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I had been working on a music video clip which was working fine until I decided to re-engineer the three music tracks in order to remove some noise artifacts. After first removing them I resaved the project without the audio tracks. I then added the newly re-engineered audio tracks into the project. All three of the tracks are 2min 52sec in duration but when introduced into the project, they appear in random lengths, the longest being over 11 mins? I have deleted and redone all steps in the process several times to no avail. I have shut down and rebooted several times my computer to no avail. This problem only began appearing since I updated my version of PD365 (which is currently version 21.0.2113.0).
From reading other posts, it seems this is a known issue so I was wondering if it is possible to return to a previous version of PD365 and if so, how do I go about doing that?
Included herein is a screen shot of the issue as well as the dxdiag file.
Quote I do get the white i indication that an effect has been applied on my clips on the timeline after adding a LUT in PD365. I can then click the effects button and remove that LUT using the - button.

Thanks Tomasc. I have the white letter i's also. Didn't think to click on it to remove the LUT. I'll get there one day. Thanks again for your help.
Quote I did not find a way to copy the LUT from one clip to one or more others in the timeline. The copy / paste Keyframes does not work here either. If it is the LUTs you want to apply, you the have to drag the LUT to each and every clip in the timeline where applicable.
Looking at your question the problem with a mismatch of colors etc. I think is also worth while to have a look at the color match option. After having selected (or set) a clip with the desired color etc. you can make all other clips matching that clip and there is even an apply to all available....

Thanks Warry. This answers my question. I haven't used the colour match option as yet but was wondering if that was a betetr way to go about it. I'll check it out.
Another thing that's been nagging me is how to remove an applied LUT later on if I wish to? There doesn't seem to be any identifier on the clip showing the LUT, unlike transitions. Currently I simply hit the undo button (or CTRL Z) to undo the last step. This is a pain though if I have done other edits since applying the LUT.

As long as your clips have the same deviatiations in colour, light, tone you can apply a LUT to all of these clips. Select all clips with the same deviations and apply the desired LUT. When the individual clips deviate (e.g. too much red and normal red) then you have to apply a LUT to each individual clip.

Thank you for your reply Koen41. So am I right in thinking that if I select a number of clips together and then choose a LUT and drag it onto any one of those clips, all the other selected clips will also have the LUT applied to them at the same time? Thanks for your help.
I am attempting to create a music video using some band photos along with a heap of downloaded shutterstock video clips. The problem I'm finding is that all the clips are mismatched in colour, tone, light etc. Is there an easy way to colourise all the clips in my production so that they better match and blend together? Is there a way of applying a LUT to all the clips at once or do I have to appy individual LUTs to each clip separately?
Any thoughts appreciated.
For some mysterious reason, my desktop shortcut to PD365 doesn't work anymore. I had PD18 originally and then downloaded the PD19 update thinking it was a free upgrade. When I realised it wasn't, I decided to just get the PD365 subscription instead. I thought I had deleted the PD19 version but when I read the file properties of PD365, it tells me it is PD19. Very confused. I recently deleted PD18 as I no longer access it and I wanted to declutter things. After working with PD365 last night, when I tried to open it up this morning, the desktop shortcut doesn't work anymore and I cannot find an 'exe' file anywhere relating to PD365 to make a new shortcut.

My desire is to delete everything relating to Powerdirector from my drive and reinstall PD365 so that it is the only program on my computer. I have a few of questions:

  1. Is this wise?

  2. Will I lose any work I have already done. I have only made one video since upgrading to PD365. Is this safe from deletions? All the .pds files a stored in their own folders on a separate drive.

  3. What steps do I take in order to reinstall PD365.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Graham.
Quote Copy the audio from one channel to the other to have mono audio on the 2 channels.
In a video with many segments, I edit the entire video first.
Produce only audio in WAV, maximum quality.
Add this file to another track and disable the audio track linked to the video.
Option, add the new audio over the audio of the video and choose to overlay.
You can do it before or after producing the video
If you do later, use SVRT to avoid re-encoding the video.
How do I do this in AudioDirector

Thanks for the video explanation, it really helped me a lot. I don't have the Audiodirector software so I'll have to do it the long way I described. I have a couple of audio editing applications so purchasing the PD version would be surplus to my needs although it would make everything 'in house' I guess.
Of more importance to me right now is getting to know what SVRT is? As I am new to video editing, I think I need to do a little research on this.
Thanks again for your help, its greatly appreciated.
Quote In the media library, right-click on the video and choose Extract audio
OptionAdd the video to the timeline, go to Produce and save it as an audio file

Thanks for this. I ended up doing it the second way you mention. However I deleted video channel first then then produced the audio channel only and saved as a mono wav file. I then opened it in an audio software program I have to duplicate the channel onto the stereo channel. It worked out great but such a long process to go through. I'm surprised PD doesn't have a more sophisticated audio editor to allow this to be done within PD (or am I missing something?)

Cheers again for the help.
After uploading a video file, I have found audio is only recorded on one channel. Is there any way of copying this channel and duplicating it onto the other channel? Better this than a dead channel.
I have audio editing software to do this but can't work out how to extract the audio from Powerdirector.
Quote It's your call as to what's too hard or not, but given that you've run the two most helpful diagnostic commands and PD18 still crashed, it's very likely that PD365 will experience the same issues. That's why I recommended the above two options.

Creating a new user profile is straightforward and won't do any harm. You can also simply delete it if it doesn't change anything. If PD18/365 runs better when you're logged in to that account, you can merge your old files and settings into the new account. There are many online articles showing how to do that.

In the worst case, doing a reset will let you keep all your personal documents and files, but yes, it will require you to re-install all your apps. The good news is that while it can be time consuming, you will end up with a very solid installation where you aren't likely to have any technical issues like these for quite a while.

Either way, whenever and however you get a smoother running system, I strongly encourage you to make regular system backups so you'll be able to simply restore your system to an earlier point in time (before the problems started) and you won't need to reinstall all your programs again.

There are free and paid apps that do this, and I hope you'll take my advice seriously. I've been working with Windows since v2.0.3 back in 1988, and I learned the hard way how having a recent full system backup can save you from uncountable hours of work and endless frustration.

I think I have no option but to take my PC to someone who knows what they're doing. I re-ran the DXDiag and DISM scan and both told me there are no errors and yet errors appear on the log files? Its got me beat. I tracked down the DISM.log file and there lots of warnings and errors all through it (Attached here). Once I'm confident that the system is working as it should withour errors and warnings etc, I will sort out the backup side of things. Thanks again for your help with this.

Cheers, Graham

I'm glad you got it figured out. I see that you did get the new nVidia driver installed, but there are some new errors regarding "ipoint.exe" which is the IntelliMouse driver, and new crashes relating to "StoreAgentScanForUpdatesFailure0"

The most recent crash was a PD component called PDHanumanSvr.exe, so it seems like there may still be some issues affecting PD.

Since the SFC & DISM commands didn't find any problems you may want to consider having your system serviced. The two additional steps that might fully resolve the problems would be to uninstall PD then create a brand new user profile and install PD from there; or use the Reset this PC option.

You could do one or both of these on your own, but it might be better to have a pro or tech-savvy friend do them in case anything unexpected happens.

Last question I promise,

After researching the Reset option I don't think that is for me - way too hard reinstalling all my software again. I'm thinking maybe just uninstall PD18, do any housekeeping necessary and then install the 365 version. Will this get things back in shape and deal with the errors you found with the DXDiag.txt? Will I need to do a regclean after the uninstall before installing the new version? If so, I believe Windows10 can do this without the need for additional software but I'm not sure how to go about it.

I'm about to take part in a 48hour film project and have been asked to do the editing so I really want my system to be up to scratch, hence the reason for upgrading to 365. I'm just worried that the errors you found in PD18 will carry over to the 365 version and I'll be in the same boat.

I would appreciate your thoughts on these issues.

gratefully, Graham

After you type cmd in the search box, right mouse click on the Command Prompt icon and select Run as Administrator. You will get the elevated prompt necessary to do the scan suggested.

Thanks Tomasc, that's a much simpler way of getting there than the way I was doing it. Cheers!

Quote Thanks for the DxDiag results. There are some good clues in there and one oddity.

First off, there are some clear indications of system issues shown in the Windows Error reports (WER0-9) at the end of the results. Take a look at the steps that should resolve the WindowsWcpOtherFailure3 errors on this page. Follow the instructions exactly as listed and copy and paste the commands in bold so there won't be any typos.

Next, you can update the driver for your GTX 1660 SUPER. Your version is from last Sept while the current version was released last week. You can download it from here.

The oddity I mentioned is that the only PDR crash was shown is version 19.3.2730, which is clearly not PD18. I assume that it's the trial version of PD365 and you'll definitely want to uninstall that before you install the full version.

I think it's usually better to test out the full version because of the severe limitations in the trial verision, and if you're not happy with it you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Hi again Optodata, OK I got a little further today by typing 'CMD' instead of 'cd\' and then typing 'sfc /scannow' and hitting Enter. The computer is told me I must be an administrator running a console session in order to use the sfc facility. After googling how to do it, I changed my settings to make me an administrator and ran a console session. It found no errors? I then ran the DISM cleanup facility anyway and finally did another DXDiag. I have attached the txt file here. Seems I still have a bunch of errors somewhere.

Thanks, Graham
Thanks for your in-depth insights David.

  • My C drive is a touch over half full with 130Gb used and 100Gb free so should be OK?

  • Keeping C drive just for the OS is something I would need an expert to manage for me I think. I would probably kill the computer.

  • "Keeping the software and data on separate drives" - this is the area where I want to improve. As you can see in the attachments included in my earlier reply, I have stuff all over the place and I think I need to migrate a lot of stuff off of C drive and onto D drive. Windows has the default Programs folder on C drive so I thought that was the place for software.

  • SSD vs HDD - is it worth replacing my D drive (which is a rotating HDD) with an SSD?

  • I have never attempted a backup and don't know how but I should probably do a pile of housekeeping before I try it.

    Thanks again for the advice, greatly appreciated.

Hi Jeff and thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts about my problem. You are quite correct about my setup. When I checked my purchase receipt I realised that I had given out wrong information about my drives. Do you think it is worth replacing the rotating D drive (data only) with an SSD drive? Would this make noticeable improvements or would they be minimal and not worth it?

Cheers, Graham
Thank you for your help Optodata, it is appreciated immensely. Didn't have any luck with the error resolve issue. The instructions (per Gerry CJ Cornell) said to use keyboard shortcut WIN + X and click COMMAND PROMPT (ADMIN) on the dropdown menu. This seems to be from an older version of windows maybe? I believe the command prompt on my system (Windows10) appears by clicking on the word 'Run'. When I type 'cd\' into the prompt then Enter, it tells me that Windows can't find it and I got no further.

I updated the video card driver successfully however so look forward to seeing if it makes any difference.

Yes, I did download the trial version of 365 to have a look at it but also tried to download the PowerDirector19 version as well because I thought it would be a free upgrade for owners of the 18 version (D'oh!). I ended up with versions here there and everywhere so I deleted everything but my original 18 version to get back to square one (you can tell by now that I haven't got a clue what I'm doing).

The general advice seems to be to move all my software except the OS off my C drive but that is where Windows has the default 'Progams' folder with everything in it and I am wary about shifting stuff around in case it affects other things unknowingly. One thing I have noticed however is the duplication of the Cyberlink folder which appears twice in my menu (see attachments). Maybe I have a conflict happening with two instances of the software - not sure which one I should be using and how I ended up with two.

Thanks again for your help and your time.
Thank you for your reply. I believe I have 44% available space on my C drive which amounts to 101Gb free. I followed your instructions and included herein is the DxDiag.txt file I generated. Are you able to discern anything from this data?

I might add that when I purchased PowerDirector18 I had no previous experience of editing software whatsoever and simply learnt by trial and error which probably accounts for the problems I have - simply incorrect use of the software. I struggled to find answers to my questions in the software's help section which uses terminology I simply didn't understand. A received a strong tip through this forum to save individual chapters as Mp4 files and then string them together in a final mix. This alleviated a lot of the problems I was having at the time.

I guess I was concerned about having the program saved on the C drive and then having to retrieve my work from another drive and whether this was causing delays and hence the 'glitches' I mentioned. I'm pretty sure my troubles stem from the fact that my source media files were all over the place. For my next project, I intend to set up dedicated folders for everything.

Thanks again for your time,

regards, Graham
I currently have PowerDirector18 and want to upgrade to PowerDirector365 but I am wary of doing so until I know I can install it so it operates at maximum efficiency. I have had a lot of trouble with crashes, glitches etc with PD18 and eventually upgraded my video card to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER which helped. I suspect that I may also have issues with where things are located on my drives. To this end, I wonder if anyone can advise as to the best places to locate everything if I upgrade.

I have a SSD drive partitioned into C and D drives. Programs are saved to the C drive and data is stored on the D drive. I also have a 2Tb external drive for backup. As I understand it, the PD software should be on C drive in the Programs folder.

Where should I save my media files, audio etc to for best results when editing?

Where should I be saving my edited video files to for best results when opening them up in PD?

Is there a standard roadmap for this type of thing?

I have included a screen grab of my system setup if this helps.
I'm trying to design a motion path across a still image (photo). I want to track in a straight line across the top of the image and then down at an angle whilst zooming out. When I add a key a keyframe into a motion path, the path automatically becomes a curved path which in turn causes my track to move beyond the boundaries of my image (see attached diagram).

Is there any way to make straight line motion paths change direction without turning them into curved paths?
Hi David, good stuff to know so thanks! I didn't know about a nesting limit and assumed it was a standard way of doing things to avoid a messy 100 plus track list on screen. I've been double-clicking the nested projects while still within the master mix to apply edits to them then closing them again. Seems like this is the cause of all my issues. That, along with saving any edits under the same project name - which is where I suspect the double-ups are arising from?

As I am only working with still images (scanned photos) at this stage, I haven't been able to activate the SRVT thing at all (it remains greyed out) so I'm not sure that rendering is even working on my projects.

I will definitely look into saving my nested projects as mpgs and then doing no further work on them while nested in the master mix.

As a final vow to myself and all who have kindly offered me help, I will Read The Friggin' Manual before attempting anything new.

Cheers and thanks again, Graham
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