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Thanks Nina, it's downloading now. That was simple. I wonder why Cyberlink's Support -> Software Updates page I am seeing here does not let me get there via the obvious path. Oh well, it's on it's way now.

Thanks for the quick reply and URL.

I am running PD9 version 2330. I've been away from editing for a while so have not updated in a while. I'm about to start a big project and want to update to the latest version. I can't seem to find how to update the software. I would have thought this was obvious, but no-where can I find a menu option to check for updates. Searching the forum it looks like one way is to go into the Help -> About PowerDirector, then select Updgrade and the Update tab to see what's available. But it is all empty, no information shown.

How do I get the bits for 2930 or whatever is latest version?


Hi All,

Sorry for the diappearance. I took Robert's advice and switch out of .wmv format to solve the problem and missed on advsing that back to the forum. I switched to using the PD9 stock .mp4 profiles and the problem has not occurred. It's possible it may only be a problem with the .wmv profiles.

Workload and travel have kept me from being active on the forum (or doing much editing)


Right below the text input window where you are typing and well above the "Preview" and "Submit" buttons there is a blue button entitled "Attachments" that will enable you to attach your dxdiag file.

Anyone heard from Cap'n Kevin lately? He is usually quite active in helping explain issues, solving problems for folks, etc. and I have not seen him replying on posts in a little while.
I have now confirmed this is a bug in PD9 by running this same sequence on 2 computers of mine and also an independent individual has run the same on their machine and confirmed it occurs as well. This needs to be reported to Cyberlink for their defect list.

To recreate the bug:
- Produce a short video (in this test case, all it took was 3 seconds) and encode using any of PD9's stock MPEG-4 profiles. For the attached files, I used the Standard Quality (though I've confirmed it happens on all three profiles)
- Create a new project in PD9 and use the output of the above step as the source video for this new project
- Produce the video again using the same MPEG-4 Profile and select SVRT

It's just that simple. The first second or more of the video will be grey or scrambled depending on the player. After a few seconds the video finally syncs up. I've attached sample files for reference. As a test, I also uploaded the failed file to YouTube to see if it could decode cleanly and it does not. You can see that video at:

I have numerous longer videos this problem occurs on and it never syncs. The video always appears grey.

Happy Debugging,

Yup, that has been my experience as well. It has happened to me every time when trying to use SVRT. I switch back to hardware encoding and get a clean video, it just takes a lot longer and the video get another re-encoding pass I presume over time will cause more artifacts to show up.

Is this a known bug in PDR9? Anyone have a workaround? Are others getting SVRT to work?
I created an MPEG-4 High Quality (720p) as my initial rendering. Then from that I was going to just change some audio for a second copy of the movie. The simple thing, use the original output file as an input for a new .pds file, overlay some audio, and let PDR9 render it fast using SVRT since the video is not changing at all. One would think this would be a piece of cake since the input file is one that PDR9 created and the output is of exactly the same parameters. The output file is of the right length and all the audio is there, but the video is a flat grey screen.

Has anyone else seen this? Any clues on how to fix this one?


Yes, I did exactly as you describe. I created a file. Then created a new project in PD9 in which I put in chapters onto that one file as the only source input. Then rendered the VIDEO_TS from this new project. I think I am just cursed with all the problems I've run into with PD9.
Great, this can solve a big problem. It's a shame so many people have to work around what should be basic functionality in PDR9.

I've installed imgburn - a simple question on it's use - Looking at it it's not obvious which mode to use to create a Video DVD from a VIDEO_TS folder.

Do you use "Build" (Write files/folders to disc) mode and just point it at the VIDEO_TS folder? If so, which of the other fields in the tabs should be filled in? For example, is the label visible when the disc is loaded into a Windows machine the ISO9660 label or the UDF label? Any other fields in the Label tab need to be filled in?


I am trying to burn my video to DVD which has never been successful through PDR9. PDR9 can generate a folder with the TS_VIDEO but then fails when writing to DVD, latest one is an error EB020BE2

Searching the forum I see lots of complaints about PDR9 not burning, does it ever work? How do you get it to work?

If I want to go to a folder first then burn to DVD, what do folks use to do the DVD writing? I don't care to have to buy yet another program to do what PDR9 is already supposed to do.


Hi Robert,

My GoPro was on R5. 1920x1080 30fps. I simply dropped the clip on the timeline and cut off the beginning and end short portions, that simple.

I am using WMV 9 highest quality for the output, 1920 x 1080.


Yes, the odd thing is PDR9 says it completed fine. I've had this problem on a number of occasions with different source files, so it is a generic issue I'm seeing. I've rechecked the directory numerous times to ensure I'm looking in the right place. I can also see the file during creation, then it disappears. 1Nina had a really good observation, the file does not automatically load into the edit interface after creation like files usually do. That would be directory independent.

It only seems to happen on .wmv output files amazingly though.
No, the file does not show up in the edit interface afterwards. By the time I go back to the edit interface the file is long gone. It also only seems to happen on .wmv files, not on other file types.

The original is an MPEG-4, 1920 x 1080, 30 fps file from a GoPro camera.

There should be no funky edit modes like audio in a video track as all I'm doing is an original trim of the captured video to get rid of the excess useless footage. So the only thing on any track is the input video. Ultra simple content.

Merry Christmas to all - and to all a good editing session ...
I'm producing a short video clip, just 40 seconds into a .wmv file at 1920x1080 resolution. PDR9 completed the rendering and says it is done, yet it deletes the output file when it is done. I have an explorer window open and can see the output file during the rendering, then as soon as PDR9 says it is done I see the file disappear. I've run it multiple times, rebooted a few times, changed the name of the file, changed the location of the file, etc., always with the same result.

Has anyone seen this one and have a solution?

I'm running Win XP Pro SP3.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas
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