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Quote Hello Timo,

I'm afraid I have no idea what might be causing that issue. Create Virual Photo (Ctrl+9) works as expected here, in both Library & Adjustment modules.

Just to test, try this:

  1. Open a new project (Ctrl+N)

  2. Import some photos

  3. Select one & right click > Create Virual Photo (Ctrl+9)

Any joy?


Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, this didn't solve the problem.
I have now reported the problem to the support!

// Timo
I wonder if anybody else is suffering the same problem, that is that the function Create Virtual Photo is not functioning! I click the left click in my mouse and mark "Create Virtual Photo" but nothing is happening thereafter. It was functioning perfectly for a couple of days ago, but then just overnight, it stopped working.
I have a new PC, a couple of weeks old, but the function has been working even with this PC, until now.
I have also uninstalled the PhD and downloaded it again.

This problem effectively hinders me from working with my pics since I use the function a lot. That's why I'm very keen on solving the issue.
Any suggestions how to do it!!!

Yours sincerely,
Timo Lainen
Quote I am trialing PhD and notice this issue as well with ver 12.2.2525.0.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

It seems that the issue is solved in version 12.3.2724.0, of which I'm so grateful!
// Timo
Thanx Pix and optodata!
I still need to make some remarks.

@ Pix:
"Timo, either (a) reversing the order of adjustments or (b) exporting after cropping seem to be the best options for you until the issue is able to be resolved."
This is sad! Reversing the order of adjustments is surely an option, but a bad one. In my process, I need to see the photo in it's cropped size in order to make other adjustments. And exporting after cropping ... It's probably better, yes, but it's a lot of work!! But maybe I need to do that until this issue is fixed!

@ optodata:
Thank you for your suggestions. I can crop in the Edit module. But the problem is that I can't create virtual photos thereafter. If there's an edited layer in the picture, it disables that. And I often need to create virtual photos of my pictures, in ordet to find the right adjustments ... That's how tricky I am!!

So I really hope this issue will be resolved in a very near future, because I'm feeling more or less paralyzed now!!
Quote Hello Timo,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Thank you for reporting this odd behaviour in PhD365, as I wasn't aware of it till you posted. You are correct. If you crop/straighten, then apply a preset, PhD365 resets the crop/straighten adjustment surprised If the preset is applied first, then crop/straighten, all is well. There's no reason it should be that way!

I can confirm that the issue was present prior to the most recent update. i.e. it was present in PhD365 version 12.1.2418.0 (I hadn't updated before now), & persists with the most recent update.

N.B. The issue is not present in PhD12 (lifetime license).

I'll report this to the team at CL & reference your post.



Hi, and thanx for the quick answer!
But it would be REALLY nice if the issue could be fixed asap since it really disturbs my work! I work the way I described, that is I crop first and then do the other adjustments, eg. use presets. As it is now, it's almost impossible to work with my pictures!!
So you see, it's a BIG DEAL for me!!
// Timo

My PhD 365 has started to behave weirdly. After I downloaded my picture, I like to crop and straighten it first, before doing other adjustments. But now recently, after cropping the picture and trying some present to it, it returns to the original picture size. That is, my cropping setting disappears. This has not been the case earlier. So now I wonder, is it some new update and it suppose to be like that. Or is there something wrong, with either my PC och PhD software?? Or is it some new setting that has been changed and that I'm not aware of?

In any case, I want the function back that I can first crop my photo, and then work with it.

So, any suggestion how to do that????

// Timo
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