quote Ray2019, you simply have a little sliver of video or audio way to the right in the timeline near 12min mark. In "Movie" mode (Page Down key), use the keyboard End key, it will go to that last content at the end of the timeline. Delete, repeat, ultimately the End key should be the end or your real clip. One may have to zoom in on the timeline to see the sliver, it may only be a few frames long.


True, I had to zoom in many times to find it. Thanks.
Hello, when I press "view entire movie" icon above the timeline, my movie is about 12 min (obviously I used my previous movie which was 12 min and then remove videos and replaced them with new ones which are 3 min). I do not know how to change the length of the movie from 12 min to 3 min, I though it should happen automatically once you remove the movies, I do not have any movies after 3 min in my timeline, no text, no sound and no movies or picture so how come my timeline is still 12 min when the longest text or movie or sound is only 3 min? how can I change the length of time? Obviously I have 9 min blank time when there is nothing in my timeline after 3 min.
Hello, I already have membership for 365 and use it on windows 10, now I want to use it on my samsung cell phone, how can I activate my membership on my cell phone, the app on my phone ask me for access to my Google account when my membership email is not gmail.
Also if I edit with Android version of powerdirector, can I open it on my Windows for further edits?
Thank you.
Quote This post that walks through each of the pie chart descriptors may help:

But yes, you misunderstood used space. Used space: is the used space on your export folder storage location whatever you have defined, if C:\ then total used space on C:\


Was my mistake, "remaining" means the actually the size of the video which is 2.1 GB. Thanks.
Hello guys,

In PowerDirector 17 when I go to "Produce" "Used space" for 18 min Mp4 video 1920 1080 30p NTSC is 211.8 GB!
The original video was taken by a Samsung cell phone with the same setting:1920 1080 30 p
Does used space mean the size of my video? How come is it so large? I know people who make Youtube videos for 40 min Full HD
and can upload it as one file to Youtube! The max size for Youtube upload as Google says is "The maximum file size you can upload is 128GB or 12 hours, whichever is less."
So if I make a 4k video then I can not make even more than 10 min videos for Youtube!
Have I made any mistakes and did I misunderstand the term "used space" in Produce section"?
Any suggestions?

I would like to create a title and then animate it so it can come down from the top of the screen. Once I do that the title moves so slowly. The default time is 10 second as you know, I do not see any ways to decrease the time or speed up my animation. (In title designer I used "position" and added keyframes to move the title from the top to bottom, the animation is too slow and I don't know how to fix it)

What are the tools in PowerDirector to create the same title sequence (opening sequence) and ending for all of our videos?

I can create an opening using Collage and then add a text to it in another layer. Creating a fade-out for the music of the opening cannot be done within the Collage so I add a separate layer for the music. So, in the end, I have 3 layers: 1. Collage 2. Text 3. Music which gradually fades out. Then I save the project and import it whenever I create a video. So all my videos have the same openings.
I repeat the same process to create an ending and then import it as a project into my main project.

Are there better ways or other tools to create cool openings and endings in PowerDirector?
I assume Magic movie wizard can be a good tool for the opening too.
Please confirm If my conclusion is correct. I feel Video stabilization within PowerDirector or any other apps will reduce the video quality by cropping it. When I use it, I don't see the sharp video I had before (or it can be my impression).
Even I noticed activating video stabilization in some cameras (especially Super steady mode) gives the user a less sharp video ( tried on cell phones). So For the sharpest videos, the solution is either using gimbals or Tripods. Did you have the Same experience?
Theoretically, I know Optical stabilization in a camera should not affect the sharpness.
I just installed Comics Pack and decided to uninstall or delete it, but I do not know how to do that. It is not in my programs (Windows 10) and I do not see a way to delete it from my PowerDirector too.
Is there any way, a shortcut to add transitions to all the video clips (not still images)? Imagine I have 30 video clips, instead of selecting each and adding transition I would like to select all and add one transition to them to save time.
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