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Thanks for the post. I believe this tool might be a help. I knew that the more viewers a YouTuber get, the higher quality youtube will pay. If a youtuber can find and upload what people wants to see then he/she can make a fortune easily. I suggest you to read this eBook on making money from Gaming Niche so that you don't need to wait and sell the tools and start to make some real money.

Not only the YouTube, Twitch is getting more and more popular day by day among the gamers.
Quote: Hi AndyVid24 -

Unfortunately, all you can do is rotate the clip and resize it to fit in the preview screen. That leaves massive black spaces on each side.

You can, if you wish, use a blurred snapshot behind the clip (like the news channels do when someone send them a phone clip)...

For editing purposes, it's best to record video on the iPhone with the volume controls at the top (i.e. the phone is sideways). You might mention that to your granddaughter for future reference laughing

Cheers - Tony

Thanks for your response. I am facing the same kinf of problem. I searched a lot over internet but couldn't find anything.
Quote: The Cyberlink website will give you an upgrade discount so you won't have to pay the full retail price for PD14

I know this post is four years old but I was looking for discount on PD15 and got from Did I get a good deal or is there any better option in Cyberlink website.
Quote: Hi Ted,

Could be that Video HD support is only available for Vista for the 8800 GTS, check with Nvidia for latest information on Windows XP driver support, which may now be available


I agree with Robert that it could be available for only Vista.

Did you check Nvidia for latest information on Windows XP driver support?
I got discount on Cyberlink PowerDVD 15 Ultra by using coupon code.

If you want to get the coupon code take a look here
Here you will find a video on How to crop Photo in Photo Director
Do I need to submit a coupon code?
What is the procedure of getting this 30% off?
Quote: That's been known to happen from time to time. If it happened when you hit F10 or clicked on the Stop icon, the clip is actually saved but screen recorder just couldn't open PD12 to place it in the timeline for you.

You can find the clip by clicking on SR's Settings button, like this:

You may also want to download and install the latest 2302 patch, too!

I was also facing same kind of problem. Thanks a lot for sharing such an useful post.
Have you updated your software recently?

It can happen, if the software installe successfully.
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