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Quote PowerDirector users have come up with this Star trek transporter effect in many videos that I have seen over the years. You can find some of them in the DZ as transitions and particles. It is how it is implemented that makes it look good.

Here is a tutorial on creating this effect: .

thanks thomasc - my first search didnt produce anything but I will try again putting Star Trek in

That video link should prove useful
Have been trying to find a specific transition / particle if it exists

Similar to the effect in the TV shows Star Trek, where you have the person in the clip and the effect has a shimmer type effect going through to a fade out or fade in

Has anyone come across similar

Quote You need to apply a mask on the 3rd clip so that the left half side is visible on the 2nd clip for the person sitting on the left.

thanks tomasc will give this a try
I am trying to merge 3 videos. The scenario is as follows

1. Empty bench video clip

2. Person sitting on left side of bench clip

3. Same Person but sitting on right side of bench clip

I want to end up with a video which starts with the empty bench, then the left side person slowly appears, then the right side person slowly appears whilst the other remains fully visible

The last few seconds of the completed clip showing the person sitting on both sides of the video at the same time
(its the same person)

I have tried following the video on keyframes but am not getting it to work correctly - have managed to get one person in then fading to the other but cannot get them both visible at the same time

Can someone give me a solution


Yes, definitely be careful with the transitions. What they do with a independent music track and synced content has different consequences if "overlap" or "cross" transition behavior is used. For simply fade one can also use the timeline transparency with keyframes or just do the fade as a post on one clip and a pre on the next clip, two transitions vs one.


Yes its so easy to overlook such issues until you realise they exist particularly when there are numerous clips

I even tried unlinking the music track, and just cutting the overlap video section a bit longer to have an overlay type fadfe, but it refused to work as I had hoped - in the end as you suggested I discovered that it was best to put the fades on both tracks, the fact that the fades can be shortened independently as well was a good find


Hard to say without a look at exactly what FX you are using, PD know to do strange things with transitions and effects.

But, as far as beating would not stand out frame by frame, yes it certainly will. One can easily see if you overlap same footage with transparency, so at time 0:00:00, start of clip and start of the beat frequency, obviously no change as this effect has a frequency, at first frame in, a beat effect as shown in the attached pic with misaligned overlays from the beat effect. Timeline at frame level and 1 frame in beat has an effect. With sensitivity cranked up one can easily see the beat shift. This beat effect will increase and reduce to have aligned frames again at 2sec interval for a frequency of 5, 1 sec for 10, so on.


Hi Jeff

Thanks for your input on this - Im going to experiment a bit more with this and come back to this thread when identified a few more things

If it had been once through the video I could accept a bit of human error, but several times was pushing the boundaries which prompted the initial question

I think the biggest pain with effects are the Fade ones when doing music as they have a tendency to shunt the synched music and video out of alignment - but at least I know to look for that now

Quote I have not seen that behavior, to me it sounds like you have a 1 frame gap between clips. I say that because of this statement:

"If a clip starts at say 3.10.05 on the timeline, the previous clip ended at 3.10.04."

If one splits or butts two clips, the end frame of one is at 3:10:05 the beginning frame of the next clip is also at 3:10:05 timecode, anything else leaves a gap. If looking at preview in clip mode, at this 3:10:05 one gets the pic associated with that particular clip. If viewing in movie mode, you usually get the pic of the second clip in the butt at this 3:10:05 timecode unless one simply toggles clip and movie mode.

You didn't capture the timeline marker to aid, but it appears you have a 1 frame gap between the two FX which would be inline with the statement that one clip ends at 3:10:04 and the next starts at 3:10:05 which for continuous clips is not true. That scenario has a 1 frame gap.


Hi the top effect aligns with the video clip when played back - so does the bottom one now when played back but not visually on the timeline though.

To check the effects position, I recombined the video clips and literally progress through one frame at a time, consequence of which was I eventually got the first effect totally aligned up as can be seen the image I screen grabbed,

But when I aligned the second effect with the first one, then did the frame by frame progress again as before, it showed up in the previous clip, hence having to gradually move it to the right where it ended up not aligned with the edge of the video clip which I split again or with the other effect


ps. why I dont believe there is a gap between the videos is each individual video was synched with a master audio track

Incidentally the beating effect was only put in after the problem surfaced. It was another visual effect which was apparent on the playback, whereas obviously beating would not stand out frame by frame. I put that in because I couldnt put the visual effect in
I have been putting together a number of clips for my friends band.

Some of the clips have effects added some do not. What I noticed several times is that the effects do not align exactly with the frame.

To try and explain better

If a clip starts at say 3.10.05 on the timeline, the previous clip ended at 3.10.04.

I split the compiled video at this point and then insert and align the effect to this split marker.

Rejoining the clips and going through frame by frame ie clicking back from 3.10.05 to 3.10.04 for some reason the effect shows in 3.10.04 also

This is then compounded looking at the timeline when further effects are added.

Is there something obvious I am missing when aligning effects - as can be seen in the image both the effects (posterise and beating) both infact started correctly at frame located at 3.10.05 but looking at them visually on the timeline this is not the case

This was not a one off occurrence and happened several times.

Select "Modify" above the PD16 timeline for the effect and you can adjust both Frequency and Strength.


Thanks Jeff

I dont know how I managed to miss that edit
In PD 16 there is a beating effect - does anyone know if there is a version of this where you can adjust the speed of the beats

Quote Ctrl+a will select all the clips on the timeline. Make sure you click on the timline first.

Brilliant thanks for that will give it a go

I am compiling a large number of clips for a friend into a video. He asked me to use a still image at the outset, leading into the first video portion

He has now asked me if I can extend the time that still image is visible

So effectively where the image is located at say 0.00 seconds to 2.00 seconds he wants it to be equivalent to -2.0 second to 2.00 seconds on the Timeline

How can I put an additional minus 2 seconds to the start of the videos current start location - I cannot just extend it to the right as that impacts on the merged music soundtrack

The two options I can see, are literally to select every line on the timeline and move them across slightly, then extend the image to the left - the trouble with this is it would be easy to miss one of the smaller sections on the timeline and that doesnt then get moved.

Its a shame there is not a select all option for the Timeline.

Or option two is to produce the movie as is, then run a new project with that entire video and just redo the beginning

Am I missing an option

Using PD16 to try and sort a problem out for a friend who has videoed himself playing the keyboard

As you can see the one image shows the original video set up - equipment restrictions stopped him changing from this

The second image shows the rotated version.

He wants the square on view of the keyboard but without losing anyh of the keys in the image - is there anyway of losing the black bars showing at the side of the view

Or is there another solution to this


" alt="non rotated" id="__mcenew" /><a href=" id="__mcenew" />
Thanks for this information which will certainly be useful for the future.

Sadly on this occasion it was one of the projects lost when my drive stopped working, I only had access to the video as I had uploaded it onto the internet previously

best wishes

Quote You may have some luck in openeing the PDS project file in a text or XML editor like Notepad++.

Sometimes, downloaded effects like that have generic names inside PD projects, like "object_001," but other times they retain the name of the actual downloaded item, as shown in this XML code section:

Try searching for "particle" and look within the next couple of lines for a likely name and see if you can find that on the DZ website.
Recently my Hard drive completely failed, and the backup I had on an external drive refused to reinstall, so I have had to do a complete reinstall of everything on my computer

Attached are a couple of clips merged together from videos created previously before the crash

I am trying to identify the two effects used in the clips so that I can re-download them

I have been trawling through the effects on the website but not been able to track them down so am wondering if anyone can help me find them

Thanks in hope

Super thanks I missed that one - seems strange though that Adverts and Update notifications are lumped together as one option

I'm sure most people want to know if an update has been released, but probably dont want all the adverts

Updates and Upgrades should be different options
I'm happy with PD16, and have no need to spend more money on upgrades.

I keep getting windows pop up offering me the chance to upgrade my version.

Is there anyway of stopping / blocking these annoying popups

Quote Select one of the MC clips in the timeline and then the "MuliCam Designer" above the timeline to edit again.


thank you for this - I cannot believe I didn't see that there !!!
Is there anyway of saving Multicam editing in PD16 ?

If I'm editing a long mix of videos, I often worry that if I have a powercut I could lose hours of careful mixing of videos

Alternatively is there anyway of returning to the Multicam editing after saving out to the Timeline.

Several times I have reviewed mixes and thought they were fine in the MC editor, but after transferring out to the Timeline and adding say a fade, I feel it needs tweaking a bit.

Quote Recently I posted a query about crossfading / overlays which managed to solve the problems I was having with still shots.

However I have experienced a problem when trying to do this with videos.

Using two cameras I recorded my friend singing and compiled the 2 videos into one video using multicam designer

Obviously when switching from one camera angle to the other there is a join which is apparent, I would like to have a seamless fade in using crossfade for a smoother transition between cameras.

As this does not seem to be available in multicam designer, I have tried working it on the timeline after finishing the designer stage

Viewing tutorials makes it seem simple ie. drag one video clip over the other slightly where the cameras switch over (before producing the compiled video) . However this puts the remaining audio clip out of synch from here on

Is there a way of crossfading and still retaining the audio synch ?

I'm sure I must be missing something simple here

UPDATE - solution just found

The answer is in the Transactions menu to the left of the timeline
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