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Thanks ever for the reply. I did some experimenting and found that the problem clips were only those in which I had first used audio editor within PowerDirector 365, and then made more changes with AudioDirector. So I replaced the old clips with new ones, used AudioDirector first, and then Audio Editor, and they worked fine.

I downloaded the file, then imported onto a PD365 audio track.

Opened it in AudioDirector from PowerDirector.

CLicked adjust audio and Speech Pitch audio. (That is what I have been using AD for)

Clicked custom

Changed once spot in the wave.

Clicked apply.

CLicked X, then Yes to save to PD

The file worked fine in the track.
I edited a small clip with AudioDirector twice. Each time, once the edited clip is back in the timeline, the clip is silent. I have Cyberlink PD 365.
Make sure you close your project first. But I swear sometimes when I try to replace by simply sliding a photo over another in a timeline, one of the options (along with "crossfade" and all that) is "replace". I click replace, and the new photo goes in with the oringinal photos transitions. Easy peasy. But I dont get that option each time. Why is that?
Works like a charm, but you do have to close out your project while you do this. When you reopen, the magic will have happened!
I was having the same exact problem in PD 19, so annoying! But I closed the first two PD prosesses as instructed by optodata, and it opened right up. Great solution! Any way to not have to do that oe step? I so lazy.
Thanks ever, optodata. Ill study up on SVRT and check my drivers when the end is near!
Quote Hi Patsy

The short answer is "Yes," so you do want to avoid unnecessarily producing clips - but there's an easy way to do that

SVRT is your friend here, and when you produce each range, be sure to use the same profile that you want to produce your finished video to. Assuming you can get through the shorter clips without a crash (which may not be related to you project's length, see below), then you can line them all up on the timeline and use SVRT to essentially combine them all without re-producing each of them.

There are tutorials and posts here if you're not familiar with SVRT, and the best news is that it's reeeaaallly fast!

The thing I'm most concerned about is the crash, which shouldn't happen no matter how big a project you have.

Some things to look at are whether you have the latest version of PD (see the v3408 patch post at the top of the PD16 forum), and also make sure your video drivers are up to date. I don't know anything about your computer, but if you have an nVidia GPU, you'll want to use this driver:

Please post back if you have any questions!

Thanks ever. Ill study up on SVRT and check my drivers when the end is near!
I want to cut down on the time it takes for my 15-minute movie to produce. At about 75% done, it crashes.

Im thinking about producing several ranges separately and then combining those for the whole movie, and producing it again.

Does producing clips more than once affect the quality of the final production?

"Processing" notice always running on screen while this program is open.

I make changes to my project and export, but no changes stick!
I expanded out considerably and found a tiny sliver of frame and I deleted and crossfade worked fine.
Editing is achingly slow. Every single thing I do on a very small clip, from deleting a tiny clip to saving takes forever. RIP editor keeps popping up. Never had any of these problems with PD13.
Ill be producing a DVD in final.

Or maybe an AVC for the computer.
Last video I put together on PD14, Windows10, I used very few produced clips in the whole before producing the final.

Is there anything detrimental in using mostly produced clips to string together for the final production?
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