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Quote Change images without a problem, as long as they are in the same place and with the same name.
The project will add as if it were the first.
The other way is to add the modified image to the library, drag it over the old one, and select Replace.

I appreciate your advice and I wonder if it is possible in PD to have inserted projects behave the same way as images.

With images, you have like I described above. When you edit them outside of PD, they are being read anew next time you load the project.
Unfortunately, this is not the case with sub-projects. They are not because any connection has been lost the moment you inserted them into the main project. They only act as a template for nested projects.
Quote If I understand correctly, when a miniproject is uncertain in another main one, it will be part of the main project and will be saved in this one.
The mini-project remains unchanged.
If you want to update changes made to the miniproject.
Save the main project, select with yellow cursor, only mini project, “Copy”.
Select new workspace, “Paste” save miniproject.
The main project will link with material from the mini-project, so it should not be discarded.

Thank you but I do not want to C&P.
I am thinking about functionality like Adobe Illustrator has, where you can link a picture inserted into a project to the file containing that picture, and any changes you do to that file later, reflect into the main project. You do not have to C&P back from main to the source.

I started to use nested projects and it seemed to be a perfect idea but it confused me totally.

In my understanding, it was like combining several projects into another one. Then I started to edit one nested project and after saving it I went back to the main one. Then confusion happened! My edits were gone!

Now I can see, that only the inserted project is taken from the source project file. Then all is stored in the mail file and any connection is lost. No changes are saved to the original source project nor read back from it.

Actually, all nested projects are stored in one main project file and have nothing to do with their origin.

Am I right?

Is there any way to connect them together?

I mean having one main project file and several sub-project files which could be edited separately and then automatically imported into the main project. Is it possible?
Thanks a lot, AVPlayVideo! I haven't noticed, that a new button shows up ("Effect") when you click on a clip itself not only on (i).

Indeed, contrary to some other posts, only the last applied LUT stays on the list.

Thanks for your help.
It took me a lot of effort to figure out how to apply LUT's. Still, I cannot guess how to remove them?

Imagine you apply several LUT's to the clip and then do something else. Then you go back and decide to remove LUT's you previously applied. How do you do it?

How to remove LUT's applied to the clip?
Quote Meantime, you can use this method.

Thanks, StevenG it looks promising. I'll give it a go.
Quote After your post I have tried the same, and this happens in my system too. Black video, but sound is OK. Mind you I apply the effect to the whole vide.

I'm not sure you talk about the same problem.

I've attached two screenshots to clarify this problem as happens to me. You can see the difference. After moving the clip to lower track (not the very first one), the mask selection window becomes black, and selecting a correct area is a bit difficult.
I want to blur out a part of a clip using the gaussian blur effect + mask.

Unfortunately, a mask defining window does not show clip content but a black window.

After a short research, I discovered, that it shows clip content only when a clip is placed on the very first video track.

Is it a bug or do I do something wrong?

Nothing in the test or data comparison was 24p.

As mentioned prior in this thread, the niche for GPU encoding is really H.265. Perform that test and see how your CPU encoding compares.


Wow, I've found testing settings and my time is over 11 sec!!! compared to average 1m40s in the spreadsheet.

Do you think, installing GTX 1050 could really decrease my producing time 10 times?!
Not sure what you mean by "slightly further in the matrix". Basically with PD18, there will be little difference between a 1050, 1060 or 1070 concerning NVENC as they all support the fourth generation Pascal NVENC implements. PD18 does not take advantage of the multiple NVENC chips as concurrent sessions are not permitted.

Clear enough.

I constructed a very basic test years ago to get a feel of just encoding speed via simply transcoding. It was highlighted here: and there is a GTX1060 data point so you can compare to your W3670 for a simply transcode to a default H.264 and H.265 profile to give you a feel if it's worth it.

My test with 10x “Kite Surfing.wmv” 1920x1080/24p H.264 (no hardware encoding) shows produce time 55sec. compared to average 1min.40sec. in that table, so it looks like I do not have any reason to complain right? Or should I test higher resolution (it is not stated in the test instruction config)?

Just keep in mind that encoding with GPU is not really an extension of the CPU, it is a different encoder vs the CPU encoder and will have different results.

This does not help me at all... foot-in-mouthfoot-in-mouthfoot-in-mouth

I do not need high-end hardware though it would be nice to have shorter producing time with my occasional work. At the moment, with my hardware config, I gain around 0.7/1 rendering time (7 min. of producing for 10 min. clip).

My PC is Dell Precission, CPU W3670 @ 3.19 GHz (12 threads), 12GB RAM, GTX 555

I consider buying NVENC compatible card and my options are GTX 1050 or GTX 1060.

My concern is - is it worth buying cheaper GTX 1050 which is on the edge of the support matrix or GTX 1060 which is slightly further in the matrix? I don't want to spend more money. Does it really matter at all or is it only performance difference?

Can one assume, that as long as NVENC is supported by PD365, GTX 1050 is going to support hardware encoding?
Quote I would probably help to have a screenshot of your complex project's timeline to understand why a "flat" packed project seems so unusable to you.

Movie clips are not my main subject so I do them occasionally. From time to time, when I move away from home and have to continue a project I use my laptop for video editing. That's when problems start. If I use an Export feature and move a project from PC to laptop, all directories disappear. Then after moving back... there is no way to recreate them automatically on PC (to move files to their previous directories).

I need a way to start a project on PC, then edit it occasionally on a laptop and move to PC back again.

It looks like manual sync of both installations and mirroring directory structure is the only way though it is not what I expected from Cyberlink as a leader in the industry.
By the way, your now a "Member" at 50 msgs so can change your profile.

That's what I did immediately cool

It's really a personal choice

I do it similar way. I have all my projects hierarchically organized od D drive. On my laptop, I try to keep the same structure. Because laptop only has C drive and a tiny D one, I had to use some tricks like symbolic links to simulate D drive directory which in fact resides on bigger C drive.

It all works fine except of you and optodata mentioned - titles, shared sound clips, additional packs. It is really annoying. It looks like CL developers really don't care about moving projects from one computer to another.
Quote Open up each project on your original computer, then use Pack Project Materials under PD's File menu.

Save the packed project (which includes all the media files) onto a portable flash drive, or onto a shared network drive. Do this with each project, and then copy everything to your 2nd machine (or access the shared network drive from there) and each project should open up correctly.

But Pack Project Materials completely destroys directory structure and makes it flat. This is not the modern projects should be treated.
Is there any other way to export a project?
The attached screenshot show that it was purchased a few years ago along with the PD15 and AD3. You had to have installed it to be able to register it maybe on a different pc. The software may have been installed on someone else pc and forgotten after all this time.

Thank you for the suggestion. I've found it on my harddrive along with other PD15 installation files laughing
Quote As far as I know, you can buy a combo with perpetual licenses for PD18 and PhD11, or if you get the subscription versions, you have to subscribe to DirectorSuite.

I don't think you can subscribe to PD and get a separate download for PhD8 Ultra, but maybe there was a special offer. You may want to contact CL customer service if you're missing the download link.

I can see the product key in my member zone as you can see in the attachment. So it looks like I should have it in my subscription, doesn't it?
Great. Thank you Jeff

Too old of GPU with current drivers for PD18 to have hardware encoding. The load is probably decoding load. Turn decoding off in pref > Hardware Acceleration and then restart PD and play a clip from the timeline and see if GPU load subsides some.


You are right Jeff. Without decoding selected, GPU load is much lower. So what is required to utilize hardware acceleration?
It is kind of strange, that I cannot select Hardware acceleration while producing a clip. I tried different formats because I remember from previous versions, that it did work but for a particular video formats.

Now with PD 365 it is different. I cannot select hardware acceleration on the produce tab BUT when I look at GPU-Z sensors, they show a significant GPU load.

PowerDirector 365
Nvidia GeForce GTX555
Intel Xeon W3670

There is not a big deal, rendering time is good enough but I wonder if selecting hardware acceleration might shorten it?

Am I doing something wrong?
Recently I purchased PD 365 subscription and as far as I understand, PhotoDirector 8 Ultra license is included. Anyway, I have its product key in my member zone.

I still cannot find any way to download PhotoDirector 8 Ultra. Before 365, all links were included in welcome email but now I cannot see it.

How do I download it?
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