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using mediaesspresso 7.5 i converted a batch of music videos in iphone 7 1080, after the batch i noticed it added the iphone 7 name at the end of each track so i had to painstakingly rename every file again by deleting the iphone 7 at the end of the title one by one. how do i stop it adding this extension name at the end please? i have loads to do and i don't want to have to rename each one again by removing that extension name. any other software that can do the same job without adding that name at the end paid or free also. thank you
i would like to use skype for video calling but i do not want people i am chatting with to see my bedroom as that is private, can youcam give me a virtual background so it only show my face? thank you
if I upgrade from powerDVD 14 to powerDVD 15, do I install powerDVD 15 over the top of powerDVD 14 or do I completely remove powerDVD 14 first using revo uninstaller and do a clean install of powerDVD 15? (ultra versions) thank you
for 3 weeks?
Ticket ID: CS001090191
UPDATE!! ,i am still waiting for technical support to get back to me since the 14th december
i have now had enough, they have lost a long loyal customer as i have had cyberlink software now since power producer 5. i have now replaced all my cyberlink software power dvd, mediashow, mediashow espresso, you cam and power to go with alternatives. for power dvd and mediashow/espresso with arcsoft total media 5 and media converter 7.5 (which i have tested and is actually better using their trials), you cam i dumped as i never used it and my logitech camera came with similar stuff, power2go with nero. it doesn't end here though as i will continue to tell people what cyberlink are like and what they have done to a loyal customer on my website, youtube, facebook. and recommend people not to buy cyberlink stuff in the future when they ask (and i do get asked a lot) and recommend other people. gossip spreads!! i do not believe in pirate software etc as i have been bought up to pay my way and respect the law but i do now see why people do it and understand them better
now they have responded after 5 days and saying they need a screenshot of the error. i have already attached it in the last reply and i can see it in the previous message so i don't know why they are asking me for it again? are they not looking properly or they just being difficult? probably the latter. (wait another week i suppose) thank god ofcom is watching this page and my tech support replies otherwise i probably have all my hair out by now
OMFG!!! THE KEY DOES NOT WORK!!! what is the matter with you people? another week waiting for a reply.
i think it may be time for my solicitor and ofcom
WOW they have just got back to me, A WEEK!! a bloody week. omfg
well it's been 5 days since i contacted technical support as i just checked my support ticket and it says the 1st december when i contacted them. i knew they were slow but this takes the p***s. i can promise you i will NEVER willl be buying ANY cyberlink product again and will be putting this on my website and facebook to let people know how crap there customer service/tech support is and how long i have been waiting. power dvd 12? nooo corel win dvd 12 more like. i have had a better service on a tennis court. from now on i will tell everyone they have changed there name to cowboylink, they REALLY are a bunch of cowboys.
i have had to reinstall my operation system twice because of a virus which means i had to reinstall power dvd 11 twice and now the key code is not working saying i have exceeded the key. how can i sort this out please as tech support are so slow in responding> thanks
normally i use imgburn to convert a dvd to a iso image but since i bought power2go 8 i thought i'd use that instead now and uninstalled imgburn. anyway, i made a iso image by selecting copy disc/save image/save type as iso image file but when i played the dvd iso image back, halfway through the dvd it cut out and when to the dvd menu. i played it again twice just to check and it still cut out halfway and went back to the menu so it only copied half the movie. i reinstalled imgburn and copied the dvd into a iso and that copied the whole movie with no problem. i then proceeded to uninstall power2go 8 with a clean install by using my acronis true image and going back to before i installed power2go 8. the same thing happened and only copied half the movie.
you need to make that clear when buying
i told customer services what has happened and what did they ask? they asked for my keycode and my dxdiag of my system. typical dumb response!! i told them they don't need it and that's a typical stupid response from cyberlink for the following reasons: 1 you already have my keycode from my registration and buying it under my email address. 2 just look at your own website under full specs to see it. 3 look at your own program that YOU made to see it it not there. lol OMG
did i say i wanted my money back? no lol
now i know they done this in version 7 too, i want the problem sorted and i want to take legal action
one of the main reasons i bought power2go 8 was because it said on their main page i can convert to m4a (ipod). now i have paid my money out to them and bought it, it seems they have lied to me. correct me if i am wrong but that is ilegal selling something and not getting the product as advertised and obtaining my money by deception.
i have attached the pictures and the link

when i have watched my videos i press the x button to shut down in the corner but it won't shut, it stays stuck. i either have to right click in the taskbar and close and wait approx 20 mins to do it itself or use task manager to end process. this is annoying, especially when i am waiting to shut my pc down
yes you can stop the coffe cup from starting up, i too have a problem with media espresso and i too have ended up using avs media video converter to do my job. i won't be paying for media espresso again and will be uninstalling it
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