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I have contacted support as nobody would follow my simple request. So much for the forums.
Thanks Pete. Could you please go to the location on the top post and start the exe and tell me what happens please

Cheers pal
Thanks for replying Pete. Yes, PowerDVD work fine for me too and unless you checked the event viewer you wouldn't even know there was a problem. The exe in question is not for the main program it must do something else.
Did you test the exe in the location above?

For some reason, even on a fresh Windows 10 Anniversary Edition install I am getting "Event ID 33 SideBySide" errors in the event log from Powerdvd 16. It never did this before the Anniversary Update.

PowerDVD itself runs fine so I don't know what problems this error is causing.

If anyone else is using Windows 10 Anniversary Update, could you please test by running the .exe below to see if it fails to run for you.

C:\Program Files (86x) CyberLink\PowerDVD16\Kernel\DMS\CLMSediaInfoPDVD16.exe

Formatting Windows or reinstalling PowerDVD does not resolve this. I am not sure if it is a PowerDVD error or a compatibility issue with the Anniversary Update.

Thanks in advance.
I have PowerDirector 14 and due to installing many times (formatting etc) I have used up my activations. I contacted support to simply reactivate my code. Simple enough.

24 hours later I received a reply wanting to know what errors I am receiving and details of my PC to determine the problem etc?

Do support not read "support emails"? I clearly told them I had used my activations, there is nothing wrong with my PC.

My Ticket ID CS001643717. Could someone look into this please as I am locked out of editing videos this weekend because support can't read.

Thanks in advance.
Due to many recent hardware changes I have hit my Powerdvd 14 activation limit.
I sent a message to support stating this and for the second reply in a row I have recieved this -

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Technical Support.

I understand you are unable to activate the PowerDVD 14 Ultra software.

In regards to your issue, please provide me the following information:

1. Please provide me the screenshot of the activation window entered with your activation key in it to confirm whether you entering the right CD key.

2. Also, please send me the snapshot of the message screen with full desktop. We will look at the screen capture, analyze and send you a solution or provide more information.

To take screenshot, please follow the steps given below :

a. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard when the message appears on your screen.
b. Click on Start -> Programs-> Accessories-> Paint.
c. Paste the screen capture there by pressing Ctrl+V
d. Save the file with the extension name .jpg and then send to CyberLink Support for analysis.

Use the below mentioned link to get back for further queries:


Thanks to anyone from Cyberlink with a solution to my simple problem.
I also have a fast broadband speed but even a simple PowerDVD 13 patch is taking hours to download. What is wrong???
I am having the same problem. Even the direct link says 8 hours to download the patch. what is wrong with the Cyberlink servers?
I agree. I have also had issues with version 13. It plays media just fine but whenever I play with the settings etc, the player crashes to desktop. Nothing specific crashes it, I could alter something in "player settings" and then it will crash.

I sent an email to support. Stating the issue, with a full description of my PC details of crash and the response I got was -

1. Does your system meet min requirements (you mean I shouldn't have installed it on my spectrum?)

2. Do you have enough disk space (erm I have 2 bytes of HDD space left)

3. Have you updated drivers (not for 8 years derrr)

4.Make sure nothing else is running (damn I left 3 far cry 3 and BF3 running)

5. Make sure you are the administrator (Hmm it's my computer)

6. Blah blah blah.

It shows that they don't even read your problem because I answered all these questions in advance so i didn't get one of these bullshit responses. Did it stop them? No it didn't.
Cyberlink support sucks.

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