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Version 13 lots of bugs and really bad support message
Ron_M [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Apr 17, 2013 08:11 Messages: 1 Offline
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I have had PowerDVD for many years and my last version was 11. However this new version 13 "barely" works. It is so loaded with problems I am thankful I still have version 11 still loaded on the same computer. I sent in a support ticket and the person who responded apparently did not read any of my text. I pointed out that I have version 11 on the same computer and it works fine. I then went on to specifically lay out issues I had with 13. The response was the typical, "Make sure your computer is plugged in." kind of thing.

Here are some of the things I have noticed on v13:

- The 3D settings - as in the "depth" setting which really adjusts the zero parallax point by sliding the images horizontally does not work at all. It looks like it will increase the separation but not allow the other way. So now I have about a 20cm separation on my main screen (Panasonic AE8000 projector, 100" screen, Nvidia 650 ti card). I can't get it to go back. Even more weird is that you can't adjust it while the 3D is playing (even if it worked). The 3D menu for that setting only is available during 2D playback which if it did work would be frustrating.

- Turning on TrueTheater literally causes the projector to lose signal. It jumps back and forth and sometimes it picture is there and sometimes not.

I was carefully looking at a 2D bluray video and it looked horribly "grainy". It was like there was a high frequency noise or oversharpening effect being applied. Just horrible. The same bluray on v11 on the same computer seconds later was just fine.

- The "resume" function does not work. I noticed other people on the forum with this issue too.

So to me it looks like this v13 has been released way to early and is still in beta form.
Sayjimwoo [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Sep 05, 2010 20:56 Messages: 10 Offline
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I agree. I have also had issues with version 13. It plays media just fine but whenever I play with the settings etc, the player crashes to desktop. Nothing specific crashes it, I could alter something in "player settings" and then it will crash.

I sent an email to support. Stating the issue, with a full description of my PC details of crash and the response I got was -

1. Does your system meet min requirements (you mean I shouldn't have installed it on my spectrum?)

2. Do you have enough disk space (erm I have 2 bytes of HDD space left)

3. Have you updated drivers (not for 8 years derrr)

4.Make sure nothing else is running (damn I left 3 far cry 3 and BF3 running)

5. Make sure you are the administrator (Hmm it's my computer)

6. Blah blah blah.

It shows that they don't even read your problem because I answered all these questions in advance so i didn't get one of these bullshit responses. Did it stop them? No it didn't.
Cyberlink support sucks.

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