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Thank you for your reply., Sorry coming back to you so late , just taken a short break away.
Thanks for the reassurance on deleting projects once they have been produced.
I was not able to birn my 2 sections of movie to DVD as the movie became too big.
It was put on a USB which required reformatting to enable me to do so..Anyway got there in the end.
Once again a big thanks, I am so grateful for help on this forum
I am working on a big project with lots of different parts to be joined for completion
After losing time consuming projects in the past I have become a bit paranoid, I think, with loads of backups now on my work,.

1, Can I safely delete projects once produced and am I right to believe I can then keep these productions in a seperate folder from project folder without losing them?

2, Once completed for one of the copies I need to put this on to dvd,but in two seperate parts. Do I need to add chapters 1 and 2 so as to play the dvd at the chosen viewing point?

Yes, Thanks.
I'm aware of that option, slthough, I've never tried it. The video is a present on a personalised usb and that is why in this case I ma sending it to them. But, appreciate all and any advice.
Thanks for the advice.
I thought that was the case regarding the necessity for concern about NTSC/PAL. only in relation to burning to a DVD.
The plan for the USA is that thry will play the video throygh a computer or the smart TV.
I have produced in Mpeg2, but I will redo in Mpeg4.
Iam doing a MPeg 2 for family in UK and,also, sending over a pendrive to the USA. Do I need to choose the NTSC setting for USA or is that just for DVD's?
Just a quick question about Audio Director. Should version 9 have come with my downloaded purchase of power director 17?

Can I just finish this poat with a big thanks for all the help with a now successful conclusion which has led to other successes without problems. Many, many thankls
Thank you all so much.
I have now , with your help located the ssound clips. Much appreciated
I have downloaded sound clips from dz and installed them, but I am not able to find them anywhere n power director . Can anyone advise please?
Many thanks
Tthanks for all advice

Thinking I was being orderly, I know now not tomove things

As my project is growing larger I am thinkig now it is time, also, to move away foom DVD creation and put my finished video on a flash/USB drive.

Hope for plain sailing from now on and thanks again for helping me to understand better the software
Thank you both again
So firstly I can insert into a produced project with a project that is non produced, that was not the problem then.

I am saving into new folders on the desktop as I go along not always from where projects were originally stored, is that . in that moving them.
When this appens I do get the error message that files are missong,etc.

If I pack the project materials, will the project load to timeline as a completed project again? I have not tried that before.

I, also, have received messages on my PCaboit hardware acceleration. Th is has happened in the past because I have used a special magnifying programme that has caused some issues. I am now using instead the windows accessibility option of high magnification and have wondered whether this might have something to do with my rpoblems.

To be honest once I have finished this particular overall project I did not know whether it might be better to reinstall PD17 again

Thanks for the information regarding the burning to DVD, I usually go straight to Create Disc from a finished project and did'n't know whether haveng produced most of my work in Mpeg2 first might alter the method I need to use.

Many thanks again
Can I say that i think it is so nice for anyone to help and to respond so quickly
Before I trouble further I will attempt to unravel what is going on with the latest problem. And hope it all makes sense
I think that it went wrong with saved project after inserting a non-produced project into a produced version. Am I right tothink a produced project iss not editable ?
When opening again from the folder saved to, it saved only the small non produced bit with blanks on the timeline around it.
When I ooked in the auto save folder, looking for the complete new project it was not there, just one incomplete as explained above.
I did find the MPeg I thought was missing though without the addition that caused my problem and since then I have produced sone of my other bits and added them successfully. Hooray
Regarding the cloud, I thought I had set up my cyberlink cloud account, but will look into that again
Can I ask again, however, if PD17 will convert my saved Mpeg to dvd or do I need a separate converter?
Big thanks once againr

It is all a big learning curve for me. I have successfully made home movies in the past ,but not with many different segments and formats to be included. Also, working with a new PC using windows 10 for the first time, which I am not too fond of.
I apolgise that I am back again at the risk of ultimate embarassment.
All inserted extra projects went well, so with still more to add however I produced my work so far . I did so in avi and Mpeg and when asked did i want to upload to the cloud I did that as well for one of the produced projects
Today I inserted a project into the Mpegproduction and then saved that under a new name wanting to add today's date.
.It went blank again for the most part when I reopened it to add more.frown

I tried to download from the cloud and itis not there , nor was it backed up to where settings tells me it should be and I have set the backup for every 5 minutes, I am being slowly driven mad.
I do have an avi saved although without today;s work included, but I will survive that. Just so afraid of doing something wrong and losing that file so I am asking questions here again.
So did it not like a project being added to a production? Can I add to the avi file? I did want to edit that a bit at the end though If possible . Am I better leaving it intact? The produced avi is huge so I believe it better to be in MPeg to get onto a dvd so can I change tthe format and at what stage is best? Will power director burn mpeg to dvd, I have used avi in the past to do this?
Apologies again especially for the long winded moan and I am very grateful to all who help.

Yes. You have to chose one format, and any clips or images that are a different format will be scaled so that the longest edge fills the frame. In a 16:9 project, 4:3 media will have black bars on the left and right; in a 4:3 project, 16:9 media will have black bars at the top and bottom.

There are 3 ways to deal with this, and you may use any combination of them in the same project:

  1. Do nothing. Let the black bars appear

  2. Manually zoom/crop the "misfit" clips so the main content is visible but the image/clip fills the screen

  3. Place a background image/video on Track 1 that's the same format as your project, and put all your content on Track 2 and below. The edges of that image will show wherever black bars are present, and you may want to apply a blur or softening effect to give you a subtle background, rather than one that's sharply focused.

There's no right or wrong way, so try out some ideas and let your creativity shine through! cool

EDIT: I think you should use 16:9 for your project, since most of your clips are that format and because there's more room for content

Yes I thought I may be left with black bars. I will remember this advice for future reference, but on this occasion after so much trouble I don't want to move things around. I think I will put up with it. Thanking evryone again.
I have actually redone lost clips separately and inserted them and now have verything back together on the timeline as it was, and hopefully saved successfully for me to then add the rest of what is needed
Thanks again for the help here, may I ask another question before I go ahead with this project.
Some of my older clips are in 4.3, but most are 16.9 so I have ignored advice from the program to change to 4.3 am I going to be ok doing that?

Thank you for all of the help received,that I will certainly use. I have not been able to recover from the autosave. I do have my overall project there to work with albeit with large gaps to be filled again. Bacause I want to just fill these gaps am i right in thinking I cannot produce the samller projects and insert them, would they all have to be in projct form to insert? Iam using "split at current time" and "remove" to trim larger videos, is that the best way to do it?
And I believe I got into trouble originally messing around with effects and transitions so will use appluy random at the end of the overall finished project
Because of using very short clips I was thinking of using the video collage option, can I ask while I amhere is that option for very short videos only though?
I am having real problems and have lost a lot of work dne as a present for my daughter's birthday. .Please forgive the lack of expertise that will show in whar follows.
I have been trimming lots of videos on the timeline to build up o a story of important events so including various formats. Each time I added bits I saved the project under a different name so as to identify the last workings but also though that if anything went wrong the previous workings would still be there. That was not the case when I lost stuff
Amongst all of these saved projects I have found that there are different bits of my work still saved and I am wondering whether I can trim out some blank bits and somehow use what is there and combine them into a new project?
I have, also put tohether samll projects ready to combine them into one when I have finished all the trimming of them in an effort to keep them safe
Can I do it this way or should I produce them and then combine them. I am so concerned about losing work again
Can I, also, ask if transitions and effects show only in the finished production as they do not seem to be showing on the preview screen
Thanks for any advice

Thanks for replies. I do not have the old PC and was advised not to use backups I had from my old system on my new PC because of the programme used to make them. So I no longr have them.
Thanks for all of the advice though bu looks like I will have to start again..
Quote I didn't realize you were on a different computer now.

As Carl mentioned above, you'll need to either physically access your old PC or have a backup to retrieve your downloads and customs. Those aren't "stored" with PD, so even if you installed the older PD on your new system, none of your personilzed content would be there.

Newer PD versions DO save those items to the cloud and will automatically restore your content when you do a new install on another machine, but in your case, you'll need transfer them manually.

Do you still have the old PC (or a backup)? We can show you where all the files are stored and help you get them loaded on your Win10 machine.
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