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HI All have been in contact with support over this issue. They have been very responsive, though unable resolve the issue this is what they have said.
Reply from CyberLink Customer Support2023/10/18 11:49
Thank you for writing back and we appreciate your feedback.
With regard to your concern, please be informed that for your editing convenience concern, we have escalated the suggestion (display opacity keyframe and status on each clip in the timeline) to the product team as the software improvement reference for further evaluation.
As the workaround for creating the fading-out effect for now, we advised you to click on the "Keyframes" button on the Edit panel to enter Keyframes Settings mode to adjust the opacity of keyframes in the Clip Attribute section further.
Please feel free to contact us for further clarification or assistance related to CyberLink products. Use the link below to get back to us:
Thanks and Regards,
CyberLink Technical Support

I can only suggest that you all contact support and air your issue with them as I have done, as I think the more who highlight this as an issue the more chance we have of getting it re-instated.
Quote Not to be overly dramatic, and I'm just one Mook - but between this kind of issue that keeps occuring now and again, and the need to have an internet connection to USE the cyberlink program(s) - the sunk costs argument of continuing to use cyberlink no longer makes sense to me. I often use this program while in remote areas where there isn't any cell service (for me to make a hotspot so cyberlink will let me in). Having to get through the 'actavation screen' is BS - I only use this program on 2 computers (laptop and PC) and the only reason I even use the subscription version (vs stand alone) is to have the option of using it on my laptop. But half the time I can't when in National Parks and the such. So ... ya . . .

I've been here before, this time - needing to work on a project and no solution for the Opacity controol, I've downloaded and started the learning process on freeware DiVinci.

I can only imagine that the new feedback fourm that cyberlink is highlighiting is going to be AI serviced and another step backwards.

Not a solution to your problem but possible work Around, try, Multicam Room is an option but not a complete solution. Do Multicam as a first step and then refine afterwards with effects and transitions.
Quote I wonder why the latest updates to PowerDirector 365 are always just the creation and removal of features.
Can't you at least add a check option to turn the function on/off?
I hope you can change the transparency Fade control function on the timeline again.
Hope this helps you as an idea for a work aroud. Just as an update, Multicam Room is an option but not a complete solution. Do Multicam as a first step and then refine afterwards with effects and transitions.
This slows down productivity, not right option for desired work flow required effect for keyframe effects , a big step back.
Just as an update, Multicam Room is an option but not a complete solution. Do Multicam as a first step and then refine afterwards with effects and transitions.
Quote Celect the clip on the timeline, then click Edit and choose Opacity/Fade/Blend
This slows down productivity, not right option for desired work flow required effect for keyframe effects , a big step back.
No Opacity Control on Time line, common guys. No Time line are you nuts, a very productive feature lost. I hope this was an error shortly to be restored if not I will look towards another application, write off the effort learnt in PD over the years. For me its a show stopper moment.
Quote Here's my tutorial on this feature, if it's helfpul.

Thank you for your input very much appreciated, but it did not cure or resolve my issue, I have posted the solution that worked for me above this post.
HI TravisJ,
Couple of points, is there a reason why your using purple as a backdrop? Any materials used as a backdrop should be an even consistent colour. Eliminate any creasing by stretching the backdrop by clamping the sheet edges to stand / or another frame. If you don't have a specific reason for using purple then switch to Green or Blue, there is a reason why you should opt for these two colours. That is they basically don't exist in your skin colours, you would not get the weird effect of being partially translucent ie the eyes ect. Also, in chroma Key on the colour wheel you can adjust the colour range with the slider to include the full colour range required. Lighting the green/blue screen evenly is also important. Also do not wear anything that matches green / Blue backdrop screen colour. Also, to avoid shadow by standing about 3 feet from screen if possible this will also reduce/ eliminate colour fringing caused by the reflection from the screen. I hope this helps if you are still struggling with the problem.
Thanks for your feed back StevenG have resolved the issue, the problem layed in the Nvida setup. I decided to turn off the hardware acceleration in Power Director 365, in a process of stripping back possible offenders. This immediatly reolved the problem. So with a bit of reading I was pointed to the Nvida Control Panel to program settings. Then to make a change to the CUDA - GPU and selecting the Nvida GeForce GTX 1060 6GB instead of the Use Global settings. Turned on the Hardware acceleration enable OpenCl and Enable Hardware Encoding re Optomised result problem resolved. I hope this helps someone else, if they are struggling with the same issue.
I don't know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue that I am having with custom masks in mask designer.
The issue is as follows I click around the area that I want to mask out and I see the result that I want to achieve. I select okay to complete the process and the mask fails to show the masked-out area result. I have tried inverting, moving masked area onto different tracks nothing seems to work. I have watched and followed several tutorials; I just cannot get it to work. Can anyone tell me is the software faulty, am I missing something obvious, or is there some setting in configuration, I have run out of Ideas to try.
The other mask options Image Masks, Text and Brush work as expected.
my OS is Windows 10, CPU Ryzen 7 3700x Display card is Nvida GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.
I am having similar issues to Veebo but with syncing audio on two clips on different tracks. I have expanded the track by zooming in as far as I can, used the Alt and arrow keys the granularity of the nudges is to course a frame is far to great. Reading this in the forum pages is a topic that is just not going away, I really like power director, but this is a program killer for me if there is no solution.

My friend, not to discourage you, but it is not that simple to create Themedesigner Templates. I was unemployed for a year and it took my almost that whole year to figure out how the templates are created.

You really need alot of time and training.Unfortunately I do not have much free time available ATM.

What I do suggest is to take one of Cyberlink's templates and modify it bit by bit and then document everything you do.

Best of luck!

Thank you for your reply, even if it was not what I wanted to hear.
Hi can anyone help? I am trying to make my own theme but I can not find out how to start from scratch, I don't want to use modifiable templates others have created. I have Power Director 17.
Quote Upload your title to Directorzone and the site will create the file. When it is downloaded by someone it is a DZT file and they double click to install it.

Thank you for that, I knew it would be simple but I was distracted looking for the file export. With your input have it sorted now, once again thank you.
I am a newbie to this subject. I have downloaded a couple of free titles, and want to make some of my own, for others to use. The problem is that the files I down load are DTZ files, Question how do I convert my Title into a DTZ file format for Posting?
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