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I installed the trial version of PowerDVD 12 and I can't find what button to click to get into Remix mode when a DVD is inserted. Also, what happened to Remixes on the MoovieLive site? Did they get removed, or are they only accessible to paying users?

I was able to create movie Remixes in PowerDVD 8 and 9, but I recently installed the trial version of PowerDVD 12 and have not been able to find a way to put PowerDVD into Remix playback mode or import Remixes. I also have not seen a way to download Remix files from the MoovieLive website, although I have looked extensively on the website.

Is the Remix feature unavailable in the PowerDVD 12 trial? And is the feature no longer supported on the MoovieLive site? I'm thinking maybe Cyberlink is discontinuing the feature altogether.
Occasionally subtitles have not even displayed at certain points during dialogue, or flashed on momentarily and disappeared.
I've had the same problem with graphics and text not displaying consistently.
I've found that after I've double-clicked on the audio edit in the edit list, the audio edits have tended to work for a while, but then after a while one or more have not worked. It's as if double-clicking the audio edit puts it into a certain mode in which audio edits work, but then the mode times out.
Sometimes the audio clips don't play in remixes, but then if I double-click on the audio clip in the remix side window and then click play, it works.
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