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Thank you Gentlemen

I was wrong stating the video driver allowed access to 10 bit video in Power director.

I can veiw the files from my gh5 outside the program now. Headed to DaVinci Resolve Studio as soon as
I can save for a BMPCC 4k and get the license included.

Put 7 minutes of cinema 4k 24fps on the time line. Made a couple of cuts and added a few basic transitions. Produced to Uhd 4k 24p.
No 24p option in H265, 30p only for cinema 4k. Xavc S has only Uhd 4k in 24,30, and 60 FPS.

My system struggles past a few minutes of 4k so I usualy drop down to hd for Long edits of 15 minutes or longer. Will be looking to test multicam edits in All-Intra 4k file types of 45 minutes. I could actualy be a 4k editor. If power director would upgrade the H265 I frame out it would be heavan in Power director......

6 core intel 5930
16 gb ram
Nvidia 1080i
I upgraded my video codecs with the latest K Lite codec pack. I can now read and cut a piece of 422 10 bit 4k with Power Director 16. I need to shoot some more clips to test further but this would be very cool...... this first piece was done at 24 FPS
I will update also as things proceed. Have you upgraded your audio video codecs in the last few months?
Quote I also used Handbrake and waiting results ...Amazon has been giving me a runaround for about 3 months ...I think they have some issues as well.

I used a Panasonic Gh4 to capture in UHD 3840 x 2160 and then transfered to the stock H264 1920 x 1080 to submit. This submission is a 25 minute Police drama with closed caption. First flile length didn't match.

Second I subitted a second show with our first but used a H265 encoder for the quality. Although I had read this was acceptable it was not and the files info was changed eliminating this format.

The third submission was where Variable Film Rate was blamed.

The Fourth subission was ten days ago and there is now a audio problem. I used Handbrake and the audio file type requested by Amazon. I need to check but I think the previous submissions were Wave files from Powerdirector 16. Amazon has indicated it will be another week,

Any insight into your settings would be appreciated.

Ray McLaughlin
Quote Thank you for the information. I have contact TS to see what they say. I did notice that some of my videos were in CFR. I wonder if the container is plaing a part. It seems WMV files appear as CFR but MP4 as VFR I will continue to research this. Thanks again.

This thread is about the same problem I am facing with Amazon. I have been using the MP4 H264 encoder and getting rejected as Variable Frame Rate product.

I have since re encoded with Handbrake (Constant Frame Rate selected) and Iam waiting for the results.

Could upgrading the Video Encoder have a effect on the H264 mp4 files output in Powerdirector 16?

Ray McLaughlin
“I am producing video from a GH4 4k 24p I print in 1920 x 1080 24p. I will ck for the fast rendering check or not and reproduce.

Thanks Ray McLaughlin”

I checked my produce frame rates and the H264 does not allow fast rendering check. That being said the uhd 4k files I shoot does give me a choice for fast rendering with hardware or powerdirector software acceleration.

After master in 4k uhd 24p, edit and coloring I produce a video from a GH4 4k 24p I print in 1920 x 1080 24p.

Any other info is appreciated

Ray McLaughlin
Quote If you produce a 1920 x 1080/p24 video with PD16 with the fast rendering technology unchecked then it should be in a constant frame rate assuming your original cell phone video was the same resolution but variable frame rate. The video frame rate will be constant but your audio is probably out of sync (lip sync).

I am producing video from a GH4 4k 24p I print in 1920 x 1080 all 24p. I will ck for the fast rendering check or not and reproduce.

Thanks Ray McLaughlin
Quote I don't even see a question in your first post, Ray. And it's not entirely clear what your issue is.

Are you saying that you're trying to output a video from PowerDirector and you do NOT want it to have a variable frame rate?

Constant frame rate is the default setting for outputs. Which output settings are you using?


Amazon Prime requires constant frame rate. I use the H264 encoder at 1920 x 1080 16Mbs. I see no choice as to constant or variable frame rate. If I switched it I don't see it.....

Is there a Cyberlink Rep that could address this question?
My footage has been rejected as variable frame rate. I see no way to set this in export. The choices are generic as the 24p I shot and export as. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ray McLaughlin
Powerdirector 16
(2.7k - 2716x1524) is still larger than 1920 x 1080 and according to the previous post should not process..... Do I have this right?
Thanks again I didn't understand what the shadow files were doing exactly. I was giving my best interpitation of all the forum posts and some internet searches I have been doing. And now I see how I was not clear when asking if I could edit in HD. While now i understand I am sampling the hd fliles to enable editing to flow... Yeah

Can't say exactly what was screwing things up but its working.

Last time I did any editing was on a program called Speed Razor. Svhs was my source material and digital was just hitting the television industry. Digital tape that is. Sony sold Panavision 200 of there first hd cameras adapted for the panavision lenses.
The magic yuv process did multiply file size by 10.

Will be handy later when I can get the full 4.2.2 10 bit out of my gh4 cameras. Then again maybe PD and better hardware will make 4k as easy to move around in a couple of years as hd is becoming.

Sorry if my bottleneck explanation was confusing since I did a beginners interpitation of the downside of the nvidia 970.
My biggest problem seems to have been in the system software load. With new systen drive ( win 10 and PD 14 ultimate) I can now also run the standard mp4 1080p files with shadow files on in High quality preview and my sync and stutters have gone away. So hd editting is a reality.

I appreciate all the input and have a better understanding of the hardware mechanics. The 1060 is on the top of my list since my original footage from a gh4 is in 4 gig chunks and I am doing long form projects at the moment. Cutting the assembly Time ( rendering of 8 to ten minute files ) will help.
just put a new ssd sys drive and loaded windows and Pd 14. first pass in multicam was in syc with Hd Magic files. No shadow files. HD quality preview.
Just did a fresh load on a new drive of system and PD14 ultimate.......

The first pass in multicam edit of HD magic files played smooth and in sync..... Yeah!!!!

Time for some sleep. Will update as I test further. And if all goes well I will repost diag and other info to see if changes show up.

Thanks Again to all... Have a better understanding of the graphics and anxious to see what PD 15 brings.
The hd files are down converted and video enhanced from 4k uhd to HD 1920 x 1080p 30fps h264 codec.

In Multicam the audio is lagging something awful. I can get by in music video's but interview show dosen't work so well. My projects are multi camera and I have dropped the quality preview quality down as needed to try and make it go

Doing straight edits on the timeline is smooth with multiple cuts from a multicam pass.

This is a explanation from the forum and I read it elsewhere: 970 is not good for video editing in 4K, because it has an older generation ASIC for video decoding/encoding. Differant from 950 / 960 and the newer 1000 series.

I did some conversions in Magic. one 4k uhd and one HD. Each played flawless. I decoded another set of 4 camera's in hd and it dosen't work. Even had a seperate audio track for the HD from the concerts sound board.

I am about to load a new system drive to make sure there isn't any other problems I am missing. My system drive is a old ssd and part of why i am doing a fresh load on a new drive.

Last but not least I guess I should be doing lower res prints. Then edit, rename and print..... off to the races...

Thanks for the time and input. Your numbers are in line with a few others posted.
I went to the post and it deals with render times. While faster is better I currently do not have a stable edit system with pd14 ultimate.

My primary goal was to get away from the Nvidia 970 due to the bottleneck on the backside of the bus. I can not get smooth playback on the time line or in multicam. The footage is shot in 4k and downsized to hd (1920 x 1080p 30fps H264 )

Win 10 / I7 5930 with 16 gb ram / ssd system and video drives and the nvidia 970

Am I dreaming thinking I can edit smooth Hd in PD14?????

I ran a couple of magic tests that even ran one multi cam uhd 4 camera with external sound. Fun stuff but it quit after that...

I started delving into this just to get smooth editing in HD (1920 x 1080 mp4... Since I am shooting 4k and downsizing the money is worth it to go as high as possible. Is smooth editing and especialy hd possible with the following hardware ?????

Win 10 / I7 5930 intel cpu / 16 gb ram / ssd main and video drives. The 970 nividia does not give smooth playback and the opinion i have formed is this particular card has a bottleneck on the backside of its processing bus.

I will be installing a fresh load and retesting this hardware on a new system drive to try and rule out any other problems.

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