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Quote Hello keane decker,

Agreed, that's a challenging task. Equally agreed, it's painstaking work manually adjusting masks for each frame of a video sequence. I have not been able to replicate your issue, where the produced video doesn't accurately show the adjustments made.

The fact that you posted days ago & I've not been able to respond till now is an indication of how painstaking it can be! CDR's Motion Tracker masking still leaves much to be desired.

As an example, I created a "fake" project specifically for this purpose. Using a green screen video (from YouTube) overlaid on a simple background, I set about the task of motion tracking the subject. I believed this would be a simple task for CDR, as the subject was distinctly different to the background video. More like an animation than a real-life video.


Even though the video was only 24 seconds in duration, it took many many hours of frame-by-frame manipulation of the motion tracking mask.

Despite the pain of all that, the produced video did not exhibit the errors you experienced. I've included the produced video in this CDR6 packed project. I offer this project not as an examplar, but an example. Members can use it as they wish. If you open the project, in the Adjustment module under Motion Tracking mask, select the red mask and step through the clip frame by frame using > & < keys.

Regarding your particular issue, could you post screenshots showing the difference between your CDR preview and the produced video?


Oh god I'm so sorry I got back to you so late. I only just now saw the email notification. Thank you so much for getting back it means a lot :]. As far as exact screenshot side by sides I don't have the full project saved anymore but I can show you a screenshot of the finished product and give you a description of the comparison. In the picture you can see that the green screen is supposed to be the only thing with color and that my body and background should be black and white. In the preview I manually went through and edited everything so it presented itself that way. However, when I went to produce it the result was pretty different. In certain areas that I manually edited the mask it would be the same but in others it would not be. I don't know if its some kind of frame difference between the video being imported and the software itself but its the only thing I can think of.
I've been messing around in colordirector for hours and hours and hours editing clips. My goal is to make a singular object maintain color while everything else gets turned black and white. I'd been using selection mask (which produces perfectly fine) but the problem is it takes 100 times longer than using motion tracking and then editing selected areas where the motion tracker messed up. When I use motion tracker and edit selected areas the preview is perfect. It is exactly what I want. However, once I produce the video certain things will revert to what the motion capture picked up prior to my additional editing. What this is resulting in is janky black and white editing that is much different from what the preview is showing me. Is there a fix for this? Thank you o-o
Quote You need to go ahead and produce that green screen section of video with range produce first and then place it back on the timeline to continue your editing. That is also what PoweDirector Tutorials suggested earlier. This will solve your problem.

Ohhhhh so sorry I didn't pick that up. That is brilliant. Thank you <3
Quote If I understand you correctly, the end product is B&W.This tutorial might help. As mentioned, you do this last.

Here is a listing of other tutorials.


In a way, yes, the end product is black and white. However I need the green screen to remain its normal green while everything else is black and white. Therefore I can chroma key it out and put an video (in color) in place of where the green screen is.
So I have an interseting situation. I have a scene that I want to make like an old school dective movie (black and white with noire music). However I have a green screen that I'm using to chroma key in the scene for something that is in full color. Unforutnately though if I chroma key the greenscreen and then add in the white and black color preset it completely gets rid of the chroma key (because its still set to the green). I can change it to chroma the green screen, that is basically white at this point, however it looks awful and chroma's some of the background as well. Is there a way I can still apply the chroma to the greenscreen while turning it black and white. That way I can have black and white background and color coming from the greenscreen.

I don't believe I'm overclocking the RAM. The extreme memory profile is disabled and its clock speeds are set to default. I wouldn't really know much about the voltage aspect and what it should be set to. As of right now the profile DDR voltage is set to 1.20V
I'm getting constant blue screens saying, "bad pool caller" and "page fault in non paged area" when trying to edit one clip specifically. It had happened before very rarely when editing other times but for some reason with this one in particular it will blue screen my computer 10 seconds into editing it. Its not anything excessive either. Its just a video clip overlapping another video clip. That has been happening and also everytime I load into a project the videos in my timeline have been flipping upside down. To fix this I've had to save the project and it flips it back over. There is no other way. I don't know if these two things are related whatsoever to eachother. Either way if you all had any recommendations/knowledge on what to do maybe regarding the blue screens I'd appreciate it.
Hi guys I'm newer to PowerDirector and I love the editing system. However, during my rendering if i'm doing too many tasks (lots of transitions, effects, ect...) The computer completely freezes and I have to restart the computer. I just upgraded some of my equipment so off the top of my head I'll leave the specs I can remember for you guys to browse. Either way I love the product and want to continue using it so if you guys have any answers you would be life savers. One thing is I'm using my C drive which isn't my 1tb harddrive.

Ram: 16

Motherboard:asrock z97 extreme6

Processor: Intel I7 4790k

SSD: Kingston SSDnow V300 120GB

Graphics card: Radeon R9 380

HardDrive: I don't remember the specific brand (I can see what it is when I get on my desktop) Its 1TB of memory
Hi guys I'm wondering if this is happening for anyone else. My video was beginning to be laggy so I manually rendered it to smooth things out. However, once I did all the images that I had layered over the video completely disappeared in the playthrough. They are still present in the timeline but once I hit play they aren't present in the video at all. Any suggestions?
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