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Quote Hello,

You did not provide any of the requested information, so hard to assist you on the forum. Please supply all the information, including your exact build number and your DXDiag file:

You should also contact CyberLink Technical Support:

PowerDVD Moderator

I updated the OP with version info. I also installed PowerDVD 19 Essentials and the message appears but after a few seconds the normal blu-ray menu pops up and everything works.

It seems to me that PowerDVD 17 needs a compatibility update since the last update was almost a year ago.

And I have contacted support. But I havent heard from them so I figured I'd ask here.
I just bought starwars on bluray. I went to play it and received this error message:

Error message

I visited the link but was not able to get a proper update to work.

What do?

Version 17.0.3605.62
Edition: Ultra
SR: DVD181005-03 (DVD170918-01)
TR: TR181217-001
Quote PDVD9 was created long before win 10 came into being here. Users using win 7 can upgrade the oem version to a PDVD12 limited version for free by using this Cyberlink link: . The same link can be obtained by contacting Cyberlink support for win 7 users if they choose to do so.

Assuming that works... where were you two years ago? lol. I still have windows 7. The Cyberlink customer service never gave me any such link back then.
From my experience dealing with customer service they will not do anything for you if you only have an OEM license. The OEM distributor has to pay Cyberlink to provide updates and in my case LG didn't want to pay. LG told me to get leawo which works on newer movies (how they get the AACS keys idk) but they only provide the bare minimum. No support for menus etc. if the default video track isn't the main movie you'll have to pick it from a list of tracks.

If you want menu support and such you pretty much have no choice but to buy a new copy of power DVD. Google some coupons.
It says right above it "and for OEM click here"...

Also I figured support would check the forums
Is it a brand new blu ray disk? Like a movie that has been released in the last couple of weeks? It may be an issue with you not having the latest AACS keys (the drm copy protection). I was getting this error with my version of PowerDVD 9 when I tried to play a brand new blu ray. Version 9 is no longer getting the proper updates for AACS keys but PowereDVD 12 is suppose to be still supported.

Try updating to the latest PowerDVD12 release (if you aren't already using the latest version), if that doesnt work I would suggest trying to use a blu ray movie that is older, if you have one. Like a blu ray disc that you bought back in 2011 if its available. If that works its almost certainly the problem with DRM
Quote: But you did not purchase PowerDVD 9, your OEM version was provided free with your DVD drive. You cannot expect CyberLink to provide a free upgrade to the retail version of PowerDVD 12, from a free OEM version.
Also that statement from CyberLink is very old and probably no longer applies

So many things wrong...

You are correct that I did not purchase a full license, HOWEVER I did purchase a blu ray drive that had a deal with cyberlink to provide its customers with a copy of the oem version. A portion of my money that I spent on that blu ray drive went to cyberlink. OEM does not equal free. Just because I did not physically hand the money to cyberlink doesn't mean they didn't get paid.

Also I was not expecting them to provide a free upgrade to the retail version of 12. All I wanted was them to keep letting 9 get the AACS updates, if they don't want to support 9 anymore then yes I do expect them to do something that will allow me to continue to watch movies, without having to buy new software that I don't need. Im sure there is an OEM version of 12 out there, an upgrade to that would work just as well.

You assume the statement is old, its not. The update indicating that all version 9/10/11's would get the update to 12 for free was posted on 2015-09-08, it says that right on their page.

Finally an analogy, if you bought a brand new tv from the store, and it came with a free blu ray player. And then a few years later the player still works perfectly, but it just wont play brand new movies anymore because the manufacture "no longer supports that model". Would you expect the manufacturer to send a small update that would unlock your player and allow it to play the new movies or would you just say "oh well I guess I'll go buy a new blu ray player"? Personally I would want my blu ray player fixed, because if you are content with having to buy a new blu ray player one time, then you are going to need to keep buying new blu ray players every few years, just to watch any new movies you buy, which I think is just wrong.

If people don't have to put up with this from sony, then I equally dont think I should have to buy new software either.
Quote: PowerDVD 9 is no longer supported by CyberLink, your only option is to purchase PowerDVD 15, download the trial and test it

No, I will not buy a newer version. That is backwards and idiotic. All that is needed is the updates to the AACS keys so I can play my movie. If they seriously want to hold the AACS keys ransom behind an upgrade that you have to pay for, that just makes me less likely to ever buy any product from them ever. Why would I invest money into a piece of software if in a few years they say that the thing I just paid for wont work and I will have to buy a whole new licenses, just to continue to do what the original software was doing. Especially idiotic when the AACS keys update is such a small thing that can't take all that much effort to maintain.

Also this post on their update page seems to contradict what you say:

"As the development phase of CyberLink PowerDVD 9 retail version has now ended, there will be no further Blu-ray Disc compatibility updates for this version. If you have PowerDVD 9 Ultra retail version installed, you can click here to download and install an update to PowerDVD 12 Ultra build 5612 for free."

"Note: This is for PowerDVD retail and online purchase versions only. To check the updates for hardware bundled versions, click here for instructions."

So yes they may no longer support 9 but they are letting people freely update to 12. I have the OEM version so I follewed their instructions but it sent me to the link I provided in my original post, which when I followed the instructions didn't seem to work. But clearly they are offering a free upgrade of some kind to PowerDVD 9 version. I just want to know how to install the upgrade.
I have PowerDVD 9.0.7403.02

It is an OEM version that came with my blu ray drive.

It wont play my latest movies because of the aacs keys being out of date.

I have tried to do Ctrl+A then upgrade (which I was told to do from your support page but only an empty list shows up of "avaiable upgrade, path and plig-in packs"

How do I fix this so I can watch movies again?
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