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Gamma adjustment
RayGuselli [Avatar]
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I am a new user of PD18 and have come from another long-standing editing program.

I am loving PD.

However, one thing I am missing, or p[erhaps cannot find is a gamma adjustment.

Whilst PD does have a brightnes control etc, the other program actuall had a gamma control where you could adjust the shadows, mids and bright areas of each clip. It was fantastic at bringing back detail to white clouds for example providing an almost HDR effect.

I am looking for something like this in PD but cannot see I not looking in the right place please?

Many thanks

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There are actually several ways to do that. The easiest (and one you may be most familiar with) is to use the Gamma Correction or NewBlue Gamma Corrector from the FX room (click on the FX icon or press F4).

Start typing "gamma" into the search field at the top right to quickly locate them, then drag one of them directly onto the clip you're wanting to adjust.

Next, click on the Effect button above the timeline to make the adjustment. The standard Gamma Correction FX has only a single slider, while the NewBlue version has individual sliders for expand and compress. The NewBlue version comes with the subscription (PD365) and may not be included in the perpetual-license version (PD18 ).

You can also adjust the ranges manually by selecting the clip and clicking on Fix / Enhance. The Color Adjustment tool gives you several adjustments related to lighting, and there's a separate HDR Effect tool you can apply as well.

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RayGuselli [Avatar]
Newbie Location: Barrow in Furness Joined: Mar 17, 2013 10:02 Messages: 33 Offline
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Thank you very much optodata

I am afraid that I did not realise that adjustment was available and really need to start looking more closely at tutirals etc.

It is somewhat limited in the version I have and does not give the scope for adjustment which is available in the other programme and I think I may that just for this option as it is really excellent, allowing correction of all aspects which PD18 does not seem to have unless I upgradfe to 365 etc which I am not really keen to do.

Once again, many thanks for your great help and clear explanation: it is much appreciated.

Best wishes Ray
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