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Quote A couple thoughts: You're zoomed out quite a bit on the horizontal timeline scale, and if you have a very short transition you're unlikely to get the cursor lined up close enough (and for long enough) to drop it on the clips. Zoom in, and also make sure you've got the clips actually touching each other. It looks like they might not be abutting each other in your screen recording.

If none of those work, take a look at this similar discussion.

Thanks! Expanding the timeline helped.
I am having trouble today adding transitions to a project. To illustrate the problem I made this video:

I hope someone can help with this. I need to finish this project asap.


Thanks for the reply, Dave, but the link was not of much help. I knew what "major" formats can be used; but at least in my case, most of the images I tested from those major formats generated the error.

However, after restarting my computer, I find this morning that the images that were producing the error are now loading without a problem. I had just installed Screen Recorder 4 during my last computer session, so I guess the reboot was needed to help complete the install.
Can someone help me with video overlays in Screen Recorder 4?

I have tried ta add some overlays using the Video Overlays window in Screen Recorder, but most images are rejected with a message.


What does the format have to be? Is it a size restriction? No. of colors, with or without transparency or what?

Quote Your answer is sitting right there at the upper right part of the page: You have the system audio/mic balance (Mix) set all the way to system volume only. Set it in the middle like in my screenshot and you'll be all set

Yep! I just saw that. Amazing.
Okay! I figured it out. It seems pretty lame now, but it wasn't obvious before.

While reviewing these messages I happened to notice a not-to-obvious control called "Mix" Under Audio setup. Mine was set like this:


I guess having all the audio on the right side left none for the microphone.

Quote Fascinating. Those screenshots and your troubleshooting steps help a lot.

What does your Audio Preferences panel look like?

Like this during my test. I'm not sure what "Input device" does, but I've had that both on and off without making any difference.

Note again that the audiometer shows that audio is detected from the microphone.

For what it's worth I took this shot of the Screen Recorder while recording the video test. See it here:

Audio Is Detected

You can see that microphone audio is being detected within SR4. It's just not being included in the recording.
Quote How are you checking the audio in the recorded clip? is there any chance that the player you're using is muted?

You can use MediaInfo to see the audio details in the MP4 recording, or import it into PowerDirector (if you have it) and right-click on the clip in the library or on the timeline to see its properties.

I had checked it only by listening to the audio, but that is a good idea about using PowerDirector to check it. I pulled one of the test videos I recorded in PowerDirector, and then opened the audio from it in the Audio Editor, and got this result:

Screen Recorder 4 Audio

The blip at the end was a System ding when the volume of the system is changed. The rest of the audio is at a zero level when the microphone audio was input.

I just bought and downloaded Screen Recorder 4 today and I hit a snag right out of the box. The program does not seem to be able to record the audio from my microphone. It records system sounds just fine.

AFAIK I have all the settings correctly configured; Under settings/Audio I have my microphone selected, and the audio volume meter shows audio is being heard. On the Screen Recorder screen, the microphone is selected and the volume meter shows audio.

But when I hit record and start speaking into the microphone, nothing is recorded from the mike although the volume meter continues to show that audio is present.

My old SR 2 seems to be able to record audio from the microphone just fine, as well as other programs. Just for some reason SR 4 doesn't pick it up.

Has anyone else had this issue, and does anyone know what can be done to fix it?
Yes, the ticket system finally started working a few days after my post, so I was able to read the response I got from the help desk. But I'm still befuddled by the inability of the help desk to fix the problem. The second response from the help desk only said "thank you" and that I could get information about YouCam mobile from a link it provided.

But that said nothing about how I could get my YouCam Mobile activation code to work so that I could use all of its features. I don't think the second respondent even looked at the ticket to see what it was about; he probably only read the reply I made to the previous response, and thought I was asking about features.

Unless not being able to activate YouCam mobile with the activation code CyberLink assigned me is a feature, the note from the help desk was way off track.

I will never spend another penny on CyberLink software again. Not only are the prices too high for what's advertised, many times the products are not what is advertised, and then the service following purchase is about as bad as it can get.
I have to say that it is disappointing to buy software that doesn't work, but it is even more aggravating to be unable to get a response from the vendor because of another software bug. But that is exactly the place I am in.

I purchased the upgrade to YouCam 6 because it is finally fixed a bug that kept a feature unavailable in the last version (for which it was purchased). It came with a license key for YouCam Mobile, but when I enter the license key, that didn't work.

So I generated a ticket Saturday. I was glad to see by email that a response had been posted to my ticket, but of course the email does not include the response. So I clicked on the link in the email, logged into the site, but all that I saw was an error message saying that the page I requested could not be processed.

Where do you go when the help desk is broken? Is there a help desk for the help desk?
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