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Quote Here is an article on decrypting the samsung srf file: . I am sure that you can convert it with a free video converter once you have done your research.


I saw that article which unfortunately was too technical for me.

Many sites offer the ability to convert but when installed they cannot actually do the SRF file, but I will keep looking and also at alternatives means etc...

Many thanks fpor your help...much appreciated.

Best wishes Ray
Hope friends can help please,

My daughter is appearing on a TV program tomorrow and I have done a test today on the TV to record to an external Hard Drive.

The TV is a Samsung UE65RU7470 and it output to the Hard Drive perfectly.

However, Samsung saves as the video as an SRF file and I am struggling to find anything (preferably free) to convert to MP4 or AVI…something I can view on the PC/POWER DIRECTOR etc and edit if needed.

Does anyone have any suggestions please: would be very grateful for help.

Best wishes

Quote Hello,

It sounds like your friend is in the Express mode of the Title Designer:

Your friend needs to click on the Advanced button at the top of the window to switch to the Advanced mode:

PowerDirector Moderator

BRILLIANT...Thank you so much...really appreciated.

Very best wishes


I recommended PD to a friend as I have PD18 and love it: he got PD19.

He has a disk but also thinks he had to download some things from Cynberlink.

Asking me about PD19, Title Designer, I established that he has the tab for Object, but in the title designer, does not have tabs for Effect and Motion.

How do we deal with that please: would the disk/program need to be reinstalled or is that an element of a download please.

Any help would be much appreciated and thank you in anticipation of your help.

Best wishes

Quote Microsoft releases a “quality update” to Windows on the second Tuesday of each month, which is known as “Patch Tuesday” so if your problem started around that time it could be a clue.

It might well be worth trying a rollback. That might confirm an update as the issue.

It annoys me that Microsoft have removed the controls over updates that it provided in earlier versions. I find it a very arrogant attitude. I've seen reports in the past of buggy updates breaking user's systems. This is why I still use Windows 7 on my Power Director system.

Thank you very much Mike...

Tried to roll back but as the update occured more than 10 days ago it will not let me do it...very annoying.

This just might be the issue and I appreciate you flagging it up for me....really not good if it has caused this issue and no wonderyou stay with W7...

Thank you for your help: it is much appreciated.

For what it is worh, really enjoy Power Director having come orignally from Pinnacle (years ago), more rencely been using Magix but much prefer PD...great progeam....

Best wishes Ray
Quote Windows 10 update?

Hi Mike,

Not sure if it could be that.

I have been running W10 without problem but as you say, could an update be the problem.

Not sure when the last one was (or how to find it) and wonder if I can roll back etc to see if that is the problem?

Thank you very much: appreciated.

Best wishes Ray


Interestingly...I just loaded all the 4k Shadaow files into PD18 as a new project.

I did not use any crossfades which is my usual transition.

I did not add a basic title.

I did not add my own music etc.

It played every clip without problem......perfect....

Seems odd because it has previously run much more complex videos without problem....

This is the spec on my PC.

Device name DESKTOP-1G8R9E8
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 4.20 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
Device ID 30B2221D-5D3C-454F-B77E-587B33FFC5BD
Product ID 00326-00801-81650-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch Pen support

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 21H1
Installed on ‎24/‎09/‎2020
OS build 19043.1288
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0

It has been running amazingly well with Power Director and for example if I want to produce a 30 minute 4k Video, it effectively does it in real time……30 minutes.

However, last time I used it (I do video things almost weekly) I noticed that 4k files were almost unwatchable on the PC and it took an extraordinarily long time to produce a 30 minute Video (over 3 hours)

I loaded a number of videos (all 4K) and times was about 30 minutes.

I waited until shadow files were created and had no issue using the program and/or viewing video….

That was until I selected the preview window to watch a preview of video changes I might want to try etc….

The window would not show up property (very black)

When I replayed; frames were now jerky again

However, I managed and tried to produce video which is 30 minutes of 4K vide with minimum effects and just a crossfade transition between approximated 10 short videos.

Basic titling only.

I know it is like looking for a needle in a haystack but does anyone have any ideas why PD18 Ultimate has suddenly decided to run slow at a certain point.

It seems very strange.

Any help or advice would be appreciated thank you

Quote wouldn't PIP Designer also be able to do this ?

Hi Detroit 123

I am not familiar enough with PD to answer this but I did actually wonder the same.....

I must try that as well.
Thank you too for your help and a newbie to PD it is great to receive this help from those more familiar with it.

Verty best wishes

Hi Guys...

I also found the video as below which is excellent and I wonder if it might be helpful to you as well.

Just thought I would drop it in here in case it helps.

Very best wishes and thank you again for your kind help.

Best wishes

Quote H Ray,
I put tohether a quick series of images to illustrate a simple way. These use photo clips from an existing project, and this technique is equally valid for video clips, so other than the clip in highlight ignore everything else.

  • highlight the clip you want to pan and zoom on in the timeline: then choose tools and select pan and zoom - screenshot P&Z 1

  • when the pan and zoom panel opens, choose the user defined option - last in my list and probably yours. A magic window opens now with the selected clip in focus: screenshot P&Z 2

  • in the magic window there is a timeline with the moving triangle and a keyframe (diamond icon) at the start. You drag the triangle to a time on the TL, and choose to create a keyframe here by stopping and then selecting diamond+icon below. Oops, an error? click on the keyframe and select the diamond- icon to remove it.

  • Do this as many times as you want - but be reasonable - too many and the result will not look good. When playing, the software adjusts smoothly between the size at the keyframe it has just passed, to the size at the next one. For this illustration, I chose to insert 2 keyframes - one in the middle and one at the end of the window TL, as seen the screenshot P&Z 2.

  • you will note that the image has sizing handles around it - those little square icons, corners and middle of each side, total of 8. Click on a keyframe and then use those sizing handles to adjust the size and position centre of the image at that point: click n drag to suit your need. It does not have to zoom on centre: it can - by moving the centre dot - zoom sideways.

  • In these images I chose to just zoom in on the image size for the middle keyframe (KF). Screenshot P&Z 3.

  • So, when it plays (click on the play icon in the window) it goes from large at KF1, to zoom in at KF2, and zoom back out to KF3. In playing time, it pulses slowly. To speed it up, add more keyframes with alternating zoom in and out. Tinker with the zoom amount and position at each keyframe and play until satisfied.

  • click on OK in the window when finished.

Hi Davidk101...

Thank you so much for going to all this trouble...that is extremely kind and I am sure is goping to help me understand the principle of keyframes...

I will read over and keep this as a reference for me.

Thank you very much for your kind help....

Best wishes Ray
Quote This pdtoots tutorial may help to get you started: . If your video is a long clip and there are various points where you want to zoom in, then I would make a split to where you want to start a zoom on the timeline and another split to where the zoom should end. Use the PiP designer for the zoom in portions.

Excellent video Tomasc.

Thank you very much...I am sure I can learn from this and appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes


I apologise if this has been asked before but despite a search I could not find an exact answer.

I am using PD18.

I have videos of my daughter showjumping where, moving through the ring she may at points be some distance away and them comes back closer.

I can zoom with the camera however, I would like to be able to zoom as and in PD using the keyframe feature etc as this would be much steadier.

I have not used keyframe before and although there are videos about keyframe, would like to find one more specific to my needs, which I am sure must be common.

In short, I would like to zoom in and out in the video using keyframes to designate the places where this happens etc.

Would be grateful for any help, advice or links to tutorials please, specific to this process.

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes Ray
Thank you very much optodata

I am afraid that I did not realise that adjustment was available and really need to start looking more closely at tutirals etc.

It is somewhat limited in the version I have and does not give the scope for adjustment which is available in the other programme and I think I may that just for this option as it is really excellent, allowing correction of all aspects which PD18 does not seem to have unless I upgradfe to 365 etc which I am not really keen to do.

Once again, many thanks for your great help and clear explanation: it is much appreciated.

Best wishes Ray

I am a new user of PD18 and have come from another long-standing editing program.

I am loving PD.

However, one thing I am missing, or p[erhaps cannot find is a gamma adjustment.

Whilst PD does have a brightnes control etc, the other program actuall had a gamma control where you could adjust the shadows, mids and bright areas of each clip. It was fantastic at bringing back detail to white clouds for example providing an almost HDR effect.

I am looking for something like this in PD but cannot see I not looking in the right place please?

Many thanks

Dear Tony...thank you for your interest.....

I could not get PD to burn on my laptop (although powerful) and so copied the files and PDS file to my desktop....which burned fine. (same spec as laptop)

I had however also used another program to burn a copy of the finished video and that was ok (on the desktop again)

I wonder if it may be that they laptop is struggling with such a large task and is overheating (despite running a large fan alongside it!!!)

However, I am going to see what happens when I try to burn something more sensible in size as this was approaching the Blu ray max size......a lot for any pc and /or program top handle.

Best wishes


Hi Borgus....yes, I did that but wanted to burn in PD....

However, out of interest, now established the problem may have been with the laptop because I tried to burn again using PD on desktop...and it worked.....

Suspect Laptop may have an issue but it is Intel I7, 8gb ram, quad core should have handled.....

Very best wishes...


if people find this interesting and worth noting I will copy the thread over in case it mat help others.....
Just wondered if anyone can offer any help please to my original postinge here...

Would be mist grateful.

Best wishes and thank you

Thanks Dafydd...

Much appreciated and now really excited about using PD..

I am more of a stills retoucher but this has inspired me to try a little more video.

Best wishes

AN UPDATE.....And it's good news.

First off, many thanks for all for the kind help and assistance.

So, after countless tries at authoring and burning with my laptop (I7, quad core and 8GB ram), even putting a large fan on it to keep it cool as getting very hot...I gave up as PD kept stopping.

Redid the whole video on my desktop PC (older but same spec)

Waited in trepidation and expected PD to crash again and for me to have to burn with alternative software...NO!!!!

It worked perfect....almost 2 hours of bluray on a disk....totally delighted.

So going to use PD as main editor now as seems a great program......and people here have been so helpful.

Many thanks again.

Best wishes


Tried a couple more times and same problem.

However, found this fix: -

The reason for the crashes was the hardware acceleration. In PD9, go to the Preferences / Hardware Acceleration, and deactivate "Enable hardware encoding". After that, I had no problems with PD9 anymore, it didnt crash anymore.

Tried that and set it going again...see what happens.

Best wishes

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