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Quote You can select a range on the timeline and produce that portion only. Splits as you suggested makes it easier to locate each of the five portions Sthis in help: https
/ .

Thanks Tomasc: yes it worked
Video has five presentations. Is there a process to separate using the "Split" command then produce each separately that would give me 5 separate videos to produce. Jim
Having difficulty opening up or importing media file/project. File captured ok and went into the Edit tab section ok. Closed project and sometime shortly after I had to re-install win 8 then did the win 8.1 upgrade. I then re-stalled PD11 with all latest updates. The timeline fills up with a black frame. The error msg just states that PD could not open media file. Thanks for any help, Jim
borgus1 : had similar situation. You didn't say what operating system you had on the "other computers" but as noted in the other reply......Windows 8 and 8.1 don't have a DVD player. I bought and installed ($9 from Microsoft) "Windows Media Center" and all my DVDs now open . Worth looking into. Jim
Thanks for all the help Pix......I practiced today with your first suggestion ..Chroma Key or varying opacity...that worked out better than trying to overlay transparencies etc. I will also check out Paint.NET. thanks again. james
Hi Pix....I will attempt to use your second example..."Photo Composer" . Your third example for "PD & graphics software" I'm unclear as to what you mean by "Graphics Software" does Cyber have it or is there some special SW you use? Or is this incorporated into PD11? james
Ok.....thanks so much I will give it a try and let you know.....great forum for Cybrelink.....I also have PD11, Wave, ColorDir. And thanks for the quick response.
Thanks that is another way I didn't know of . I have been using the "Thumbnail" at bottom of screen. Now that I'm aware of your there a way to overlay one of the photo's onto the other? thanks again
I am trying to compare two photo's , one in Black/White and the other in Color. I want to put them side by side. I have two monitors. I can't find a way to show the BW and Color in the same compare window. I'm reviewing and counting Sun Spots. Both photo's taken at same time and date. james
Hey Guys....thanks so much for responding to my question. You all made me think more on problem. Yes I'm running Win 8 Pro (upgrade from Vista) I can now get autoplay to open because I downloaded "Windows Media Center". Win 8 as you all know dumped DVD playback. After a min or two of making my settings in Win Media Center....all my DVDs (mpeg and VOB) now open. Cost for S/W $9. So going forward I just need to remind recipients ofmy produced DVDs to ensure they have Media Center with Win 8. I understand it is on newer Win 8 versions. But to ensure I cover all possibilities I think I will Produce the video in avi, mov, or WMV. Thanks again and if you have any other comments let me know.

Yes Carl.....I'm aware of the .ext and it's a Windows media problem by not supporting VOB in Media Player 12 (windows . I just played my recent DVD on windows xp/vista and it opened automatically and played. So will I need to re-render and select what? A "AVC", WMV or MOV? Since Windows Media Player 12 does not support means hundreds of DVDs produced are not compatible. As I mentioned above I produced in Mpeg-2 and selected 1280x720/30p because I captured from HDV camcorder. I start over and reproduce previous video's into another .ext?

Thanks to you guys in this forum

Thanks Jim......So correct me then.........I will re-render in 4:3 format and make a disk using format AVCH or WMV? The video's will be used on a laptop with a projector and project it on a screen.

Jim.........thanks for quick reply. Yes....I did finalize by creating a DVD disk in MPEG-2. My original video is a DV HD tape from Sony video Cam.
I have both the MPEG file and PDS file. I thought the DVDs would play on CPU after completing. They play ok on T.V. What format is best for using on CPU? Will I need to do rendering all over again in 4:3 Standard Def to fit CPU format? thanks
I have PD-11 Ultra....I produced many video's on DVD, MPEG-2. 16-9. DVDs will not open on computer. Have I missed an important step?

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