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I was able to get it to work full screen. In the resize menu in NVidia control panel, I made stretched the screen a little more. I guess I didn't have it full screen all the way.

Just 1080p video files that play DTSHD and TRUEHD audio.

Will VLC bitstream or at least play DTS HD and TRUEHD audio?
Whenever I play a disc based blu ray, it plays fine I'm full screen, however if I play a video file that is a movie, or any video file on full screen, it does not fill the screen completely. I don't want to stretch it and distort the image. Is there a fix for this?
I need help playing dts hd and true hd video files. If I have an iso file, it plays fine, and the dts hd or true hd lights up on my receiver, but if I have just a video file, it just shows dts or dolby, not dts hd or true hd. Is the hd sound not playing correctly with the video file, and how do I make it play correctly with the hd sound?

When playing a blu ray that is DTS HD, it displays on the screen compressed audio. I thought the DTS HD is lossless. Why does it display compressed audio. I have it connected via HDMI to my surround sound receiver.
Has there been any update to this problem. I have the same problem after installing the patch with both mkv and bd.
I got it to work by manually delaying the audio in the settings. Too bad cinema mode doesn't offer manual delay.
I've been having audio delay problems when watching 3D blu ray movies. I noticed there is an audio delay setting in classic mode. Is there any way to apply those settings in cinema mode?
Whenever I try to play a DVD with reclock, I get a blank screen. With HDMI and DTS HD, should the audio settings in PowerDVD be "Non Decoded high definition to an external device", or PCM Decoded by PowerDVD? Also, can I bitstream in reclock, or no? I want to be able to get the untouched HD audio stream the way it was intended, but I need to use reclock because when I play a 3D Blu Ray, the audio and video are not synched, and lip sync doesn't help in my AV receiver.

But if I delay the audio, won't that mess up the 2D videos, since 2D is playing fine?
I have a GTX 680, a Panasonic 55" Plasma VT30, with an Onkyo 7.1 surround sound system connected via HDMI. Im using Nvidia 3d Vision. When playing a blu ray movie with PowerDVD 14 at 24Hz, the audio av sync is really bad. I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction on how to fix this and make it in sync. 2D movies at 60 HZ play fine.

I wouldn't up convert 2D-3D either. I just wanted to make sure that slider doesn't affect native 3D movies.
Ok, thanks. I have surround sound. I just wanted to make sure if the 3D depth slider was moved, that the blu ray wouldn't be affected.
Thanks. I'll make sure it is turned off.
I have a couple questions on PowerDVD 14.
First, there is a slider labeled 3D depth in the 3D settings. When watching a 3D Blu ray movie, would adjusting this setting change anything?
Also, there is the True Theater 3D settings. When watching a 3D Blu Ray movie, do these settings have any affect? The reason I ask is because 3D blu ray movies and regular blu ray as I understand it, the audio and video should be left unprocessed. I just want to make sure I am getting the movie as it was intended for viewing.

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