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Quote According to PowerDirector's EULA (End User Licensing Agreement), users can not resell copies of any CyberLink software.

You could however try to buy version 15 from Amazon, or one of the other authorized retailers:

PowerDirector Moderator

Yep seen them on ebay and amazon.... what a hell of a price don't you think?
Hi all, Firstly i dont know if i am allowed to post this here, and i dont want to upset members, so i apologize if i do.
All i am after is a little bit of help (a favour)
I have been a member of this forum for many years now, and have purchased different Cyberlink software since PD9 came out.
Been using PD14 for quite a few years with Win7 , then of course Win10 but because i use Nvidia GTX960 card as we all know bye bye Cuda, thats not the problem tho. I still get through the editing but yeh takes longer.
I have upgraded my PowerDVD 16 to 17 and just last week decided to use the free software which was included , PD15delux..
It seems to run smoother anf faster on my PC than 14. yippee...But alas delux dont give you the content pack required to produce H264 and H265 . So i have contacted Cyberlink and asked could i buy their old product PD15, But they dont keep old software ? But did offer me to buy the new onePD17. which because of my GPU I dont want to try. So to get to the point has anyone got PD15 that i could purchase please, Cheers Derek
Quote Hello,

Yes this should be fine, as they don't affect each other for playback. Just make sure to keep your activation keys and purchase info if you ever need to reinstall version 17.


Thanks David all good,cool
Hi all, just a quick question, cleaning up PC and just wondering since i bought the PowerDVD 17 Upgrade ( 6mth ago) from PowerDVD 13 and both are active in PC , can i just uninstall PD13 with no side affects ? Since it is a upgrade im not to sure weather its still required for future updates ? if this makes sence , Cheers
Know what you mean mate, only way i could do it was 60fps NTSC, another shocker from Cyberlink designers, one more to there ever increasing list of POOR QUALITY gadgets..
Hi Jmone, So all i have to do is custom make a profile in Mpeg2, 7 for quality ,then change the bitrate... thats all ?
Nothing else ? Cheers
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has made a custom video profile for HD Mpeg2 1920 x1080p ? Photodex use this format with excellent results, but PDI2 only gives 1920 x 1080i. Thanks for any reply's, Cheers
Thanks Tony, Its grey in the folder you quoted. and you havn't had any problems with the theme I mentioned ?
Thanks for that Longedge, that's what i had thought .reason was ive upgraded to 12 and now the circle is grey and seem to have some small problems ( I hope ) Cheers again.
Hi just a quick question, what is the colour of the tick that's in a circle, on the lefthand side of the produce page after you have produced a video .green or grey?. Really appreciate a quick answer. Thanks
Hi everyone, I,ve just upgraded to PD12 from 11 ultimate and since 11 is no longer running on my PC i cant try it out to see, so here's my question ... I may be wrong here but did the little tick in the round circle on the lefthand side of the produce page turn green when you finished producing a video file ? and is it meant to turn green in PD12 also or just grey. Also has anyone had slow unsteady start to the theme designer " Grid" "Opening" the lines look like there 'DRAGGING ' if that makes any sense. Thanks for any answers Cheers Derek
Hi everyone, When opening PD11 I have an error, Cyberlink CLQT Kernel Client 32 has stopped working ? Any help on this, Cheers
Just what i was thinking too, ive copied and pasted a new image, but cant seem to change the online artwork.
Thanks jmone, works when you make a custom profile, using the default 1920 x1080p settings. So im leaving all as is. Cheers
Hi SteveK, Yes all drivers installed properly, im using Ver When i installed upgrade i dont know what Ver it was but had a problem with the rendering ( the known problem with the GTX 550ti issue )so updated to the 2215 ver. All works well apart from the Default AVC 1920 x 1080/50p (28 Mbps) .
Just a thought here but here is the process i installed PD11,
Uninstalled PD11 Trial,reboot, installed PD11 Upgrade, then CyberLinkPD11_Content_Essential_CL.120711_ContentP_PCP120712-02.. then CyberLinkPD11_Content_Premium_CL.120711_ContentP_PCP120712-01
I wonder if i should have done PREMIUM before ESSENTIAL ? because of the -01 ?
I'll remove all Cyberlink products today, and reinstall contents in the -01 then -02 order to see if this helps Cheers
Hi all,i have just finished using PD11 trial,all good so decided to buy upgrade, now Im getting the error when trying to use the Default AVC 1920 x 1080/50p (28 Mbps) profile when using the GPU (Hardware video encoder)
"Production unseccessful. Please ensure your graphics card driver is up to date......"

Should i uninstall all Cyberlink products ?
Is there a programme to totally remove all traces of PD8,PD9 & PD11,Then clean install ?
Many Thanks Derek

Intel Core i5-3570K, nvidia GTX 550ti, DDR3 8gb
Hi Cranston, In no way would this be classed as a hijacking, its great that someone else is looking at similar system build with the same graphics choice. So Hi nice to hear from you, and its a pity your not from NZ as we could have talked about this over a pint ha ha.
So since 2 members are after similar answers, i guess we'll be getting lots of helpful advice and views from the forum, Cheers
Hi to all the forum members, Just wondering about what graphics card to go for since the NVIDIA 6000 issue on PD 11 is now resolved. I'm gettting a tower built to my budget which is :
550w PSU, Intel Z77 LGA1155 MOBO ,
Intel Core (3rdGen – Ivy Bridge) i5-3570k 3.4GHz (Turbo 3.8GHz) 4-core/4-thread CPU
8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1333 RAM
1x 1TB WD 64MB cache HDD
Onboard Intel HD4000 graphics, Windows 7 Professional 64bit

My choice of graphics is NVIDIA GTX550Ti or NVIDIA GTX650Ti ?
Any feedback is really appreciated, about build or card. Thanks
Hi there, Do any of the members own a Panasonic HDC-SD60 Video Camera ? For some reason PD 9 wont reconize it. I have downloaded the PD 11 trial version, and still cant get reconized ? Video format is AVCHD. Any help please . Cheers
Hi Barry, I am thinking after a lot of browsing, of River Past software to convert the GIF into AVI or MPEG then see if it would be possible to use the converted file in PIP ( reducing size and trying modify and use croma key )
Will keep the forum informed anyway, Cheers
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