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Thank you both for your answers. If the trial download has full features, I will download and give it a whirl before deciding whether to buy and maybe look for a copy of the old software online too!

THANKS again!

I was considering purchasing the latest version of Power2Go.

Does anyone know if it can perform like the old freeware program DVDShrink which was able to compresss feature-length footage onto a standard 4.7gb DVD with no loss of quality?

Or does anyone know of a Cyberlink product which can do this? Before anyone advises me to just use DVDShrink, support for it stopped some time ago and it doesn't seem to like my current Windows 7 64bit machine (worked okay with Win7 32bit previuosly).

Also, I really like Cyberlink products! They are easy to use yet powerful and work well together. I'd be over-the-moon if they have such a product or would develop one as it would help with my longer video projects!


Yes, PowerDVD Copy does the same thing as DVD Shrink, "no quality loss" to your eyes.

In that case I'll maybe look into buying a copy of it on ebay or somewhere if it's discontinued with cyberlink. Hopefully it's compatible with Windows 7, 64-bit.

Really appreciate your help. Two thumbs up!
Quote Power2Go cannot shrink DVD video into 4.7gb disc.
PowerDVD Copy can, but it seems cyberlink has ended the sell.

Thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if PowerDVD Copy could do it with minimal/no quality loss like DVD Shrink?
Quote DVD Shrink does work with win 10 64 bit according to the info found on the internet. You may need to install a later version. There will always be a recoding loss in quality regardless of which software you use. Look at it this way many users cannot tell the difference when a video file is compressed to a smaller file size using hardware encoding compared to that using smart rendering.

You can download a trial of P2Go to see if it fits your needs.

Yeah, I might have to go the trial route but I was hoping someone would already have tried it.

The DVD Shrink really did compress with great quality... I mean if there was a quality loss, I couldn't see it which may say something about my eyes LOL!

There seem to be a lot of "DVDShrink" sites out there purporting to be the original or the updated version and each one says they are the sole authentic one. Tellingly they charge where DVDShrink was freeware if I recall. I thought it had stopped being updated years ago?

Does anyone out there know if Power2Go version 12 can compress video files to fit on a standard 4.7gb disc without loss of quality?

I used to be able to do this perfctly well with DVD Shrink but ever since I went from a 32-bit PC to Windows 7 64-bit, I can't get the DVDShrink to work.

I'd consider purchasing Power2Go version 12 if it did this reliably as I like supporting Cyberlink having had so much use of their other products in the past.


Thanks to all the above contributors for their help.

I have just got a reply back from the Support Team who have kindly provided me with download links for all the previously purchased software.

I am a happy bunny again!
Quote If there is no damage to the original HDd, could you not clone the old Hdd to the new disk ?

Then everything would as before before the rebuild


Nice to hear from a fellow UK user! Cloning sounds great which, I presume involves task-specific software? Is there any risk in "banjaxing" (UK technical term) the new HDD by this process eg. upsetting Windows etc.?

Since the last post, I have managed to get access to the cyberlink technical support system - new setings on Bitdefender re-install was blocking the site. Hopefully they will appreciate my problem and send me a download link as I'm a long-standing customer.

Quote I think, you have to reinstall.
Normally, a Windows-PC has a HDD, which has the drive letter C:
Maybe, there are more HDD's with the drive letters D:, E: and so on.
If you install a program, than it is normally installed in C:\Program Files. But there are more information written, because you installed the program and everybody, who is allowed to use the computer, can use the program. With their own settings. These settengs are stored in subdirectories to C:\Users. And more informations are written in the registry (it has more than one file), regarding install pathes, licenses, path's to tools and helper programs. In various directories on C:
So if you just copy the program from the HDD, which formerly was C: to the new HDD, which now is C:, than you do not copy the needed information in other directories on the former C: drive. And you cannot copy all information, because the registry cannot be copied. So the copied program will most likely not run. Maybe it runs, so it's worth a try. But have your installation files nearby, it is the safest method, to reinstall.



Thank you VERY much for your reply. It was very helpful. The problem is that while I have my license keys etc, I don't seem to be able to use much of the cyberlink site as I keep getting that SECURE CONNECTION FAILED screen everytime I try to click on almost all of the site links.

If I could I would start a support ticket for a direct link to re-install my software with the existing key etc. Is there a relevant installer file in the Program folder on the old hard drive? I can't see anything that looks like one ;-(

Or, does anyone have the email address for cyberlink tech support?

Best Wishes,


I have tried my best to find this info on an existing thread without joy so apologies in advance if this has been duplicated elsewhere....

I am a long-time Cyberlink product user but my motherboard recently got totalled by a powersurge. Luckily my HDD was fine which had ll my video files etc.

The local computer tech has installed my old HDD into a refurb machine but it's sitting alongside the machine's existing HDD. (I now have two HDD's in one machine).

Can anyone tell me how to get my Cyberlink programmes (PD16, Audio Director7, ColorDirector5, and Photo Director 7 -all ULTRA versions) running on the new machine?

Can I simply Copy/Cut & Paste from the old HDD onto the new one?

Please be patient with this request as I have tried to start a new support ticket etc but for the last hour or so all I get when I go into most of the site links is a message saying "Secure Connection Failed".

Any help appreciated,


Just wondering if anyone else is currently experiencing this: after selecting the Capture tab PD16 begins to detect devices but crashes after the progress bar reaches 50% on the pop-up window entitled detecting audio?

Note: I haven't changed any hardware or settings, I always install any new program updates, and I've tried rebooting the PC and doing this several times with the same result.This has never happend in the years I've been using this and other versions of PD.

Any help appreciated. I've obviously submitted the Cyberlink reports etc.
Quote That is possibly the most difficult adjustment to make in audio recording and improvement. That is because the human voice is a mismash of frequencies varity. There is not an narrow band of frequencies like that of a musical instrument or a cell phone There will be frequencies that are common to both the male and female voices. How to separate them?
If you are willing to try and really need it, why don't you download the free 30 day trial and play with it?


Thanks for getting back to me. If it's not that simple my projects certainly wouldn't be that important to justify the trouble even if it is mitigated by the current Christmas deals and discounts.

I'm more of a hobbyist so, I'll work around it, but your clear answer is much appreciated.


I was considering buying Audiodirector but wondered if it was possible to remove ONE voice from a video soundtrack without removing others. For example can I remove a male voice and leave a female voice? Or could i remove a high pitched voice but keep a low pitched one?
I watched a Youtube tutorial on the Cyberlink Channel which shows the visual restoration tool to remove a mobile phone's ringing from a concert but without losing the music etc. Would this work with the human voice?

Any advice appreciated.
Thanks for the reply. I was, as we say in the UK, "flipping out" over this one but did find it as you say by double-clicking on the scene wneh in timeline view and the option to flip appeared.

The to flip or not to flip confusion is because some of the tutorials on Youtube etc use flip to mean rotate. But I hear you loud and clear and appreciate the help!

Thank you once again.

Hopefully some of you guys can help me with this. I'm trying to use PD 15 to laterally invert my camcorder footage. I know I've done it before in PD14 or perhaps an earlier version of PD and, if memory serves, it was a feature in PowerTools back then.

I'm not trying to play the video in reverse or spin/rotate it by various degrees. I simply want the image turned around so that what was originally on the left of the screen is now on the right and vice versa.

Also, didn't there used to be a way to invert (top changing places with bottom) as well? Anyone know how to do that?

I hope the above explanations haven't been overly definitive, but I'm just trying to avoid being told how to spin the footage or play it backwards LOL!!
Quote I was easily able to rotate it but the bottom half (what would have been the side of the image originally) was chopped off. Is there anyway I can "zoom/pan out" in PD15?

First make you’re your aspect ratio is correct whether you selected 4:3 or 16:9. Highlight and rotate the clip like you did. Grab the little white balls on the left or right of the video on the preview screen and move them horizontally in toward the center and reposition the clip. Now you should be able to see the whole clip. It is that easy.

Let us know if this fix your problem. LOL.

This worked! Thank you very much for the help... I hadn't realised that I could "grab" and adjust the preview screen as I'd never directly clicked on it in over 5 years of using Cyberlink products!

Kudos to you tomasc :
Okay, so I realise this might be categorised by some of you as a Headline Feature for "STQ: Silly Question Time" but....

I was in a small room recently while shooting some footage with my MiniDV camera. Since I couldn't fit everything in within the confines of the room, I decided to flip the camera sideways thinking I could easily rotate it in PD15 later (after all it's not a Hollywood movie)!

I was easily able to rotate it but the bottom half (what would have been the side of the image originally) was chopped off. Is there anyway I can "zoom/pan out" in PD15?

I know it's a crazy question and, I assure you, I don't normally capture footage sideways. Nor do I drink... LOL
Hi Guys,

This is my first post on any forum ever so please be gentle smile

I'm running PowerDirector 13 and am noticing that when I produce videos or burn to disc (DVD) the outpu is grainy. It looks like there is a grid-like pattern over my footage. This includes re-producing projects which were made in PD 7 and produced and burnt to disc there (in PD 7) with crystal clear results.

I have looked in the settings options but can't see anything immediately obvious. Any help you guys could give me would be much appreciated. I'm sure it's something simple but PD 13 isn't much use to me if the output is going to be of lesser quality than my amateur camera-workfrown

Best Wishes,

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